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  1. I need that link so bad as soon as it leaks...
  2. MarlboroooBeyond


    I need a linkkkk
  3. MarlboroooBeyond

    They look so fake its scary... these bitxhes don't need surgery, there's plenty of people like peeps who have been fat, who's body's been damaged some other way who could actually use the plastic surgery and benefit from it.. give it to them, not to a just turned 18 year old who's already been brainwashed by her horrible family into thinking she needs to look a certain way to be pretty.
  4. MarlboroooBeyond

    Her album slays my life! Take Me Home and You Can Find Me are two more surefire nr. 1's for her.. Hope she becomes a major pop gal.
  5. MarlboroooBeyond

    Swine definitely bcuz what the song is about is what happened to me for years... Gypsy I can relate to as well cuz I never stay "home" anywhere for a long time rlly xD
  6. this is so hot!!! summer anthem of '14 baby!! ^^
  7. MarlboroooBeyond

    1. Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly peak: #1 2. Swine peak: anywhere from #1-3 3. G.U.Y peak: #5 4. Donatella peak: prob. #7-10 (lbr ppl say it's too gay.. but what da hell was LoveGame then..? okay..) 5. Applause Peak: #4 These are some of the most commercial and radio friendly songs on artpop she would have slayed had it went like this .gif
  8. MarlboroooBeyond

    aaaah i love this!!! this looks so much better then BTW Ball!!
  9. MarlboroooBeyond

    gorls if u think this is not reggae smthng's wrong I grew up with reggae and this is pretty much the same thing..
  10. MarlboroooBeyond

    THIS is generic EDM imo.. sounds like something that didn't make his last album.
  11. MarlboroooBeyond

    She could be MJH tonight.. dis bitch looks stoned out of her mind
  12. MarlboroooBeyond

    best single off his album so far!! I WISH Adele had sung this ready for this to slay in my country!
  13. MarlboroooBeyond

    How da hell are all those tickets so expensive?!?! I have GA Tickets and they only cost me 75 euros... cant believe how expensive the M&G tix are!!