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  1. Fingerprints

    Yaaaaaas queen! I'm so ready! :worship:
  2. Fingerprints

    I don't know how to feel, but it's okay.
  3. Fingerprints

    She is so adorable. :lmfao:
  4. Maybe she can call it Heart & Soul :creep:
  5. Fingerprints

    Ugh I love Birthday but TIHWD would be such a great fun summer single. :sob: :sob: Off topic but I see most of the Cats on here stanning for TIHWD? Guess I found my new website. :: :legend:
  6. Fingerprints

    Stronger by Britney Spears, cause I'm trying to get over someone. :laughcry:
  7. Fingerprints

    Someone needs to kick his ass. This should be the year of getting rid of Pigrez girls. He needs to be stopped.
  8. Fingerprints

    DRAG IT! YAS! :: :: :: ::
  9. Fingerprints

    So sweet. :sob:
  10. Fingerprints

    Still, trust me, I'm a Neon Hitch, Karmin, and Cher Lloyd stan. :creep:
  11. Fingerprints

    Not when Warner Bros. Records and Epic Records exists. :creep:
  12. Fingerprints

    Atleast I can save my coins, :cheer:
  13. Fingerprints

    Best vocals of it ever tbh ::