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  1. Heartbeat from her HBO doc
  2. Rose-Colored Glasses by Kelly Rowland!
  4. You are more annoying than cool Nebraska guy and Costea!!
  5. That body is too dark to put Bey's head on King B mopping the floor with Lotus and Britney Jean
  6. So I bought the album the moment I saw it on iTunes and everything began to download but I paused and stopped the videos because I didn't have enough storage. So I deleted many thing to make room for the visual album. Now I go to iTunes and the vids say WATCH next to them instead of the cloud thing. I try to delete them but nope. Now it seems stuck on the nonexistent WATCH granted it won't let me watch because it isn't downloaded which is what I am trying to do!! HELP!!!!
  7. Blonde, hung, and scruffy gaga1
  8. Well my country boyfriend did just ram me like a mechanical bull so... Duh!!
  9. Sorry sorry sorry I cannot hear you I'm kind of busy kind of busy kind of busy bitch
  10. It's a front babe.. Gaga is OVER!!
  11. Gaga must be shaking at the sight of 'Yoncé demolishing her previous album efforts with a no promo, no hype power gem!! This is art Lady Gags and 'Yonce delivers her promises!! A visual album is virtually unheard of and is a true masterpiece unlike your tired DJ clusterfuck called SHARTDROP
  12. I must admit that BEYONCÉ is better than Britney Jean as a whole Work Bitch is still my number one song doe!!
  13. He is such a cutie!! Who is that in that gif??
  14. And Unholygetic and Rated STD were sooooooooooo much better
  15. Her ego is just big as that fowl mole by her eyebrow >=( Feewy!!
  16. Behind that Instagram pothead model Rihanna It's Diamond and Die Young all over again ((
  17. You can so Save Me From Myself by Xtina Such a beautiful song
  18. Hard Out Here by Lily Allen so I can just sing to the country "It's Hard Out Here for a Bitch!"
  19. Stay strong Katy we love you as you are <3 YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!
  20. I love seeing a fellow B Army standing for our beloved Britney Jean <3 Why is this guy so cruel??
  21. http://www.idolator.com/7497766/miley-cyrus-adore-you-radio-edit