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  1. Is Taylor the only MPG without an iconic performance? I can’t think of any memorable performance from the tofu of pop girls. she literally just shakes her hip left to right and puts her arms up and down and that’s it. Her most memorable moment on stage is thanks to Kanye west and Beyoncé. Gaga has paparazzi at the vmas rihanna Love on the Brain live Madonna - too many to mention Britney - snake moment Mariah - New Year’s Eve fail beyonce - homecoming etc
  2. imahunter

    You thought you were doing something? Lol we all expected it. The #1 was even a surprise
  3. imahunter

    A corny mess
  4. imahunter


    The only people who I’ve seen hating this song are uncultured white people. Mostly from England. Get some flavor! OT: this is my most played song from the album and the one I was anticipating the most since we got the track list. If she doesn’t record a video I hope at least she performs it live, that breakdown would sound so much fun live.
  5. imahunter


    You must be white
  6. imahunter


    You must be white
  7. imahunter


    I’m so fucking happy for her omg
  8. imahunter


    I actually expected to be #5 but they are predicting that she will get #1
  9. imahunter

    Cristina. britney has the better song tho, but that video was so badly edited and the lighting was HORRIBLE. It has potential but the editing ruined that video
  10. imahunter

    She’s so off putting and cringeworthy
  11. imahunter


    My target was sold out
  12. imahunter


    Same! I can listen without skipping. Even the songs I hated like Crave and Future now I enjoy them when playing the album in full. so good!
  13. imahunter


    I love Batuka but that’s because I’m cultured and world traveled I can see why some of you don’t like it
  14. imahunter

    12k US 95k WW