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  1. I know a Lady Xerox fan did not make this thread… we’ve all seen those Enigma videos
  2. She’s the fakest pop girl. She changes her personality depending on who she’s pandering. I have zero respect for people who flip flop that much and kiss so much ass just to be accepted. I respect assertive women who know who they are and keep it real all the time. Every time she’s interview she’s always playing the victim and looking for peoples validation as if she’s some struggling poor artist when she grew up wealthy and has never known any hardship in life besides having a big nose.
  3. Not me coming back to FOTP to create an iconic thread dragging gar
  4. He literally said Rihanna is the kind of woman you only have sex with not marry. He’s always been a sexist pig. glad he’s over.
  5. The crazy part is I know like 5 rich [email protected] man but they spend most of their time in Paris/London/DC to avoid being in Qatar and getting forced to marry to a woman lol
  6. Yeah her team is so bad. Why couldn’t they book her on one of the main nighttime shows? This is beneath her
  7. She should just pretend this album didn’t happen. Nobody likes it.
  8. I unstanned Dua, she became overexposed and annoying to me. I’ve always disliked Taylor and her manipulative personality. I think she’s a sociopath so I’ve never stanned her. I do LOVE “Wildest Dreams” I began stanning Kali Uchis. Her Grammy nominated album is my favorite this year.
  9. Ok it went up 1 point? And we know the audience scored is just her delulu stans spamming
  10. She literally looks like Pinky from pinky & the brain (a white RAT!)
  11. Juicy J won the same award but go off shes an ass kisser and a “pick me pick me!” loser so it’s not like she won based on merit lol
  12. The way it keeps dropping chile… now 60 everyone making fun of her attempt at an Italian accent but sounding like a Russian toad