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  1. imahunter

    Madonna. More interesting and more depth in 2000’s. kylie got great moments but a lot of fillers on those albums. Especially BL and X
  2. imahunter

    Good riddance bitch
  3. imahunter

    Nobody respects her lmaooo
  4. Confessions is just that girl. Sorry. love Kylie too tho
  5. imahunter

    Madonna wins by miles. Mariah has the worst music videos out of all the pop girls
  6. imahunter

    Who would want to be associated with that bed bug? shes an embarrassment.
  7. imahunter

    If I get one more notification from you... I swear to G*d
  8. imahunter

    That’s your problem not mine but go on...
  9. imahunter

    It’s a basic word but go off...
  10. imahunter

    Rosalía because of her flawless vocals and choreo. missy was absolutely stunning to watch. normandi overrated and she lip synced
  11. imahunter

    Oh wow. I hope English isn’t your native language!
  12. imahunter

    Baby shark is edgier and more mature than anything on Lover. i truly question the taste and mental maturity of anyone who enjoys taylor’s New music. Immature and insipid.
  13. Jay z keeps ruining Beyoncé’s career with “everything is love”, those joint tours nobody asked for and now this fake activism that makes them look hypocritical and that they only care about the money. 1%ers will be 1%ers I guess. Jay z and Beyoncé hopped on the BLM fad just to expose themselves as money hungry capitalist pigs and betrayed the black community by signing this nfl deal
  14. imahunter

    Following its debut at #98 last week, Beyoncé's Spirit leaves the Billboard Hot 100 despite the movie and the album's release https://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100