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  1. I like all of them except mooriah Carey and Flopnet Jackson (I also downvoted everyone who ⛔️ Madonna)
  2. Thank god. She’s awful and useless. Nobody misses her whispering. She’s a glorified backup dancer. and her style of performing (lead singer upfront/background dancers) is outdated. Nobody is checking for her.
  3. He’s the only reason people or the press even whisper her name in 2021
  4. My favorite so far. I love the Gucci look and straight hair
  5. Yes. Have you not heard “Perfect Illusion” it’s literally unlistenable because of all of her screams. she would be more successful and have more fans if she toned it down and did more songs like 911 or Sex Dreams
  6. Someone told me Gaga could pull Future nostalgia easily but I disagree. gaga doesn’t know how to pull subtle. She screams too much and is too over the top that her singing becomes annoying. future nostalgia is subtle and not in your face. Dua’s rich and nice tone is so important throughout the album and she doesn’t over sing any of the songs. agree?
  7. See, when you do clownery the clown comes back to bite
  8. Madonna’s discography is a work of art up until hard candy so people actually remember her full albums as works of art that impacted the world. as an artist I would rather be that, than seen as a twitter meme who wears dresses that she’s way too chubby to fit in.