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  1. Celeb News

    I can't make it play
  2. Celeb News

    Dolly is a nice lady
  3. Goodnight: Flop. i listened to the radio tonight and now i will watch an alien movie!

    1. Galaxy

      Goodnight flop!

    2. Dan

      Good night! katyanna1 

  4. Celeb News

    i like pink to and Kesha inspires many!
  5. Event

    I'm sorry i thought they meant for real but they did not i got mixed up when they said this
  6. Event

    I mean just that Kesha would not say destroy animals to be mean or serious like to put them down it was for a joke someone said it meant it for real
  7. Event

    kesha would not ever destroy animals it is just to be funny i think like when she did it to unicorns on Blow they turned to rainbows
  8. I hope she does it is a good one
  9. Game

    I think 8 it is a fun one.
  10. Game

  11. Discussion

    i am confused with it many people tell me different stories but I just hope he will not be a big part ever again and she will be free fully after more albums
  12. Kesha keeps many fans alive and happy with music!