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  1. It is true she always fight for what is right even when it is not as popular
  2. Achievement

    Good job! it is a favorite one and I hear it on the radio a lot.
  3. I didnt write much on flops for some days because I dont have good internet yet until next week but then i will be back!

  4. Single

    I watched it now it is really good!
  5. i hope it will find the aliens
  6. Single

    I wish I can watch it but i have bad internet until tomorow i will see it then!!
  7. Celeb News

    Is there a video for it?
  8. Celeb News

    Thats a good song
  9. Other

    it is pretty! i like Elton john
  10. Happy easter Flop!

    1. frankgutz

      thanks king, happy easter too!!

  11. Celeb News

    I wonder for which!
  12. I hope she will make one for spaceship to.