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  1. Yes i think so to sometimes she does praying good but other times it is not as good
  2. She sang it the best that she has before! And ellen liked it alot
  3. I saw a Star is born yesterday on the theater and it was very good!! but it was sad to.
  4. Hi im going back home today 

  5. That will be good i hope it is soon maybe it will be name “Mermaid”!
  6. People should not steal and be a theif some stole my things from my storage months ago but it is never found yet
  7. LuranusLur


    That will be good!
  8. LuranusLur


    Warior is my favorite album of kesha and also rainbow
  9. LuranusLur


    Happy birthday!!!
  10. i am at tacobell there is internet at lasvegas Nevada 

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Wow, I bet people don't believe you when you tell them that.

  11. LuranusLur


    It is good there is alot of leaks
  12. LuranusLur

    Celeb News

    it is good all of them can be friends!
  13. Hello I am going to nevada usa tomorrow for some time! if there is internet there I will be on flops! if it is not  i will be anyway soon