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  1. Hi flop I am going to the dentist 

  2. Celeb News

    How many more albums til she can leave it??
  3. Event

    I hope it is the album!!!
  4. Album

    i wonder what will be the name
  5. Album

    Yay!! i hope it is soon!!
  6. i ment to say that on another one
  7. she is telling the truth!
  8. good job!! but idk what it is and how can i watch??
  9. Good job!! and u can also say why you think so
  10. i like Hunky Dory! its a album.
  11. that is bad!!!! he should not hurt bugs just for nothing and im not to watch that!
  12. she is right!! ppl should not bully because it makes others feel bad when they are just trying to be nice or have fun like kesha!