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  1. LuranusLur


    The vmas are nice but Gremlins is my favorite!
  2. LuranusLur


    They should not do that You should tell the leaders. there Are some that sent me bad messages to I used to make games in the battlegrounds.
  3. LuranusLur

    Music Video

    In the internet it can be any time for a hit!
  4. LuranusLur


    Mine is: Animal warrior high road rainbow cannibal
  5. I am fired because of corona now I have now more money anymore. 

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    2. GagaSavingPop

      I’m sorry legend, hopefully after this scare is over you can find work again. A lot of companies are closing temporarily 

    3. LuranusLur

      Thank you I will it is for safety but I hope it will work 

    4. Entea

      That sucks. I'm sure you'll get back to work when this is all over hug1

  6. LuranusLur


    Good job!
  7. LuranusLur

    She’s very good
  8. LuranusLur


    Those are good ones!
  9. LuranusLur

    Music Video

  10. But music can be the food for the cells to do it right that is how she can take the different ones to make it work together in life
  11. It means there are alot of different types but together it makes one good thing because each piece is its right part . It is like cells for a plant all of them live separate but then it is a flower!!