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  1. I am at the hopsital but there is internet here 

  2. They will be good maybe like stevie nicks
  3. I think someday maybe but they will only let ppl with money go to new planets
  4. LuranusLur


    I like that album
  5. i think there is life there
  6. this is kesha in school!
  7. Idk about it neither.
  8. LuranusLur

    You are doing good jobs!
  9. LuranusLur

    I think so too
  10. LuranusLur

    I thought of a new game today: what if the popartists did not decide to make music instead they do not have any job in showbisnuess. what job do each of them do instead do you think? comment below what normal job your favorite and others will do instead!
  11. LuranusLur

    How many animals in the world do you think there is
  12. LuranusLur


    Maybe she heard them when they were new