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  1. LuranusLur


    she is pretty!
  2. LuranusLur

    Music Video

    Hi animals i just watched the rainbow movie and it was really good! I think that it had a lot of art to help say what it was like and it was like more music videos! she also had how she made some songs i am happy for the movie!!
  3. LuranusLur


    happy Birthday to Rainbow!!!
  4. LuranusLur

    Music Video

    it will be a good movie! I am happy they let her use a keyboard to make that song
  5. LuranusLur


    They are good eyes
  6. I think she. Should win it all!
  7. i think they should give it to her!
  8. hi Winnie pooh 

    i saw a commercial today of Christopher Robin it is a movie it looks good! 

    1. Winnie.

      iconic, im gonna go see it when it comes out!

    2. LuranusLur

      Yes i think so to. 

  9. LuranusLur

  10. LuranusLur


    she should keep that hair it is pretty
  11. LuranusLur


    They are good eyebrows
  12. LuranusLur

    Music Video

    i have applemusic