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  1. Congrat to grimes and Elon! 

    1. Royalty


  2. If you are sad for the holidays to be done or family and friends to leave again its ok it will be there again!

  3. It is the time for Happy New Years partys and a happy new decade of Flops to be the best it can ever be!! cheer1 dancey1legend1

  4. Merry Xmas to everyone and if you don’t have xmas have a merry day! 

    1. Royalty

      A merry day fall1  Thanks same to you king!

    2. Ariana

      I love this so much giveup3

      Have a merry day everyone! mad1

  5. LuranusLur

    It is called: ... chiropractor!!!
  6. LuranusLur

    It can be fun for sometimes.
  7. LuranusLur

    Happy birthday! 🎂

    this is keshas new song it is my favorite one on her new album so far 

  9. LuranusLur

    And you always make good ones
  10. LuranusLur

    You are welcome and you make good games it should be in the hall of fame now!
  11. If you are sad sometimes it helps for you to make other ppl to feel happy. 

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    2. Dan

      You are the best brit2 

    3. LuranusLur

      Thank you you make people happy

    4. Dan


      You do too! katyanna1  

  12. happy thanksgiving to all FLOPS

  13. That is good but it is better to don’t start doing that!!!
  14. LuranusLur

    Maybe someday
  15. LuranusLur

    Those are good pictures of lady gaga
  16. LuranusLur

    Hello and it is almost time for thanksgiving in the USA. instead of thanking your favorite because everyday you do, here=you can give thanks to your least favorite pop artist and say why you think they are loved by theyre fans and then name the song that is your favorite one they sang. And you can play even not for thanksgiving. Comment below!
  17. im eating onionrings and Dr Pepper in the desert tonight 

    1. Dr. Slay

      sounds like a normal night for me!

  18. Do you know how long it is for fixing a iPhone screen please i broke  it on accident 

    1. LuranusLur

      It is fixed now