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    I thought of a new game today: what if the popartists did not decide to make music instead they do not have any job in showbisnuess. what job do each of them do instead do you think? comment below what normal job your favorite and others will do instead!
  2. LuranusLur

    You are doing good jobs!
  3. LuranusLur

    I think so too
  4. LuranusLur


    There are alot of reactions on youtube for albums and songs here you can post your favorite reaction videos for kesha songs and albums!
  5. LuranusLur

    How many animals in the world do you think there is
  6. LuranusLur


    Maybe she heard them when they were new
  7. I am going to my first day for my new job tomorrow i hope I can sleep early tonight it is for 6 in the morning! 

  8. It sounds really good like a hit I think !!
  9. Happy 4 of july for the USA but remember if there is fireworks to help animals not be afraid of them. 

  10. Guess what i got 2 interviews for a job now!

  11. LuranusLur


    I think the green and purple one
  12. LuranusLur

    Some of them i think risk in different ways kesha risked everything to and still is paying for it for what she did
  13. LuranusLur

    Celeb News

    Dan said kesha is one of his favorite ppl I meant Kesha is one my my favorites too
  14. LuranusLur

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    Kesha is one of my favorite people
  15. LuranusLur

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    She is one of my favorites to.
  16. LuranusLur


    I like her new album
  17. I rode on a boat today how was your day 

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    2. PoisonCandy

      Good. I went shopping with a friend and had chicken salad for lunch.

    3. Madonna

      4 hours ago, Ariana said:

      I rode too mad1


    4. LuranusLur

      Thats Good I am looking for a job today but it is hard to find 

  18. I heard crave by madonna on the radio today!

  19. LuranusLur

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    Happy birthday!
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  21. LuranusLur

  22. Do you like M I A ?

    1. Ariana

      Yes AIM is iconic giveup3

    2. LuranusLur

      Yes she is good

    3. Urbanov

      Yes she slaps

      Arular, Kala >>>> careers