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  1. and they look happy donald grump is always not
  2. that is not nice and old people still are people they can vote to if they want and eveyone who is young is an old person just at a different timezone
  3. Goodmorning and how are you 

    i moved into my new house now the i applied for a job today!!

    1. Royalty

      Congrats king! I hope everything turns out well for you clap3 

  4. LuranusLur


    Happy birthday!
  5. LuranusLur

    If I can without it I can give it to anyone who needs it
  6. LuranusLur


    I hope bob dylan will win it.
  7. LuranusLur


    Maybe so maybe no
  8. LuranusLur

    Kesha and lady Gaga and Britney spears I think
  9. If you are scared for something that will happen instead you can pretend you are excited for it. 

  10. It’s not to be weird but just to have fun I think. And britney should have help to be free not to be called names to want to be free like everyone else.
  11. LuranusLur


    Everyone on flops stay safe and with a mask😷!
  12. LuranusLur


    That is good
  13. LuranusLur

    I did not hear it yet I will listen to it while i read twitter
  14. LuranusLur

    Music Video

    It looks like some keshas music videos.
  15. I like her song it is ok to be like lady Gaga because she is good
  16. I think it is a good one and I like the doors to the other dimensions
  17. LuranusLur


    happy birthday!!!!
  18. LuranusLur

    I think he listened to bad people
  19. Did you like the vmas i think it was funny. 
    I am in kansas now 

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    2. Chris Morlock

      Didn't watch it

    3. LuranusLur

      Yes I think Miley cyrus was the best one and lady Gaga. 

    4. Dan

      Agreed, loved both those performances :D

      Thought The Weeknd had a really good one too, also Chloe x Halle :)