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  1. Golden Hour is such a good album.
  2. Celeb News

    i just read this, rip
  3. Album

    gurl same wig found live on the moon
  4. just woke up with these. i like them, she did that. she went in the rnb area, but i'm looking forward for what's coming.
  5. General News

    come through miss lauryn
  6. Bizarre

    @Russian Roulette i died
  7. ddd who told you I stan madonna? because i don't. still, beyonce is a good performer but she is overrated and always will be
  8. I can't deal with how overrated she is, lol.
  9. she is going in this time and since it's been such a long hiatus I think she found a better place from where to write, i think it's going to be more dark, stripped down, more oriented towards her fans, a lfl tea sort of if people don't like it they better go to the store and get some taste
  10. I don't have an Instagram anymore but oh my god truly her mind so ahead of our time. literally i am so anxious about her new music because so sad so sexy is so moody it sends me places and I have been listening her other albums so much. ugh, she's literally gonna fix my life with her new music
  11. I think it is the song she's done with Max Martin Oh lord, Lykke Li is coming for that global smash
  12. omg two new songs, i'm gonna cry