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  1. this thread
  2. Messy but predictable. Melodrama remains an album !
  3. Charts

    Not XXXTentacion
  4. omg a way to start my day off that's so wrong, so so wrong
  5. i cant at the look on that doggggggggggg
  6. Tech

    And where did I say it is not?
  7. Tech

    I'm not American
  8. Edit now I see they have to be from FOTP Faves I'd take 1989, Butterfly, Ray of Light, Ultraviolence, and seeing Carly Rae is a temporary fave I'll take EMOTION
  9. Single

    I heard this the other day and I liked it !
  10. What do y'all think of Y&Y's Sanctify? It's not bad tbh demi1 Sanctify my body with pain demi1 

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    2. Urbanov

      Meh. Memo and Real still remain their best songs

    3. Sailor Venus

      Well I can't argue here, but Sanctify is a bop and it's better than what I hear others play jj4 

    4. Lukas

      Its a shift in the right direction since he cant sing a note of the faster songs live whit1 im a huge fan so ill see what Y&Y2 has to offer 

  11. Can't check but my most played artists are women and bands with female leads
  12. LGBT

    I went to look for them and damn
  13. People are so uneducated and ready to spill their inner hate on the internet It's always been like that, it's more proeminent now since every has acces to it and refuse to educate themselves