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    I should have thought this too before listening half of it
  4. Photos

    I am here for her Music era. Come trough
  5. I'll take it as a reward for a week full of exams
  6. people in their 40s still arguing about their faves in the comments section on YouTube or Facebook make me fall9

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    2. sonowgoodbye

      2 hours ago, anxiety said:

      Mariah, Madonna and Janet stans oprah14

      and Cher mad5

    3. Merryem

      me when im 40 fall9 

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    For a sec I thought this was billboard and I was like RITA SIS wtf are you doing here
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    She should consider Eurovision with this
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    she has to grow the beautiful hair back and come back with something even more serious and stop riding the trends.
  10. I was listening to era Glorious singles a few days ago Come back babe
  11. Celeb News

    yas he's a beaut
  12. That was a shit move from HnM. They are trash anyway. Also whether this was a mistake or not it comes off as racist and should not be condoned.