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  1. Charts

    the russian gays coming out of the closet buying Roulette !
  2. Charts

    not russia stanning
  3. get that D and sail away slowly
  4. here

    OH WOW James from FBE Staff is one cute man with heterochromia but I hope he isn't hetero too jj4 

  5. This year I have been listening so much to her music and it's been an experience. She is an extremely talented woman and being in this state is just heartbreaking. She means a lot to me and I know that losing her mom has affected her so much. She is alone and what she says is true, but again she is ill and she needs to be cared for. But I believe because nobody takes proper care of her that's why she can do that / has the possibility to run, as it happened before. It's just sad because frankly she is a legendary singer , she is struggling and she has received a lot of hate during her career. It's just heartbreaking. I can't go through all the video. I hope someone hears her call and not only hers because there are people like this everywhere, ill and alone. It's not enough to pay a psychiatrist and send them in a fucking Travelodge until they die. Sad.
  6. Ugh she messed up so much this era I- Just. I feel like everybody hates her these days just because it's cool She needs to take it slow and give it another shot She'll redeem herself one way or another
  7. Katy has taken some shitty decisions this era but she's done fine
  8. here

    I swear to god today is one of those days every single thing pisses me off fall4 

  9. The superior pop album WITNESS: Who cares for bad country albums
  10. I want to take you with me 😩😩🍆🍆