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  1. I only hear Te Amo but tbh all the eastern european countries are not something to rely on when it comes to how memorable an artist is. I can only be thankful though because our taste as a country is sort of "trash" so at least we play THAT
  2. Single

    You can't tell me what to do ( out now on Zippyshare )
  3. Single

    I kind of like the song
  4. Her debut week sales are something to dream of
  5. It's all going back to her now
  6. Album

    I enjoy Lust for Life so much ! I do believe it's my second favorite Lana album
  7. here

    In my feelings is one of faves from LFL jj4 Go in, Lana

  8. Album

    Easily album of the year.
  9. I am not about that competition ! I'm an irrelevant hack
  10. Off topic I also got a new tattoo but I haven't debuted it yet
  11. here

    I knew I was gay since long time but the gay scene from All The Lovers made me want to start living as one 

    1. CHANEL #1

      The gay scene? The entire video is a massive gay scene rip2 

    2. TSUNAMI

      Well the gay kiss - I don't know rip2 

    3. #Music

      That video feels like an Ariel commercial