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  1. Venice Bitch

    i didn't know kesha still releases
  2. Venice Bitch


    the video has had more effort in it than the song but it's alright
  3. Venice Bitch


    Is Asia related to UK
  4. from people you know to people you don't cry9

  5. Should I act surprised?
  6. Venice Bitch


    Issa cute vocal showcase
  7. Venice Bitch

    Music Video

    i liked her TedEd talk 😍
  8. Venice Bitch


    Slay. Rise Nothing breaks like a heart
  9. welp i just had a "brownie", it's about to kick in and im like katy9 

    1. Urbanov

      Omg edibles 😍😍😍

  10. Venice Bitch

    happy new year lovelies
  11. this top is cancelled as honey is listed as one of the worst albums but charlie puth one of the best I-
  12. Venice Bitch


    i can not anymore either, i mean, but it's such a beautiful song