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  1. from people you know to people you don't cry9

  2. welp i just had a "brownie", it's about to kick in and im like katy9 

    1. Urbi


      Omg edibles 😍😍😍

  3. I was on grindr for a day and half and I had it at work too and some coworker saw me and added me on facebook because he found me through mutual friends but he's not really my type , I mean I don't know him, it was just the first impression and I am not attracted to him. on top of that he waved at me on facebook and now i don't know what to do. i haven't logged in on facebook since he did that giveup1 last time i talked with a guy at work it didn't end well. he's not working there anymore slaycat I am a terrible person giveup2 

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    2. Shego


      He saw you on Grindr and added you on facebook? Welp. dead4

    3. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      yes he probably saw me there as a recommended friend because i don't really hide my face but still that doesn't mean anything fall7 

    4. ajp


      Just play dead. Eventually, the grizzly will move on nicki4


  4. i'm seeing Sevdaliza tonight giveup1


  5. got my second tattoo today yas1 can't wait to get more cry6 

  6. Mess at me only coming to fotp to renew my VIP fall8 I love this community sia5 

  7. my ears are blessedT



  8. how 'bout you

    how 'bout you

    how 'bout you get the fuck out 


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    2. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      I am so excited ny3 

    3. Urbi


      I saw her few months ago and she was brilliant 

    4. mommy did her thing

      mommy did her thing

      I saw her in february and she was amazing!

  10. take me apart is that bitch, suddenly my body is hairless 

  11. i wonder who buys or wears katy perry's shoes dead1 they are so, let me not 

    1. K$ANIMAL


      I know someone who wears Miley shoes sha1

    2. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      yeah but aren't they at least converse? meanwhile katy just releases some brick like shoes that look like toys for 3 year olds ksksksk laughcry1 

  12. Testing is an ALBUM and a mood, fight me 

  13. wolves deserved to smash tbh

  14. ALLEZ les bleus cry1 cry1 cry1 

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    2. Brightflower


      that is still going on? i never understood what was its deal but i guess we can stan dead1

    3. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      the finale is today dead1 i don't really care but i am rooting for France nonetheless jj2 

    4. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      i guess that makes me care a bit fall1 

  15. Like I do issa BOP

  16. I've never understood the hate Hey Girl gets like I find it to be one of the better songs on Joanne and it sounds like they had fun recording it. I declare it a BOP

    1. K$ANIMAL


      Hey Girl is way better than Come To Mama

  17. I am moving out tomorrow, far away from home, alone and starting the new job on Monday. It's as exciting as anxiety inducing noway1

  18. So I just finished college today jj1 How are y'all doing?

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    2. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      thankss, can not believe it's been 3 yearslegend1

    3. Brightflower


      Congrats sis! Im happy for you

    4. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I'm almost close, I'm gonna finish college this Monday instead

  19. My job interview planned for thursday got rescheduled for today jj4 giveup1 

  20. I got the juice while showering is an experience cry1 

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    2. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      wow, write an howto article hunty we are quaking.


      anyway, i think that works wendy3 

    3. H.O.N.E.Y


      You know what that's a great idea. rav2 


      How to experience heaven while still rotting on earth:

      1. Buy/Stream 'So Sad So Sexy' 

      2. Welcome to heaven. cloud1

    4. Venice Bitch
  21. I ORDERED italian food over an hour and half ago and IT is still not here. I AM Disgusted ! scream2 

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    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      Lol so it was 10 mins late? And u made a big fuss. laughcry1


      At least u enjoyed the food sis. rav2

    3. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      i had wine beforehand laughcry1 

    4. H.O.N.E.Y


      Should've listened to So Sad So Sexy to sober up sis. lj1