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  1. I was on grindr for a day and half and I had it at work too and some coworker saw me and added me on facebook because he found me through mutual friends but he's not really my type , I mean I don't know him, it was just the first impression and I am not attracted to him. on top of that he waved at me on facebook and now i don't know what to do. i haven't logged in on facebook since he did that giveup1 last time i talked with a guy at work it didn't end well. he's not working there anymore slaycat I am a terrible person giveup2 

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    2. Venice Bitch

      Venice Bitch

      i am just not sure because i can't remember it anymore but he had some kinky ass description on grindr dgbdfjdsfs I- giveup1 

    3. Kyoteki


      Lmaoo just play it cool like u aint see it. And if he tries to make a move politely decline. Lol. No need to freak out

    4. Chris Morlock
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