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  1. Chris Pratt


    poor electric chapel ha wig wasn't tight enough
  2. Chris Pratt

    More Than That is very good but it's too damn short. Fix it, legend
  3. Chris Pratt


    Come through queen
  4. Chris Pratt


  5. Chris Pratt


    Another reason why this is the best song of the album
  6. Mine would definitely be Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.
  7. Chris Pratt


    I don't care about who works on the album, as long as we don't get another tlic
  8. Chris Pratt

    i don't use fotp that much so feel free to give it to someone else
  9. Chris Pratt

  10. Chris Pratt

    also does anyone want the wp removal?
  11. Chris Pratt

    I liked the battle formation. The map clues was a slay, but knowing I couldn't choose Kesha because I was on team xtina was traumatic I'd prefer less heroes next season, too many people advanced to the end without actually playing the game.
  12. Chris Pratt

    of course i'm the only one alive