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  1. edwinfg

    Charli could do Symphony no. 40, but Mozart could never do February 2017
  2. edwinfg

    yes come through
  3. edwinfg

    omg she is coming finally?
  4. edwinfg

    omg yes queen welcome back
  5. edwinfg

    reserved for talent
  6. edwinfg

    I want Kesha and The Weeknd
  7. edwinfg


    this is the most important part of the livestream considering that today was also the day that a furry dipped his hands on dry ice and slept through the night so that he could be amputated and have paws instead
  8. edwinfg


    Yes please spread my word as gospel. What are y'all favourite songs btw?
  9. edwinfg


    Its beautiful
  10. more promo for miss meghan trainor?
  11. edwinfg

    Celeb News

    Didn't sheezus went #1 in the UK?
  12. edwinfg


    Imma listen to it in a few hours
  13. The song is also on YouTube only the Spotify version is the instrumental
  14. edwinfg


    omg let's pray for mother swift