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  1. edwinfg

    rihanna's spam is quaking
  2. edwinfg

    because you left hyuna behind during lovelost release week
  3. edwinfg

    Me getting 0 killer accusations. My irrelevant power
  4. edwinfg

    congrats y'all! wished i had more free time to fully participate in the game. hopefully there will be another game soon
  5. edwinfg

    I did not suffer by listening to make up more than ten times only to be killed by miss emery bingham
  6. edwinfg

    your mind. whew!
  7. edwinfg

    mess to think that i would die from chocolate since i'm allergic to it
  8. edwinfg

    Just submitted omg
  9. edwinfg

    last known whereabouts please
  10. edwinfg

  11. edwinfg

    Crime Scene
  12. edwinfg

    ME yes hello
  13. we decided to stan forever