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    drag her for filth yup yup
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    The Weeknd - Prisoner of Fate [Revised] - Album Re-Release (Week 1) The Weeknd - Lover I Don't Have to Love (Solo Version) - Single Remix (Week 1) Kesha - birds/dreamin' ft. Selena Gomez - Single (Week 1) Kesha - like we used to - B-Side (Promotional Single) [Week 1] Hwasa - Toot Toot - Single (Week 1) Hwasa - Toot Toot - Album (Week 1) Hwasa - Culamentan - B-Side (Promotional Single) [Week 1]
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    tootland waiting lounge..
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    Kesha, The Weeknd and Hwasa
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    why is superman preaching
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    hello stan jisoo
  7. edwinfg here

    not @RihannaRTTquitting announcement getting more likes that her admin promotion postrose_gif.gif

    1. RihannaRTT

      not you statusing this after I told you of it in confidence eve1 lemme delete your account before I leave

    2. edwinfg

      admin abuse? @Habitssave me


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    Music Video

    love the matador outfit yes chungha yes bop
  9. edwinfg

    omg same!
  10. Blinding Lights is the correct answer
  11. edwinfg

    Wow, I just so happened to remember than you called me a racist once in the jury pm so you can choke with the rest of the fotp inmates
  12. edwinfg

    are we witnessing a murder right before our very own eyes?
  13. edwinfg

    now that we are all free let's stream this until #1
  14. edwinfg

    Madame, thank you so much for planning this game so throughly. I never had this much fun with an event in a while and all the meltdowns and betrayals from several players were so entertaining, i really wasn't expecting much from this game. Hope some of the criticism wasn't too harsh or it is already gone in your mind and I can't wait to play again.
  15. edwinfg

    whew at least this is finally over
  16. edwinfg

    congrats @Hyun.
  17. edwinfg

    @Big Brother Live Feedsare you getting this on camera?
  18. edwinfg

    fun fact i went back and realized i misstyped @Daenerysname
  19. edwinfg

    omg yes i loved playing the game this season and just betraying everyone i knew. good luck on bb10 if hannah decides to host again