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  1. BJORK

    ISNT he 25? Tell him sis
  2. BJORK


    Didn’t even know part 1 existed. 2 is great.
  3. BJORK

    He’s lame but we all just want him to accept his homosexuality even if it would wreck his Hetero-pandering career
  4. BJORK

    Love how they blurred out the tweets handles cuz we all know at least 90% came from our sistren
  5. BJORK


    August? Push back is definitely because of the latest batch of singles doing bad. She’s just not trendy anymore sorry guys
  6. BJORK

    Nicki’s novelty wore off after Starships. She’s been coasting since. Rat.
  7. BJORK

    Omg that site still works ?
  8. The fame monster ate her heart and killed her drive
  9. A bathrobe moment! Serving ‘Sex for Breakfast’ indeed!
  10. Over the hills and far away a million miles from LA just anywhere with you take me anywhere chun-tadadi-TON @Modern Woman @American Oxygen
  11. I’m reall smart I went to hAdvard