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  1. Fillers for me: - marry the night - fashion of his love - the queen - Black jesus - highway unicorn
  2. BJORK


    Chun-Li Good Form Coco Chanel
  3. LLC and Majesty alone >> Cardi’s entire discog.
  4. Ok dude. I wont rain on your happiness. You’ll be complaining next week anyways.
  5. A troll wouldn’t be posting this much. I’m just a very disappointed fan. Glad you enjoy it but this will age by next week. Onika’s head is so far up her ass this ego trip is damaging her. I’m sad.
  6. Queen is a disappointment and barbs will clock this by next week when the hype dies over. Her commercial success is also over. Next album will tank.
  7. Björk could rap Nicki Minaj to her grave with a single garbled belt. These girls are cute but nothing compared to Utopia.
  8. You’re too kind. Both records are shite. You’re welcome Daddy.
  9. Queen is full of filler... please this thread can't be real
  10. BJORK


    Only care for Chun Li, Good Form and Nip Tuck. So much filler it’s ridiculous.
  11. BJORK


    Chun Swae is so shit