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  1. BJORK

    Qué? Someone hasn't had his rice and beans this mañana!
  2. Just sampled her music and it's very basic
  3. BJORK


    Make her sign your arm (for fun) and a paper. The tattoo artist will trace over the paper to copy her caligraphy and will then be able to tattoo it anywhere. Like Nick says, take a photo of everything just in case.
  4. BJORK

    Cancel her and her wig too
  5. BJORK

    This is really uninspired pop /:
  6. BJORK

    Thank u. Cuz I cba to listen to her in full
  7. BJORK

    What are the best 3 songs on this record?
  8. BJORK


    Can we all agree that two weeks on we all feel different about these songs?
  9. BJORK


    Fuck off. The best vocal performance is #9. Fuck me
  10. BJORK


    Fake smile is so forgettable. BYE!!
  11. BJORK


    This is such a label driven formula. I hope any Ava fan can see through this flagrant mess.
  12. BJORK


    The pop empowerment formula. Ew. Glad she'll finally fade soon
  13. I heard one dong and production was lush. gonna play it all and report back