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  1. Björk covers Bad Romance!

  2. Drags that aren't funny anymore

    Benjis cousin
  3. Madonna's Successor as the next Queen of Pop?

    Mariah was never and will never be global. This is basic math
  4. Madonna's Successor as the next Queen of Pop?

    I fucking love you. This is so on point and FACTUAL truth.
  5. Event The 2017 Alt R&B Girls Rate

    Can I still submit my rates?
  6. Event The 2017 Alt R&B Girls Rate

    I keep reading alt right instead of R&B
  7. Review #Blue Lips | First Listen

    Album is so good.
  8. Review #Blue Lips | First Listen

    I’m here!
  9. The Utopia Lounge

    Slap yourself Jenny
  10. The Utopia Lounge

    Hating on Volta is so lame and 2007. The album is good and I’ll never understand the overreactions.
  11. Nicole Scherzinger read to filth

  12. Bad Acting Again...

    One of many to come
  13. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    Su mi su mi su mi all jou want
  14. Utopia (2017) Megarate

    Sis I digest B in months. But will try 2 hit the deadline Su mi su mi su mi
  15. Björk | Utopia | 10th Studio Album | November 2017

    This album shits all over Shittycura for me. After hearing the album I almost felt like a new person. I’ve never been crazy for Arca and I’m weary of how close he’s become with B, but after this I won’t doubt ha again. They truly synchronize well