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  1. BJORK


    The entire album is such an undeniable classic
  2. BJORK


    Anyone else catch Lana sharing a fanmade SOC video w/Summer Bummer Demo on her insta stories just to take it all down 10mins later?
  3. Cant pick between MAC and VB
  4. BJORK


    American Life was so snubbed on this entire list
  5. BJORK


    3 months old? 3 years old? No ladies and gents. This is 9 years old.
  6. I agree but that's too good to be true. Tabloids will go all out on this
  7. I somewhat agree but at the level of scrutiny shes having, the picture is clear now. People in the industry are after her and want to ruin her Oscar's campaign. They found the weakness in her new narrative and are willing to exploiting it like hell (despite the gazillion other big artists that have worked with R. Pedo). Sacrificing one of her least commercial singles is not a big loss. She's now trying to steer the destructive narrative of the past week to stay on track. This is very political
  8. Good that she finally addressed this. The sharks were out to ruin her award season.
  9. You can change your catalogues but you wont change mine. So do what u want what u want with your discography, you canT stop my choice cuz u dont own my LIFE #aBOPisaBOP
  10. Right in the melatonin. Straight into my sleep playlist. Narcoleptic queen.
  11. BJORK


    Halsey's unexpected smash #1 I did NOT expect Here for it