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  1. teenage dream - katy perry fame monster UK edition - Lady gaga american life - madonna lana del ray - Lana del rey lemonade - beyonce
  2. Game

    10. I would rate 1000 if I could.
  3. Music Video

    I guess I’m with half the parted reaction that this video was in fact GOOD. And probably second best this era after LWYMMD
  4. Anyone else think AZ’s story that this song was meant to be used at the end of Coco is just pure bullshit? This was a throwaway song and with that forced imposed story no one is buying into it AZ!
  5. Game

    10 - underrated gem
  6. Discussion

    Lana partying with Marina, Twigs and Florence has shaken the very core of my existence. Help.
  7. U2 had an unwarranted surprise album that magically appeared on my iTunes - how is that for your amazing BEYONCĘ?? We paid no coin and GOT BONERS voice! When will BÈŶÖÑÇĒ?!??
  8. Discussion

    U must luv me
  9. Celeb News

    Allah Del rey indeed
  10. Ed Sheeran is more global and is a household name.
  11. She’s a major American icon. That’s as far as it goes though.