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  1. BJORK


  2. BJORK


    Ditto. Shit song, underwhelming video and a cute top 20 hit for a week. I pray I'm proven wrong and we have the next Lady Marmalade in our hands though...
  3. BJORK

    She's drowning in her own saccharine sensibilities
  4. BJORK

    Eek it's already suffering
  5. BJORK

    It's not a bad song, but it's not what she needed to put out... I want KP embraced by the GP again and mid-tempo synthpop is really not IT ;( if this was for the fans it would have been a promo. The fact her label made it THE next single goes to show her team is losing commercial direction.
  6. BJORK

    The SALES, the STREAMS and the CHART POSITIONS. It's a bop that did not have sizeable commercial success
  7. Miss has been having an abysmal era, and then releases THIS?! DON'T GET ME WRONG - I am rooting for her success, but this is a VERY weak follow-up to poorly received NRO. Thoughts?
  8. BJORK


    I fucking BOP to all of this. She's fantastic.
  9. BJORK


    Its a smart marketing strategy. The 1-2 singles and then an album formula made sense for a sales world. In the internet streaming era her approach, particularly as an unstablished artist is G E N I U S. everyone should learn
  10. He Needs Me, Automarically In Love >>>> Run Away With Me.
  11. BJORK

    Nas Maraj is inevitable
  12. BJORK

    Accelerate. It grew so much on me
  13. @ajp thank you! you're always so wonderful and thorough
  14. You're the ultimate CRJ guru. Do you know if she's shared any details on what the concept or idea of the album is? Can't find anything aside from the Nicaragua songwriting camp lol
  15. Thanks for flagging! Just ordered one. Curious how UMG now makes signed "art cards" instead of signing the actual album booklet. Guess its less time consuming? I see them do it constantly the past year.