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  1. Ditto. Shit song, underwhelming video and a cute top 20 hit for a week. I pray I'm proven wrong and we have the next Lady Marmalade in our hands though...
  2. Going to listen to the album thinking this through now with your words. You're a gem
  3. Anyone else struggling to understand the meaning of most songs? The lyrics are personal and confusing AF to an outsider
  4. @Chris Morlock I'd greatly appreciate a lossless copy!! Thank you for doing gawds work. The bonus tracks AAHHH
  5. He Needs Me, Automarically In Love >>>> Run Away With Me.
  6. Wait. KARMA is great actually. Ignore my comment above
  7. Karma's lyrics are so good. Production could have been elevated aaah
  8. Hearing now Believe in love was OKAY Life is strange is meh You is filler sorry.