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    Sounds shit but it is a leak
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    Ditto. Shit song, underwhelming video and a cute top 20 hit for a week. I pray I'm proven wrong and we have the next Lady Marmalade in our hands though...
  4. Going to listen to the album thinking this through now with your words. You're a gem
  5. Anyone else struggling to understand the meaning of most songs? The lyrics are personal and confusing AF to an outsider
  6. California Happiness is a butterfly Norman fucking Rockwell ITS ALL AMAZING
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    She's drowning in her own saccharine sensibilities
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    Eek it's already suffering
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    It's not a bad song, but it's not what she needed to put out... I want KP embraced by the GP again and mid-tempo synthpop is really not IT ;( if this was for the fans it would have been a promo. The fact her label made it THE next single goes to show her team is losing commercial direction.
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    The SALES, the STREAMS and the CHART POSITIONS. It's a bop that did not have sizeable commercial success
  11. Miss has been having an abysmal era, and then releases THIS?! DON'T GET ME WRONG - I am rooting for her success, but this is a VERY weak follow-up to poorly received NRO. Thoughts?
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    I fucking BOP to all of this. She's fantastic.
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    God Control Come Alive Batuka
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    @Chris Morlock I'd greatly appreciate a lossless copy!! Thank you for doing gawds work. The bonus tracks AAHHH
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    Its a smart marketing strategy. The 1-2 singles and then an album formula made sense for a sales world. In the internet streaming era her approach, particularly as an unstablished artist is G E N I U S. everyone should learn
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    Praying for album news in the interview
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    Dark Ballet ha DIE ANOTHER DAY 2.0!!!
  18. Future is absolutely awful. Medellin and Crave are so superior... why...
  19. He Needs Me, Automarically In Love >>>> Run Away With Me.
  20. BJORK

    Nas Maraj is inevitable
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    I'm very excited for this cover