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  1. WeKeepOnRockin

    Go Xtina! Teach girls to not be comfortable with their body with the overwhelming amount of photoshop! Slay me, Lipogulera
  2. What a lazy-ass bitch. It is physically impossible to lose the amount of weight she did in such a short time after her first baby. Way to go being lazy, fatass! (Yes, you're always going to be XXLTuna because you never actually lost the weight by working out)
  3. Except they aren't because she was on sync with her dancers. The screen was out of sync with them. You're too dense for me to waste my time with you. Fuck off listening to the Legend of Big Macs and Queen of Liposuction
  4. WeKeepOnRockin

    Every single thing you listed. He's a fucking cunt who wouldn't know what art was if he was Picasso's sister. I love his music, but I absolutely hate him as a person
  5. @Rachet Stop saying Britney can't dance unless you have receipts of Britney not on-point and in sync with her dancers (the two mirror gifs don't count)
  6. WeKeepOnRockin

    oops, dp
  7. WeKeepOnRockin

    Yeah it kinda is.
  8. WeKeepOnRockin

    And Ellie is a freak
  9. WeKeepOnRockin

    it's Britney, bitch
  10. WeKeepOnRockin

    It's not tho
  11. WeKeepOnRockin

    Because Myah would have been in sync.
  12. WeKeepOnRockin

    Hi @California boy! :runhug: You've got two Britney threads to tweet
  13. WeKeepOnRockin

    Her outfit, her hair, her sunglasses!
  14. WeKeepOnRockin

    Maybe I'm thinking of a different billionaire then.
  15. WeKeepOnRockin

    You heard Britney in all honesty.