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  1. Feoba


    The Say So video is out now and it’s amazing. She served looks, choreography, everything.
  2. Feoba


  3. Feoba


    The lord is coming with the Say So video!!
  4. Feoba


    High key glad SOS is in HD now
  5. Congrats to Dua and Nicki! Hopefully Nicki’s lead single performs better than Yikes and Megadrop! Also hoping Physical joins DSN in the top 10 where it belongs!
  6. John Wayne should’ve gotten half of the push that Million Performances got. She released the vid then did nothing for the song.
  7. Feoba


    Please let this masterpiece hit the top 20. Highkey i'm shocked Hozier wasn't credited for the remix, I feel like I heard the remix a ton of more times than the original.
  8. Feoba

    It's what she deserves. Stream the superior Yummy by Gwen Stefani
  9. Feoba

    Don’t Kill My Boyfriend remains my best song
  10. Feoba

    Also did my sophomore and third album because this was fun. 凍蔵新 (Frozen New): Marigold I’m Going Away Angel Bugs Petrine Pains Don’t Kill My Boyfriend Bats Skyfox Fracture (Something to Consider) After the Storm My Way Funeral In Taipei Leap of Faith Plumcake Devoted to You Here’s to Summer Little Death Overdue Black Summer Fiery Summer Parked Up: Still Cold/Alone All That She Wants There’s a Hole Ride Gotta Go Walk mellow Last of the Rain I Can’t See Anyone Never Leave Dumb Tingz Personal Too Much Pop All of Us Sand Amadou
  11. Feoba

    Feoba’s debut album coming 2020 My Uzi Weighs a Ton: Uzi Weighs a Ton I Can’t Just Live In Your World Boleto Bico I Need Oh Baby Just Look at It Turn Down For What Cold Game Radar Love The Bill
  12. Feoba here

    Also hope y’all have a great NYE! ari3

  13. Feoba here

    When are we removing Rihanna from the established section? bebe1

  14. Feoba


    Rich, White, Straight Men deserves to be on the album
  15. If Rihanna doesn’t release in 2020 I’m unstanning