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  1. Feoba here

    Me clocking back in for a moment to see if #PI is back ajay1

  2. Feoba


    I’ll believe the documentary is coming as soon as I get my hands on R9
  3. Lemon was good but I don’t want another
  4. Feoba


    Can’t believe this was a whole decade ago
  5. Feoba


    Pon de Replay - 56 SOS - 50 Umbrella - 46 Take a Bow - 38 - Russian Roulette - 56 + Only Girl (In the World) - 46 We Found Love - 56 Diamonds - 54 Work - 48
  6. Feoba


    Rina Sawayama is an ICON!
  7. Feoba


    Listened to it for 2 days after it came out. Haven’t heard it since.
  8. Feoba here

    Guess who decided to log back into her account ladies? Alexa, play I Forgot You Existed. ajay1

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    2. mylifelies

      we stan a fellow PI queen coming back

    3. Feoba

      @mylifelies omg legend thank you! Glad to see you!

    4. Hylia

      We stan a comeback

  9. Feoba


    The Say So video is out now and it’s amazing. She served looks, choreography, everything.
  10. Feoba


  11. Feoba


    The lord is coming with the Say So video!!
  12. Feoba


    High key glad SOS is in HD now
  13. Congrats to Dua and Nicki! Hopefully Nicki’s lead single performs better than Yikes and Megadrop! Also hoping Physical joins DSN in the top 10 where it belongs!
  14. John Wayne should’ve gotten half of the push that Million Performances got. She released the vid then did nothing for the song.