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    1. Desperado 2. Same Ol' Mistakes 3. Sex With Me 4. Work 5. Consideration 6. Kiss It Better 7. Love on the Brain 9. Woo 10. Never Ending 11. Pose 12. Close to You 13. Higher 14. Goodnight Gotham 15. James Joint 16. Yeah, I Said It
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    Hello I'd love to participate
  3. Party Monster

    Their food actually taste good and tbh it's super cheap. Their 4 for 4 literally fed me all last summer
  4. Party Monster

    Bitch me too the taste!!
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    This is amazing
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    Just Dance vs Disco Heaven Bad Romance vs Teeth Marry The Night vs The Edge Of Glory Aura vs Applause Diamond Heart vs Angel Down La Vie En Rose vs I'll Never Love Again
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    Vote for Rihanna and Gwen Stefani please!
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    Rihanna | Bummer Summer | EP | Week 5 Released: March 27, 2019 Genre: Reggeapop, Dancehall Length: 20:42
  9. Party Monster

    Gwen Stefani | D.U.M.B (Don't Underestimate Me Boy) | Single Remix | Week 5  Released: March 27, 2019 Genre: Electric-pop Length: 4:40 Songwriters: Gwen Stefani, Justin Tranter, Raja Kumari, & Brittney Hazzard Producer: Greg Kurstin
  10. Party Monster

    Rihanna did it five times Good Girl Gone Bad - Rated R - Loud - Talk That Talk - Unapologetic - ANTI Six if you include R9 yet
  11. Party Monster

    Awww thank you legend
  12. Party Monster

    Rihanna | Permitame feat. Maluma | Fourth Single | Week 5 Released: March 23, 2019 Genre: Reggaeton - Pop Length: 3:36 Rihanna | Long Time No See | Promo Single | Week 5 Released: March 23, 2019 Genre: Acoustic Pop Length: 4:33
  13. Party Monster

    Tour Title: The Personal Pleasure Reunion Tour Number of Shows: 21 Start Date: May 14, 2019 End Date: July 12th, 2019 Ticket Types + Prices: Standard - $130 VIP - $200 (Premium ticket, Tour poster, Signed copies of Forever Personal and On the Other Side) Throwback VIP - $230 (Premium ticket, Tour poster, Signed copies of Personal and Unknown Pleasures, Tour DVD of the original Personal Pleasure tour) Short Description (30-50 words): P!nk and Rihanna reunite to follow up to their debut tour: The Personal Pleasure Tour. In the six years since both pop divas emerged into the music scene, both ladies have established powerful legacies. With over 20 #PI Awards and 16 #1 singles between the both of them, the duo look back at how far they’ve grown since their debuts. Tour Setlist (for 1 Date): ACT I: P!nk & Rihanna #PARTY4EVA Betcha Didn’t Know Serious Shoot You Down #sideEFFECTS ACT II: Rihanna Glitch Vodka Cranberry Sensual Please Don’t Fall Strawberry Kisses ACT III: P!nk Heartbroken ...Enough Whatever Happened to the Heroes ACT IV: P!nk & Rihanna On the Road/The Road [Medley] To Be Honest (Drunk) Late Night/Late Nights [Medley] ACT V: Rihanna Easy On Me I Need You Here Doo Wop (That Thing) ACT VI: P!nk Like That Delicious Just Not You Don’t Stay Out (Too Late) You Know It’s Over ENCORE: P!nk & Rihanna Ain’t No Rush Forever/Personal [Medley] Love Bullets Fuck Off (But Text Me Later) Tour Poster or Performance Picture (about 470px/320px): TBA
  14. Party Monster

    Gwen Stefani | 1999 (Deluxe) | Album Reissue| Week 5  Released: March 22, 2019 Genre: Pop, R&B, Electro-Pop Length: 57:21 Executive Producer: Gwen Stefani Producers: Greg Kurstin, Stargate, Mattman & Robin, Max Martin, & Jonathan Rotem
  15. Party Monster

    Tour Title: 1999: The Nostalgia Tour Number of Shows: 30: 16 in North America 8 in Asia 6 in Europe Start Date: April 5, 2019 End Date: June 8th, 2019 Ticket Types + Prices: General Admission: $65 90’s Baby Admission: $90 (Ticket + Merch Package) VIP Admission: $120 (Ticket, Merch Package, and photo) VIP DELUXE Admission: $150 (Ticket, Merch Package, photo, and signed ‘1999’ album) Short Description: Gwen Stefani embarks on her debut tour to support her second studio album, 1999. The tour blends together nostalgic hits from the late 90s and blends them with her harajuku style on a tour that spans across North America, Asia, and Europe. Tour Setlist (for 1 Date): 1. Y2K 2. Kiss Me More 3. Smooth (Santana Cover) Sweet Medley* 4. Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega Cover) 5. Stuck On You 6. Your Girl 7. The Boy Is Mine (Monica Cover) 8. No Love From Me/No Scrubs Medley 9. Stomachache 10. That Don’t Impress Me Much (Shania Twain cover) 11. Supposed to Care 12. Rot : ) 13. Sit Down, Shut Up 14. Where My Girls At? (702 Cover) 15. Fuck Off (but MSN Message Me Later) 16. My Regards ENCORE 17. D.U.M.B (Don’t Underestimate Me Boy) 18. Ok, And? *contains medley and interpolations of Sweet/Ask You Twice/Peter Pan/ & Be Mine Tour Poster or Performance Picture (about 470px/320px):