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  1. Discussion

    Okay I've been listening to this apbum lately and it has me Fucked Up™ like omg. Could Rihanna have handled the era better? Yes but I don't understand how this album is looked over so much. Yes it was crammed between Loud's success and Unapologetic's release. But this album somehow manages to make me emotional and bop at the same time. I'm bopping to Birthday Cake one second and the next second I'm at the edge with We All Want Love. You Da One is a cute bop and the bridge is poppin! It suffered as the followup to WFL and probably shouldn't have been the second single. The video is iffy, I would've preferred a really cute video that suddenly switched to a dark and sexy during the bridge. Rihanna would be all cute and wifey and then suddenly switch to a room very similar to the real room during "you da one that I'm feelin. you da one that I'm lovin." Then it would seitch back to cute during the end. Where Have You Been and We Found Love are both iconic. Where Have You Been should've been released sooner but whatever. Both amazing dance songs that start the album off bopping. The rest of the album doesn't have a similar sound to these two songs which can throw the mood off but WFL transitions fine to Talk That Talk. We Found Love is literally an iconic song. It's not my favorite because it was very overplayed, but you bet you can find me dancing in circles to this JAM! 💃 Talk That Talk, Cockiness, and Birthday Cake are literally sex anthems. Who doesn't sing or atleast think of the lines "cake cake cake cake cake" during birthdays? Talk That Talk and Cockiness feature great rappers and when Rihanna sings "Remember how you did it?" On Birthday Cake! Holy shit I might've just orgasmed. The transition from Birthday Cake to We All Want Love????? It's a roller coaster, but like a good one! I go from twerking to wanting to call up anyone I've ever cut out of my life and be like "hey, screw you." Like I just wanna climb a tree and look at the leaves listening to it. Then from We All Want Love to Drunk On Love. She might as well push me to the edge, all my friends are dead. I just wanna run around in a field and strip like the WFL video. Drunk In Love who?? Beyonce who?? Every song of this album is single worthy! Roc Me Out and Watch N' Learn are the hot twins that will fuuuuck you up. She invented sex with these songs. Hearing Rihanna say the word Daddy. Like why isn't this mainstream? Farewell and Fool In Love are two of her most emotional songs. They're definitely both overlooked in comparison to her other ballads and slow songs. ReD LiPSTiCk 💄 has had me boppin' for 6 years and I won't stop till the day I die and I will never die. Rihanna, weed, and dick, what else does anyone need? "All on ya dick cuz you really got me feeling that feeling tonight." ICONIC ICONIC ICONIC. Can't fight the feeling. Do Ya Thang is a very cute prequel-sequel to You Da One. It's basically the same. Plus Talk That Talk has an amazing grungy aesthetic. Who looks good kicking trash and drinking in bath tubs? RIHANNA. Talk That Talk is one of her best works tbh and is an amazing spiritual sequel to Rated R. It's a deeply emotional album that disguises itself behind a layer of sex. Amazing. Iconic. For the album that produced her biggest hit, Talk That Talk is probably the most ignored album in her discography besides her first two albums.
  2. Yeah. I don't hate Bryson Tiller's part but I don't love it either. DJ Khaled shouting out his name randomly throughout the song gets annoying quickly
  3. #2 on ITUNES!! 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Discussion

    Work is iconic Needed Me is an amazing song but Rihanna's second longest running number 1 single is unbothered.
  5. Consideration
  6. I really can't make out what she's saying but the song sounds fire!
  7. Other

    The Fame: Eh Eh The Fame Monster: Teeth (It's amazing though) Born This Way: Government Hooker ARTPOP: Dope Joanne: Angel Down (Work Tape)
  8. Fashion! And Donatella are iconic and remained untouched.
  9. It sounds like it's from 2009 tbh it doesn't sound like it's from 2017
  10. Game

    The Fame- 30 The Fame Monster- 45 Born this Way- 35 ARTPOP- 65
  11. Single

    She needs new managment
  12. Discussion

    I stole this from the Lady Gaga thread. Make and describe the perfect Rihanna era that you would love 100% i'm going to describe mine below: Aesthetic: Rated R meets Talk That Talk. Dark, but grungy and urban. Total badass. Genre: Electric R&B. I also want some rap but not like "Nothing Is Promised" Length: About 14-16 songs is the typical length of a Rihanna album so I'm fine with that. However I don't want a quarter of the album to be interludes like "ANTI" One or two interludes is fine but besides that no song should be be under 2 minutes. Singles: About 5 or 6 well promoted singles. Single 1: An electro-r&b song about love and power. The sound is similar to "Bad Blood" by NAO. It features The Weeknd. It gets a artistic video where Rihanna's shirtless and uses magic to like, kill men or something. She actually performs the song at multiple events and it goes number 1 for 8+ weeks because it's a Rihanna song. Single 2: Another electric r&b song which features Lady Gaga. It's what "Sexxx Dreams" should've been but with less edm and more r&b. The video is basically Rihanna's "Telephone" and Rihanna performs the song at a live event. It goes top 5 and maybe even top 3. Single 3: The third single is more of an electric trap/rap song. If "BBHMM" and Childish Gambino's "Earth: The Oldest Computer (the Last Night)" had a child it would be this song. It's electric yet rap. Rihanna raps HARD on this song and ends rapping careers, outdoing both "Nothing Is Promised" and "Loyalty." The song gets the third video in this era in which Rihanna kills a man. I want her to run an ex over with a car in this video. It goes viral and goes top 10 because: Rihanna. Single 4: The opener of the album and the only EDM song. It's Rihanna's "Marry the Night" and It features some DJ that Rihanna has yet to collaborate with (Zedd or Martin Garrix). It goes top 3 and maybe even #1 because radio and clubs sucks it up. The song also gets a video where she doesn't kill a man but instead goes to a party. Single 5: A simple and lowbeat R&B song about love. The video is really simple, it's just Rihanna taking a selfie video while getting ready for a date. She performs it at some event which helps it peak in the top 20. Single 6: Rihanna does a twitter poll on which the last single should be. Whichever song wins gets a video and peaks in the top 40. Sound:
  13. Discussion

    Honey go listen to half of Unapologetic. The only ballad album I'd accept is if she released rereleased No Love Allowed 14 times
  14. Rumor

    Both are co-written by her. One's called "Phatty" and the other is "Only One Who Knows"