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  1. Wait Your Turn - Rihanna
  2. Lady Gaga - Born This Way: 1. Born This Way 2. The Edge of Glory 3. Scheiße 4. Bloody Mary 5. Marry the Night 6. Heavy Metal Lover 7. Electric Chapel
  3. The title is kinda simple, pick an era and repick the singles. I'll start. Rihanna - ANTI: 1. Work (feat. Drake) (January 2016) 2. Desperado (April 2016) 3. Kiss It Better (June 2016) 4. Needed Me (June 2016) 5. Love On the Brain (November 2016) 6. Sex With Me (February 2017) 7. Consideration (feat. Sza) (April 2017) (Each single would get a video and actual promotion ) Lady Gaga - ARTPOP: 1. Gypsy (August 2013) 2. Sexxx Dreams (feat. Rihanna) (October 2013) 3. Mary Jane Holland (January 2014) 4. Do What U Want (feat. Any rapper other than R. Kelly or another douchebag) 5. Venus/G.U.Y (April 2014)
  4. Because i'm hyped for #PopIndustry I'll post these here. Rihanna - Wasteland Tracklist: 1. Welcome to the Wasteland 2. The Road (feat. Adam Levine) 3. Take the Crown 4. Madness 5. Understand - Interlude 6. Mocha Cappucino 7. Go Girl (feat. Britney Spears) 8. Screw You Too 9. On the Edge - Interlude 10. Body (feat. Erika Jayne) 11. When the Sun Sets 12. Late Night 13. Spliff 14. Til' Death Do Us Part - Interlude 15. Always the Answer 16. It'll All Be Over Singles:
  5. Alright I'm ready for this to start up again let's go.
  6. Discussion

    Rihanna would've done Sexxx Dreams better, but I would literally die if they collaborated.
  7. Discussion

    You did not just say this
  8. In anticipation for R9, let's do this! Ex - Album: Overrated: Underrated: Best: Worst: Here's Mine: Music of the Sun: Overrated: Let Me Underrated: That La, La, La Best: Rush Worst: Now I Know A Girl Like Me: Overrated: N/A Underrated: The Entire Album Best: Dem Haters & Final Goodbye Worst: If It's Lovin' That You Want Part 2 Good Girl Gone Bad: Overrated: Hate That I Love You Underrated: Sell Me Candy & Good Girl Gone Bad Best: Disturbia Worst: If I Never See Your Face Again Rated R: Overrated: Cold Case Love Underrated: Wait Your Turn Best: Fire Bomb Worst: Photographs Loud: Overrated: What's My Name? Underrated: Raining Men Best: Man Down Worst: N/A Talk That Talk: Overrated: We Found Love Underrated: Red Lipstick, We All Want Love, Drunk In Love, & Watch N' Learn Best: Red Lipstick & We All Want Love Worst: None Unapologetic: Overrated: Pour It Up, Stay Underrated: No Love Allowed & Get It Over With Best: Jump & Mother Mary Worst: Nobody's Business ANTI: Overrated: Yeah, I Said It Underrated: Desperado, Same Ol' Mistakes, & Close to You Best: Desperado, Higher, & LOTB Worst: N/A
  9. Welp I had no idea. Oh well
  10. Photos

    Dear lord, please be R9 or R9's lead. I'm ready.
  11. Album

    Oh thank God almighty. Here for it right now. I wonder what the sound will be, it seems like it'll be quite different from ANTI. Some reggae and edm. Here for it. Predictions girls?
  12. Same I'm eliminated lmao