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  1. Game

    Rated R: 160 Anti: 165 you're all trash
  2. Game

    Music Of The Sun: 20 A Girl Like Me: 30 Good Girl Gone Bad: 30 Rated R: 30 Loud: 35 Talk that Talk: 35 Unapologetic: 30 Anti: 30
  3. Game

    Aura vs. Marry the Night Venus vs. Born This Way G.U.Y. vs. Government Hooker Sexxx Dreams vs. Judas Jewels n Drugs vs. Americano MANiCURE vs. Hair Do What U Want vs. Bloody Mary ARTPOP vs. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion Swine vs. Bad Kids Donatella vs. Fashion Of His Love Fashion! vs. Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) Mary Jane Holland vs. Heavy Metal Lover Dope vs. Electric Chapel Gypsy vs. You And I Applause vs. The Edge Of Glory Anything Goes vs. The Queen ARTPOP - 5 Born This Way - 9 Tie - 2
  4. I miss this
  5. Top 5, I love it
  6. Discussion

    I'm hoping for a September/November 2017 release for a lead single and a March album release. But who knows. Everyone seems to forget that she released 4 albums in 4 consecutive years. But Rihanna's also gotten a lot lazier so who knows.
  7. Discussion

    I think we're getting R9 lead single late 2017 and R9 mid 2018
  8. Discussion

    We can say that 2016 was an amazing year for Rihanna. She achieved her second longest #1 ever. She released an album that is still charting today and got 3 top 10 singles. She recieved many awards throughout the year. We're not even halfway through 2017 and she got a top 5 single with no promo, and has appeared in a tv show and will appear in a couple of movies. So what's next for the queen? Will ANTI get another single cuz of LOTB's success? Is Rihanna's next single going to be the lead of R9?
  9. So like...when does Season 6B start?
  10. It was a great season and I'm perched for season 6b!
  11. Verbatim - Mother Mother
  12. Rihanna | Challenge #5
  13. Rihanna when asked about this season: