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    The second one is far superior. “C’mon, we’re gonna have sex. Toodaloo.” However the “I should’ve just paid Kanye” lyric in the first one is great too
  2. Party Monster

    My english essay costed me the #1 but priorities I guess. Anyway congrats to Gamora. Rheena will rihturn with a vengeance in the fall
  3. Party Monster

    Thank you all so much I love you
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    Omfg I love this!
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    Hello if you could all vote for Rihanna’s latest #PI Single: Slowly, it would be great help to me! This is the last week and she needs the digital votes please please and thank you!
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    Hi Rihanna Navy I REALLY need the votes for Slowly please and thank you.
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    Rihanna // Slowly \\ Lead Single
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    Hello Rihanna Navy, Fire to Die For feat. Shawn Mendes can really use your votes! Thanks!
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    Slaaaay 💋💋💋
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    I wouldn't call Reputation a flop but no one can say it wasn't a MASSIVE underperformance.
  13. My sympathies go out to the family, but to have a witch hunt to keep the child alive is absurd. Coming from someone who just lost a family member, granted he was much older and not a toddler... but still, I'd prefer him to be at peace than to be suffering. Which is the best part of the process of losing someone: knowing they're at peace. For me, personally, the difficulty of watching someone be in a coma made it easier to let them go. No one wants to go through that or live through that. Someonetime you just need to deal with reality, even in the worst of situations.
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    Fire to Die For feat. Shawn Mendes // 4th Single \\ Week 5
  15. Party Monster

    Please vote for Rihanna’s releases, especially To Be Honest (Drunk) thanks!