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  1. Finally submitted
  2. Can I send mine in tomorrow morning? I'm having a pretty difficult time with life atm
  3. Discussion

    Fire Bomb deserved better
  4. I literally am always late and never post in here omfg
  5. The cat murdered Americunt then bought Applause twice on its payphone. Gaga pulled a hip muscle while breaking
  6. I really miss this and if anyone else gets Rihanna i'm gonna commit murder
  7. So glad this wasn't on ANTI. It sucks this song is in the same bandwagon with the masterpieces like BBHMM and FFS.
  8. Will be sending it soon
  9. Queen of being late 😘
  10. Album

    I hate Skrillex's kind of edm but I'd love to hear some more songs like Jump so yaaa
  11. Submitted
  12. I put my phone down for an hour and miss everything Glad I didn't flop because I was honestly expecting it
  13. Question: Are remixes to songs okay? Or does every song have to be original?
  14. The queen never arrives late everyone else just shows up early
  15. Gossip

    Idk what this is but I love it and need it