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  1. It's funny because Applause sounds dated as fuck. DWUW sounds kind of fresh but still feels old.
  2. Absolute shame.
  3. OMG
  4. Other

    I have: Loud Both versions of TTT Unapologetic Deluxe ANTI Deluxe I did have GGGB at some point but I unfortunately lost it
  5. Discussion

    Bigger Than Me is one of my favorites off the album. It deserves more.
  6. Album

    I need some serious collabs on this album though. Not like Rih needs them but I’d like more collabs than there were on ANTI.
  7. Album

  8. Discussion

    Whenever I plug my phone into my car, my radio automatically plays the first song in my iTunes alphabetically. So basically whenever I start my car I hear this high pitched: "HEEEEERE WE GOOOOOO!" Followed by A-YO. It's annoying af but I lowkey love it.
  9. Discussion

    Rihanna x Cardi B Rihanna x The Weeknd Rihanna x Bruno Mars Rihanna x Lady Gaga Lady Gaga x The Weeknd Sia x The Weeknd Kendrick Lamar x Cardi B
  10. Katy Perry - Witness I'd focus on more political aspects. I wouldn't say it and then switch to sex bops like Bon Appleteeth. 1. Chained to the Rhythm 2. Bigger Than Me 3. Swish Swish 4. Roulette If the era lasted long enough: 5. Pendulum
  11. Celeb News

    Dancin’ In Circles remix featuring Rihanna confirmed
  12. Game

    #1: The Weeknd - Party Monster This is where my username comes from. Honestly this song has been #1 since 2016. I can't believe both Starboy and I Feel It Coming hit the top 10 and this single didn't. The instrumental and vocals blend perfectly and it blends pop and darkness together perfectly. I can't believe this wasn't a smash hit.
  13. Game

    #2: XO TOUR Llif3 God knows the hate I am going to get for this but XO TOUR Llif3 is a classic. Some called it the modern "Smells like teen spirit" and I agree. Party song of the year 2017. I love the upbeat instrumental and dark lyrics, ugh perfect. It has definitely aged since the summer but the impact it had one 2017 is real. Definitely my guilty pleasure song always.