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  1. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    When you wanna plan out your next album but you’re not even sure if you’ll get to keep your artist next season.
  2. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    I think that’s what the legacy awards said. I’m not a judge so take my words with a grain of salt but I think I’m correct.
  3. 2017 FOTP Faves Album Megarate

    Honestly ANTI deserves more than all of these and it’s almost 2 years old
  4. Game Rihanna: The Singles Megarate

    Would ya’ll prefer doing solo album megarates instead?
  5. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    Worst case scenario you can always just make the graphics for season 3. That’s what I did with Wild at Heart
  6. Album Rihanna | TBA | Ninth Studio Album

    If she doesn’t deliver by March 2018 I’m gonna be one pissed rhat
  7. Performance Confirmed: Gaga will perform at the AMAs

    Girl needs a new promo team. Hell they could hire me lmao I’d probably do a better job. @ her performing a 7 month old song. The cure could’ve smashed if she played her cards right and actually promoted it while it was still breathing.
  8. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    I wish I could help but idk, I’m sure one the judges would know? I think Season 3 is up in the archives so you might find some stuff there but idk.
  9. Charts Lemon debuts at 65

    Hopefully it rises! A deserved top 10 tbh.
  10. Discussion Favorite Rihanna feature of the year?

    1. Loyalty 2. Wild Thots 3. Lemon 4. Selfish
  11. Game #RoyaltyListens Unapologetic (2012)

    No Love Allowed is a bop!
  12. Game #RoyaltyListens Unapologetic (2012)

    Won’t you just fuckin rain, and get it over with Honestly one of the best on Unapologetic and I think it perfectly embodies the album
  13. Game #RoyaltyListens Unapologetic (2012)

  14. Game #RoyaltyListens Unapologetic (2012)

    ^^ agrihd, extremely overplayed.
  15. Game #RoyaltyListens Unapologetic (2012)

    Phresh Out the Runway is one of her best rap songs tbh. The performance is better than some other girls music vids tbh.