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  1. Some of the pop girls should take notes.
  2. SmoothCriminal


    love the new album
  3. SmoothCriminal

    Did she sign another record deal ?
  4. SmoothCriminal

    Joan Rivers is the best , legendary . :gaycat:
  5. SmoothCriminal

    Now we just need that album
  6. We're not being told the whole (real) story and i think it's better if we don't know what really happened. :noway: There's no way a plane that huge can go missing in 2014.
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  8. SmoothCriminal


    what's that phrase again? ... "Get it gurl"
  9. SmoothCriminal

    Marry Zayne Fuck Liam Kill Harry Bradley Cooper Jared Leto Ryan Gosling
  10. Fox News is the worse, how they call themselves "news" ?
  11. SmoothCriminal

    Go chelsea! :gaycat:
  12. SmoothCriminal

    Well deserved
  13. SmoothCriminal

    i dont think so.