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  1. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    Reading is key
  2. Rumor LG6 confirmed for 2018 release

    I'll believe it when I'm physically listening to LG6
  3. Rumor AMAs teasing some kind of surprise?

    I think they're just trying to hype up the performance. We're not getting anything.
  4. Discussion Lanamosity

    The 8th of December. It won't ship early but I'm still hoping
  5. I'm slowly getting into Melodrama but like I don't get why everyone creams themselves over the "broadcast the boom boom" line in The Louvre rip2 

    It sounds dumb as fuck. Like everyone praises it as some super artistic and deep masterpiece of a lyric rip2 

    Like it totally ruins the song for me. It just sounds so dumb and it's sung so boring. Like it's just there. Idk. 

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    2. *Starlight*

      The album in general is of peculiar taste. I can tell you i really didnt like Lorde and the whole "Royals" era-i really didnt. When i heard this album however, i gave her a chance-i think its overall really good

    3. Chapman.

      I think it's so romantic oprah4 the full line is "megaphones in my chest, broadcast the boom boom boom and make em all dance to it" as far as we look into her music that's what she does it for, I mean the louvre is essentially about a crush. and then the music drops to this breakdown of like a warbling bass linking back to that heartbeat idea, I absolutely love it

  6. I'm procrastinating so hard on my final paper for one class and my final project for another dead2 

    Like the paper isn't even difficult, I'm just lazy. The project on the other hand is dumb af and I just don't wanna do it fall3 

    1. Dr. Slay

      Me as a status update

    2. Jake

      Ugh me! jj4 My final paper for Botany is due on Monday while I'm still fucking around with Western Civ II right now jj4 I need to do better next semester jj4 ..

  7. Tech Disney streaming service will be priced 'substantially below' Netflix

    Oh my dumbass thinking I got HBO free with my prime
  8. Tech Disney streaming service will be priced 'substantially below' Netflix

    Wait Amazon Prime has HBO Can I watch GOT through there then?
  9. Album Reputation Vinyl Up for Pre-Order on Barnes & Noble!

    I want to know what pic is on the other disc
  10. Discussion Lanamosity

    @Mystique ordered my phone on Thursday
  11. Celeb News Tony Bennett Confirms a NEW Gaga Collab Will Drop on NYE

    That's cause we're getting the Christmas anthem Frankenstein then
  12. Why am I just now finding out there's an extra festive version of AIFCIY shock1 



  13. Album Paloma Faith | The Architect | 4th Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

  14. Album Paloma Faith | The Architect | 4th Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    Warrior loses points for me for her not chasing it up enough. She literally sounds exactly like Sia in parts. Plus Surrender's last minute obliterates all of Warrior.