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  1. I think her answer makes sense in that the interviewer did ask about her being eligible for awards and the inclusions of LGBTQ presence in the awards space. While yes, LGBTQ representation in the awards space is important, Gaga being nominated doesn't really do anything to help that - despite her being a huge ally. I think that's what she's trying to get across. I definitely think though the wording maybe wasn't the greatest though.
  2. I doubt it was ever going to happen. I mean even her choreographer (I think it was him) said they hadn't even planned anything. And that was way back at the beginning of the pandemic
  3. Safe and Sound / Eyes Open technically weren't Red era tracks. They were both Speak Now era despite sonically fitting more with Red. Their releases both came prior to the release of the Speak Now Tour. Sweeter Than Fiction is the outlier as it did actually release during Red's promo cycle in October. The Last Time was released after it in November. Maybe there was rights issues involved. Who knows. There wasn't for Today Is a Fairytale but every soundtrack song is a different case.
  4. Still think this case is absurdly dumb. It'd be one thing if the songs sounded remotely similar, but they couldn't be more different. Also, the songwriters don't own those phrases. They're literally just taking a noun and then putting the verb form after it. Lovers gonna love, fighters gonna fight, drinkers gonna drink, painters gonna paint. Like this is just so stupid. You can't plagiarize grammar.
  5. Hate the "Californyeah!" title The rest look good. Sucks there's only one ballad as she makes incredible ballads.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/Nq1GBV7 BBMA Performance Poppy : Hello, BBMA’s are you ready?, Poppy then goes on start “Excuse Me!” her buzz new single from new era, singing “Hey man, Excuse you!, I don’t even know you,” before it going dark and starting to go into “Beyond Delish” it flickers on and off the lights shimmer as she asks the crowd how they are again, She goes to sing the chorus last time. Afterwards going into “Cinema” the beat being Heavenly Rock Mix, the original studio mix features Jennie, she dances around, lights turning red, yellow and light and a stop