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  1. You watch all these "unexpected" collabs just end up being all the Studio 2054 guests
  2. CHANEL #1


    Since the tracklist is an absolute mess here is my reordered tracklist that no one asked for 1. Midnight Sky 2. Prisoner 3. Gimme What I Want 4. Night Crawling 5. WTF Do I Know 6. Bad Karma 7. High 8. Plastic Hearts 9. Hate Me 10. Golden G String 11. Angels Like You 12. Never Be Me
  3. CHANEL #1


    Not me reading the title as Madonna after also reading the same thread on ATRL's title as Madonna too
  4. Fucking incredible album. Which was completely expected considering I've been listening to majority of this for months That being said, everything hits harder in its final form. I didn't think it was possible for Night Crawling to get better yet it did. Angels Like You is a masterpiece. Never Be Me was the true surprise. It's fucking incredible. She has her classic Aerosmith ballad with ALY and then her 80s power ballad with NBM. I still think Golden G String is phenomenal. Never understood why people hate it. This is hands down her best album. Not a single skip. The tracklist order is a fucking mess though The only thing I don't like (other than the tracklist order) are the child-like moans on Bad Karma I hated them on the leaked version but they seem more prominent now and they just make me uncomfortable The song in general has never been one of my faves but I do think Joan benefitted it. Still probably my least favorite on the album.
  5. CHANEL #1


    I didn't enjoy Rare at all really but I would listen to anyday over Changes She deserved a nom for something at least.
  6. CHANEL #1


    This is so nice of her to do for her fans i literally hate the cover so much tho
  7. Oh! Well if that's true we're lucking out and getting three new songs! Gonna hope that's the case then!
  8. So it's two new songs including Swimming in the Stars right?
  9. CHANEL #1


    The fact that after reading the thread title was my first thought "How dare Rih let Avril Lavigne listen to R9 before us"
  10. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/lady-gaga-born-this-way-limited-2xlp?category=SEARCHRESULTS&color=060&searchparams=q%3Dborn%20this%20way&type=REGULAR&size=ONE SIZE&quantity=1 Ships in December. It's the special edition of album.
  11. I secured my PS5 order cry2 the stress of the past two weeks is over cry2 i'm crying y'all cry2 

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    2. Max

      Crossing my fingers for you! clap3 

    3. CHANEL #1

      @Max it fucking got cancelled sob1 I'm so over this shit sob1 

    4. Max

      Ugh, I hate it... Play has no limits - besides our fucking fucked up console release. scream1 

  12. Just posted a quick cover I made today for Prisoner gaycat1