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  1. You can only preorder digital copies. There's no physicals, no merch, etc. Which goes against her usual style for literally EVERY other era. There's also no song coming out to go along with the announcement? Add all that on top of the date being so far away. She's up to something lol. I really wouldn't be surprised if the insiders speculating she's surprise dropping 1989 TV this summer are right. Cause this whole reveal is just odd and not like her?? That whole "1989" inspired Folklore merch drop wasn't slick either on her part.
  2. I didn't find the 30 tracks all the surprising? Red's deluxe has 19 songs (not counting the two demos and the acoustic version). I have Ronan tacked onto the end so that makes 20. Depening on which eras Taylor decides to package Sweeter Than Fiction, Safe and Sound, and Eyes Open with could bring the total to 23. Which would leave 7 vault tracks. It also depends on whether the 10-minute version of ATW replaces the main version on this or if she rerecords the main version and includes the 10-minute version separately?
  3. Hunger is actually really the only song I use from the album Big God is the one of the few other decent songs on the album with The End of Love closely following it and then Sky Full of Song. I wouldn't even bother with the rest. It was just so underwhelming. I don't mind that it's a more lowkey album but that doesn't mean it has to be bland and boring The amount of times I've listened to it and still can't tell you anything about half the tracks
  4. Halsey's Manic, Marina's Love + Fear, Gaga's Joanne, FATM's High as Hope, to name a few.
  5. Regardless of whether or not it comes this year, I'm really excited to see what direction she goes in, musically and visually.

  7. I didn't even know she was performing in Vegas She looks incredible though
  8. This is fantastic. The main album was already amazing on its own, but this is phenomenal
  9. I love this The bridge till the end is just everything I hope she gives us a bomb ass video for this
  10. no fucking way Could you imagine if Gaga rerecorded the entire album herself with updated production like this
  11. Shitting in your pants mid performance is certainly a bad habit
  12. I liked the video but the song itself is just meh
  13. I didn't realized these ever disappeared, I just figured everyone forgot about them and moved on
  14. Info on the album from RideOrDie on ATRL: "Beachy acoustic guitar psychedelic of the 70s, Beach Boys, The Beatles etc. Not the new electronic style of psychedelic" "Will be hugely acclaimed by the critics, some fans will be divided, the synth-bop stans will be disappointed and jump the ship, some complaints will be "all of the album sounds the same, there are no Green Lights or bangers", stoners will love this album, it's a mature natural direction for her to take, no teen drama or messiness, incredibly wise and confident, surprise background vocalists etc." "12 tracks + 2 bo
  15. Taylor singlehandedly keeping the industry afloat