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  1. It being so well made is what makes it great! I'm sick of artists releasing lazy, half-assed, trend hopping shit. FN is light years more exciting than anything Meghan Trainor or Charlie Puth have ever released. It's so nice to have a pop album that's incredible from start to finish again. It feels like it's been a long time since we've had something like this (don't even try to mention Lover cause that album was not it). And she's been serving with the visuals which is so great too. Don't Start Now also had some really great performances. It's not just the music. FN is giving us the POP era so many artists having been slacking on the last couple years. It's really refreshing honestly.
  2. CHANEL #1

    I think it's an amazing album. Don't care for three songs but everything else was fantastic.
  3. I fucking can't wait to listen to this masterpiece
  4. Amazing video I can definitely see the chorus choreography going viral on tiktok took
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    Oh for sure, 100%. The best pop girl era we've had in YEARS
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    No, they can't
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    We could have all used some great dance music to distract us during this time but whatever. The Weeknd's album did fine. Dua's will be fine. Chromatica would have been fine too. At this rate she'll have to delay it again cause Americans are idiots and this mess will still be here come summer.
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    I don't know how to feel about this
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    So excited to finally get to listen to this
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  11. They better fucking not be. I need them both to get through this mess.
  12. I really don't think Angie went to the store with the intention of "wow i'm gonna get a FOTP thread out of this" but okay. It's just not that deep Just because she can have someone shop for her, doesn't mean she should. She should be staying in as much as possible and shouldn't be sending out people to do things for her, that's just as bad as her going out herself.
  13. Or maybe she doesn't feel the need to make someone else do something for her that she's perfectly capable of doing herself just because she can?
  14. My anxiety and depression are gonna kill me before this fucking virus rip4