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  1. CHANEL #1

    It's such a basic album. There's nothing unique or interesting about her or her music. Y'all act like she's the second coming. She's not. If anything her career will follow a Carly Rae Jepsen trajectory, if she's lucky. This girl has released sooo many singles since Sweet But Psycho and not a single one has taken off. Gaga has more talent in her thumb than Ava The most interesting thing about her is that tragic hairstyle she refuses to get rid of.
  2. The AUDACITY for him to ask for Taylor's support after everything Regardless of him being in the same situation, why the fuck would she support you now
  3. I thought they already negotiated a deal though?
  4. CHANEL #1

    I STG IF THIS BITCH DOES NOT GIVE ME A SINE FROM ABOVE CONTINUATION AFTER ENDING THE VIDEO WITH CHROMATICA 3 I AM GOING TO RAGE OT: This is one of her best videos in YEARS. She served looks and visuals and it really makes you think, which a Gaga video hasn't done in years either.
  5. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    I fucking hate covid so much reading about all they had planned for launching the era
  6. I FINALLY made a cover for Born to Die after all these years and posted it in my graphics thread. No idea why it took me so damn long dead2 


  7. I haven't purchased a physical game in over 2 years so I'm going discless. If i end up wanting a collectors edition of a game I'll just suck it up and buy a second copy
  8. I know you didn't make that image, but the digital only PS5 has the same storage as the base PS5.
  9. Day 1 purchase for me Also those prices, yes god
  10. This is super random but like, is there a name for this kind of filter/effect in photography? 


    1. mylifelies

      i think it's like the saturation effect is high but with low tones

  11. Just posted another Lana/cassette edit! lana1 


  12. CHANEL #1


    Could you imagine The final scene of the movie, Gaga goes into Diamond form and is all translucent and sparkly, then she gets shot with a diamond bullet and shatters Her final words: "You can't kill me, I'm Italian"
  13. Likely called "Happy Loner"