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  1. The title ismisleading. She hasn't been confirmed to get it. She's just a worthy and likely candidate as she has been for a while now
  2. Isn't this the second time you've "gone indie"?
  3. Whatever you say Marina
  4. Good luck to you gurls now that Katy and Gaga are back
  5. You're all good! And yes of course! You're added to the OP!
  6. How I feel about Katy Perry:
  7. Thank you for adding everyone to the OP sis
  8. Unfortunately no. You're welcome to choose any other artist that has yet to be chosen though.
  9. Not a single comment on my amazing banner Disqualifying all you hoes
  10. HELLO EVERYONE!!!! It's that time again!!! #PopIndustry is back!!! This is the sign-up thread for Season 6 obvi There are numerous changes going into effect this season. To find out all about those please read the threads in the main #PI forum. They will all mention Season 6 in the title. The threads in the General Info subsection are outdated and no longer in effect. They will soon be moved and this seasons info threads will be moved there. Also, over the course of this week's sign-up period more info threads will be created so keep checking the section to make sure you don't miss out on anything (yes this means both new and previous players). This season will have no player cap so as many people can join as would like to!! However, sign-ups will be closing at Midnight this Thursday (So basically Friday morning depending on how you look at things). This is so I can get all the twitter accounts squared away. More on that will be in another thread though so check the #PI section to learn more. To sign up all you must do is state which artist you wish to portray for this season. If you have no idea what that mean, you most likely have not participated in #PI before and we recommend you read the informational threads for Season 6 so you understand the game and what it's all about. I'm not gonna go into that here. As usual you cannot choose Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Marina and the Diamonds as they are the judges of the competition. So yeah! Sign-up below!! 1. @Hyun. - Troye Sivan 2. @Hannah. - Ariana Grande 3. @blankdreams. - Alessia Cara 4. @Chris Pratt - Kesha 5. @Dr. Slay - Allie X 6. @Sylk - Mariah Carey 7. @Aidan. - Kylie Minogue 8. @Edwinona - Selena Gomez 9. @Royalty - Erika Jayne 10. @Shiver - Adam Levine 11. @Liam - Bjork 12. @Lachlan - Dua Lipa 13. @Dreamsssss - Iggy Azalea 14. @Count Olaf - Britney Spears 15. @Harry Styles - Alexx Mack 16. @Cosmic - Lorde 17. @SANDCASTLES - Beyoncé 18. @Atlantis - Lana Del Rey 19. @Kuba - Ellie Goulding 20. @RuPaul - RuPaul @Hyun. @Hannah. @blankdreams. I just assumed you'd be using the same artists. If not, just let me know and I'll change it to whomever you wish to portray.
  11. Post whatever the fuck you want in here. Just know it doesn't count for anything in the competition. This thread follows BG rules. This is not NHB or HOW so keep any of that shit out of here. Keep it cute or keep it mute.
  12. I apologize for the barrage of threads that I'm about to post rip2