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  1. CHANEL #1


    It's a great song but I can barely make out half of what she's saying Super excited for the video. It looks great from what we've seen
  2. Zara Larsson's new song is a complete bop but I think I understood like four words in the entire song rip2 

    1. Princess Aurora

      She's got a new song out ? rip4 

    2. Demi Lovallah

      28 minutes ago, Princess Aurora said:

      She's got a new song out ? rip4 

      She has a song coming out tomorrow at 10am local time called Love Me Land. It must've leaked already

  3. Ohhh I misread your post. I thought you said the audiobook not the ebook. Yeah that makes no sense why the ebook would be out later
  4. Probably because this is spoken word as opposed to her normal music so they don't know what kind of demand to expect. Hence why all physical copies of the audio aren't shipping till October. Stupid regardless though. Like they should know by now that Lana stans will buy everything
  5. I'm ready for 14 Burnt Nortons Serve em to me queen
  6. CHANEL #1


    I really don't mind the effects on the album version but it's nice to hear it without them. Always loved this song
  7. Trying to figure out if her mom was being sarcastic or if she was actually seriously considering sending her to therapy over that. Cause if she was actually considering it.. Like calm down sis every teen obsesses over someone. I cried during the release of the Telephone video and my mom didn't send me to therapy (maybe she should have tho idk )
  8. CHANEL #1


    In honor of Terrence Loves You's snub I think you should all check out the poster I made today for a fictional Old Money music video/film
  9. So I just posted a poster I made for a fictional Lana Del Rey music video / film and you should definitely check it out whit2


  10. CHANEL #1


    Born This Way tracks 4-8 is godly Judas --> Americano --> Hair --> Scheiße --> Bloody Mary It's technically a godly six track streak if you include Government Booker
  11. CHANEL #1


    Probably because Katy looks like a giant bow on top of a present
  12. Still my favorite album of hers Russian Roulette also remains her bets lead single and one of her best singles in general
  13. And she delivered Sine From Above, one of the best songs of her entire career
  14. CHANEL #1


    In all seriousness, I think the only thing I really hate about it is the clown nose. The proportions are a bit off too. Like the "Smile" logo section at the bottom takes up too much space in comparison to the photo. The font for her name doesn't seem super interesting either. All of those are little things I will fix quickly in photoshop
  15. CHANEL #1


    I mean it matches the circus theme of the cover reveal site/challenge