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  1. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    Didn't realize she's been at Caesar's for TWO DECADES That's a long ass residency
  2. CHANEL #1


    I don't even wanna look It's probably Gaga's Judas tho. That was at over 500 plays at one point
  3. CHANEL #1

    I really haven't done much The extent of my suggestions was basically rectangles >>>> circles If this was up to me it never would have gotten done so lets give Paul the props he deserves
  4. CHANEL #1


    Yeah I'd agree. They tie pretty much. MAC has better lyrics but I do enjoy VB a little more sonically. Both make me incredibly excited for the album. I wasn't expecting this much of a sound change so fast. I mean I figured she'd go more folky but she really went there. I'm interested to see what we're gonna get. Jack is surprisingly not being a disappointment
  5. CHANEL #1


    I adore both but I do think I prefer MAC slightly more. I mean: "Catch a wave and take in the sweetness, Think about it, the darkness, the deepness, All the things that make me who am I" And: "So, kiss the sky and whisper to jesus, My, my, my, you found this, you need this So take a deep breath, baby let me in"
  6. Okay so Little Things is pretty good but god damn Allie it's so fucking noisy rip2 Especially the last minute and a halfish rip4 

  7. My 6:05 cut of Venice Bitch is perfect cry7 

  8. This guy added me on snapchat a while back and I don't understand his life. His entire life revolves around Gaga and he keeps talking about how he's going on tour and will be going to all 50 states and some countries but like he's also an elementary school teacher yet has no money and always bounces houses and literally none of it makes any sense rip4 and then he has this really annoying personna he does and  I just don't know man rip2 

    1. Dumbo

      Sounds like a creeper to me, i'd say unsap him. asap!

  9. CHANEL #1


    Venice Bitch is perfect like this. It really didn't need the additional four minutes
  10. Both the final versions are better. Thank god she changed Beautiful People
  11. The post chorus in Never Gonna Love Again really is THAT holy experience yas1 

  12. Been following him for so long now and I'm so happy for him. This song is really great
  13. If you like Troye Sivan even a little bit you'll enjoy this
  14. Because the final is trash and that snippet of the demo sounded light years better