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  1. I definitely think he's at least bi but I don't really care. Camila ruined his appeal for me The need by the gays to incessantly try and out him has just gotten so tired and old at this point though.
  2. Someone make Red go viral on tik tok so she's forced to release it early too
  3. It will though It's not popular atm and at this stage in her career she's not going to start an EDM resurgence or revolutionize the genre. It's only going to be criticized for already being done and it's not going to further her career. EDM is the LAST thing she should think about doing right now. I know you love the genre but please think realistically.
  4. That's exactly my point. She DID it in 2013. She needs to do new things and grow, not constantly go back to what she's done before. The success of her future records and legacy is going to rely on how much she can continue evolve as an artist.
  5. Because she's done it before, and it's not popular atm. She needs to innovate and try new things, not stick to what she's already done before.
  6. I don't know where she's going to go musically, but I want something new from her. I miss her experimental days. If I could choose any direction, I'd want a full rock album with some alternative influences. Expand on the industrial parts of BTW with a more stadium rock sound overall and then add in some alternative touches here and there. She could 100% pull it off. If she does stick to pop, I want something more experimental, but NOT edm. I want her to actually be innovative again. The disco trend is slowing down so I don't really want a disco album from her. I really
  7. I'm excited for this, though I feel like it's coming far too late. I also still think her phone ban was incredibly stupid
  8. I hate them both but I lowkey want her to go live with him just for the mess that would ensue
  9. I'll give you the video but the song is beautiful Then again I'm not surprised you don't like it
  10. It's the 4th track, "Interlude - The Trio"