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  1. CHANEL #1


    I wish she didn't have to do the drop. Like I'm so sick of drops. It really wasn't necessary in this song either. I think I like this more than Savages but not much. Neither has really blown me away. The visuals >>>> the actual music so far.
  2. Damn she really brought it with this
  3. CHANEL #1


    No Some Lana stan on twitter is though and posted these
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  5. CHANEL #1


    Now THIS I am here for
  6. CHANEL #1

    And you're dragging shit from 2014 up in 2019 why exactly?
  7. CHANEL #1


    Yeah it was kind of a mess. The were over budget many times. There was filming and set issues. It was the most expensive film to date at one point. I think it holds some record too like highest-grossing film to run at a loss or something like that I love the movie though. So many iconic looks
  8. God the mess the rumor of Gaga being considered to play Cleopatra started on twitter rip4 the sheer amount of people who clearly never paid attention in history (and clearly aren't capable of a simple google search either) rip3 

    1. Régine Filange

      With the people that try to make that Cleopatra was black? jj5

    2. CHANEL #1

      Yeah rip2 

      Like she was not black nor was she believed to be this epitome of beauty like everyone thinks rip2 

      In fact if you look at the bust of her, Gaga would be a good fit. Both have large noses gaycat1 

  9. CHANEL #1


    Golden Globes look >>>>>>>>>
  10. CHANEL #1


    that cover is not cute
  11. CHANEL #1


    This is the best of the three. I love this.
  12. Like I don't see anyone going after Celine (their collab was #1 iirc), Beyonce, Jhene Aiko, Tinashe, Justin Bieber, Mariah, etc. But of course the media targets chooses Gaga to target and how convenient that now just happens to be a time when tons of award shows happen. Bunch of bs. Yeah no one should have collabed with him. But the media using Gaga as their target rn is so fucking too faced. It's more of an attempted smear campaign than anything to get justice for his shitty past.
  13. As disgusting as he is the song is a bop. I really only listen to the Xtina version anyway. Well mostly just the solo version actually. So I won't be deleting anything. Like the song (bar his section) is still amazing. Not here for everyone all of sudden hating the song and calling it trash now when y'all were stanning it back in 2013. The media better fucking go after everyone else who collabed with him now since they sent their witch hunt on Gaga.
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    I mean this is like 98% fake but still and if it was from a lyric site wouldn't all the other titles have "Lyrics" at the end then too? Mess I didn't even see "I Don't Search, I Find" bitch those words mean the same ass thing whoever made this literally had to have put like zero effort in