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  1. Poor dat Get the update changed Kyliesus
  2. Is anyone else like just not a big pizza fan? dead2 

    Like it's alright but god damn everyone alway fucking wants pizza rip2 

    It's not THAT good (well at least not the pizza people always wanna get) jj4 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dan

      Pizza is the BEST thing ever dead4  But I haven't had a very good one since I gave up cheese ny4  Non-dairy cheese doesn't quite cut it...

    3. Modern Woman

      I want it now and again but I wouldn't go out specifically to have a pizza. Pizza is what you have when you hate everything else on the menu jj4 

  3. Album

    These girls pop out albums so fast and I live
  4. The song is so underrated cry4 


  5. Y'all waiting for #PI like Lowkey y'all too early tho. Come back in a month
  6. I saw this the other day and was stunned. She looks beautiful but so different too. Like I almost didn't recognize her in some of the shots. Hope this means new music is coming soon
  7. Do you ever wish you could listen to an album again for the first time? Like just for a day?


    I'd kill to hear Born This Way for the first time again. I remember how incredible it was and how blown away I was. It's crazy how you can never get your first listen back.

    1. Dan

      YES! Rainbow.. The Fame.. Warrior, L.A.M.B , so many cry7 

  8. So I went to dinner with my family tonight for my mom's birthday. And so the servers all eventually came over to sing happy birthday to her. Right before they were about to start singing, no joke, my dad says to them "hope you guys aren't as bad as Fergie when she sang the anthem" rip2 

    I damn near spat out my martini rip2

    And they were all like yeah she done bad rip2 

    1. The Plague

      omg that's something my dad would say rip2 

    2. Marlon

      Your dad is a savage lmfao2 

  9. You responded so our #PI buddy contract has been renewed
  10. Need a new #PI buddy to discuss each others plans with
  11. Each season is only 5 weeks so your like halfway done Whatcha worried about Even if you took the next four weeks to plan the rest you'd still be finished before the season starts
  12. I have to write a research paper with a partner for my one class and my partner literally never does jack shit. This is so fucking annoying ugh. I legit hate people.

  13. "They blow their horns and march along"
  14. When you're browsing iTunes and see that @Dita dropped ha debut album today shock1