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  1. I'll believe it when I'm listening to it
  2. CHANEL #1


    Yeah she's an independent artist. Hence why she's doing this. To fund their future releases..
  3. On September 1st, ionnalee will be releasing an exclusive track through her site. The track will only be available to those who purchase it on the site and won't be uploaded anywhere else (youtube, spotify, etc). The track will only be available to download on the 1st. She also mentions that it will be watermarked and she would like fans to not share it (tho we all know they will anyway lbr). No title revealed yet.
  4. CHANEL #1


    Is it no longer cruelty free then? China requires products to be tested on animals in order to be sold iirc.
  5. Wait it's "my head still takes me back" and not "my ex could text me back" Welp I've been singing the wrong lyrics I'm not gonna be able to sing the right ones either now
  6. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    This is 100% what I expected. Everyone all weirded out by it clearly has never seen Cats
  7. Allie X responded to my comment on her ig giveup1

    1. Venom

      She fell off when she let her fans tell her to use Thats So Us instead of Too Much To Dream on CLXII + started integrating herself into drag culture

  8. I'm so mad I didn't buy Assassin's Creed Odyssey earlier giveup1 

    1. Dr. Slay

      They're still making games what fall8

    2. CHANEL #1

      @Dr. Slay yes jj2 


      Odyssey came out last year gaycat1 

  9. CHANEL #1

    Music Video

    Her best song and video in years
  10. CHANEL #1

    Music Video

    She killed it with this video. If she keeps serving songs and visuals like this and Money I might stan. Though I do wish there would have been a scene like the shot used on the single cover.
  11. CHANEL #1

    I'm so excited for this. Everything she's dropped this era has been fire
  12. Editing out the intro of God Control and just having it start with the "We lost God control" bit was a good decision giveup1 

  13. anyone have that meme gays always use, it's a random black lady who's like half crying/half yelling and I think she's pointing or something rip4 

    1. Urbanov



      is it this one?

    2. CHANEL #1

      Yesss thank you cry7 

  14. Not the three Madame X super deluxe songs shitting all over a bunch of the standard edition tracks.. 


    Madonna sis brit1

    1. Light Years

      They really are some of the best on the album brit15 How do excellent tracks always get left off of their albums??

    2. Gravity

      All of the bonus tracks suck, except for Ciao Bella. Glad they got left off the amazing standard edition. sass1

    3. Chris Morlock

      The 3 bonus tracks are atrocious jj3