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  1. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    Damn she even snagged the masters. Slay queen
  2. CHANEL #1


    she look stunning. y'all must be on something
  3. CHANEL #1


    She slayed. And this performance made the song somewhat bearable.
  4. Welcome to Challenge #4 everyone! I just know THIS is the one you've all been waiting for! Bon voyage bitches! This is the ever-popular vacation challenge!!!! She's back! We know you all missed ha. But there's a twist this season! Not only will all you be putting together fabulous vacations (on a budget of course) but you'll also be detailing exactly what will be in your suitcase!!! We know how important fashion is to all of you so we couldn't leave her out. We can't wait to see all your vacation style, also on a budget of course. But that's not all! You're also required to submit nominations for the #PI Awards this week! This is the most important part of the challenge. If you lazy flops aren't gonna do the challenge at least do this part. You can find the info thread HERE To conclude: This challenge is three parts. All are mandatory. See the individual requirements below. Part 1: The Vacation (Budget of $5,000) Part 2: What's In Your Bag? (Budget of $750) Part 3: #PI Awards Nominations Submissions See above description. the deadline as always will be Friday at Midnight. Again, you guys know we're really lax with the deadlines. However, if you know you're gonna be late at least try and get the nominations done by Friday at Midnight so we can have those in as they are needed for next week's challenge (spoiler spoiler). @Hyun. @Party Monster @Royalty @Sylk @Joanne @Quill @Chris Pratt @Shiver @billie. @Divine @Popboi @Ghostface
  5. CHANEL #1

    The first half yes until she ruined it with that trash rap bridge and everything that followed
  6. CHANEL #1

    mess. I meant Saturday Night, not Trouble. From 0:25-0:36. It's like same type of chord progression or something just slowed down a lot and in a different key
  7. CHANEL #1

    The song overall tho.. I mean it's something that's for sure..
  8. CHANEL #1

    The lyrics they posted in the description of the audio video aren't even right There's slight differences all over and they're like not in order
  9. CHANEL #1

    The first 12 seconds of Devil In Paradise sounds like a slowed down and more gritty version of the opening section of Trouble but I could just be hearing things lol
  10. I was so excited when she revealed this thinking we were finally getting extra songs only to see they're just acoustic versions Florence sis
  11. Kanye literally did it before she did tho He did the whole floating stage thing in like 2016 Lorde sis, you tried. And it's not like this is something that hasn't been done over and over before. Hers wasn't crazy innovative to begin with.
  12. Sorry for the flop thread title. Couldn't think of anything. If you couldn't tell by the title, this week's challenge is charity related. We gotta make all of your artists not look like dicks who don't care about anyone other than themselves and what's a more perfect way to do so than making them all do charity work You'll have three options for this weeks challenge: Option 1: Charity Gala Performance Option 2: Charity Single Option 3: Other Method of Charity Fundraising For Option 1, you'll be performing at a charity gala of your choosing (either pick a real one or make one up lmao). Obviously you'll tell us what charity it's supporting and give us all the lovely details on your performance. We would also like you to include a little segment where you discuss why that charity is important to your audience. This could be done as a speech after your performance or really however you choose to do it. For Option 2, you will be releasing a charity single. Here you'll be detailing everything about the track as well as what charity the proceeds will be going to and why. For Option 3, this is what you pick if you don't like either of the other two. This is open ended. You can do whatever the fuck you want as long as it raises money for a charity of your choice. Make sure you tell us what charity that is and why it's important to your audience. For example, donating proceeds from your popular perfume (which is known to cause mass death) to help children in Africa probably isn't the best route to take for this option. The requirements for each option specifically will be in this spoiler: The deadline will still be Friday at Midnight but if you need extra time, no worries. We understand this went up late and you guys are all well aware by now about how lax we all are with deadlines lol. @Hyun. @Party Monster @Royalty @Sylk @Joanne @Quill @Chris Pratt @Shiver @billie. @Divine @Popboi @Ghostface
  13. Am I just crazy or was there some article about Gaga having a three way #1 somewhere with ASIB (single, album and film)? I can't find it anywhere and need it for a project fall4 

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      Happened in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Slovakia. jj2 

      she's global 

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      Sweden as well jj2 

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      And Sweden 

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    If y'all have a minute to drop some votes for #PI Lana, she'd greatly appreciate it She has three releases: her two singles Summer We Never Had & Melancholia as well as her new album MELANCHOLIA. If you vote I really appreciate it! If not, totally fine too! Here's a link to vote: