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  1. CHANEL #1


    fuck, that cover Was really hoping for a title track. We'll see though. Maybe the lyrics that have been on all the covers so far are just from a different song.
  2. She is gonna drag their disgusting asses in court and I hope they stream it cause I will watch and enjoy as she takes these pigs DOWN.
  3. Camilla's facial expression on her album cover rip4 

    1. ajp

      It doesn’t even match the single covers eve1


  4. Well at least he is sexy unlike Blake Shelton, so it seems PEOPLE is developing some level of taste. But the sexiest man alive? No, far from it.
  5. Get well soon Gags, a hybrid can withstand these things, your heart is built with bricks and strings
  6. ooh this is a bop
  7. CHANEL #1


    Nightmare is still better
  8. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    I look forward to seeing what she puts out. I remember when she had the jewelry line and there was some really pretty stuff in it.
  9. CHANEL #1

    This. I gave it a shot but barely made it through He's really lost his touch musically imo.
  10. CHANEL #1


    Red is the only correct answer
  11. CHANEL #1

    Lana Del Rey | Tiny Furniture | Promo Single | Week 7
  12. CHANEL #1

    Lana Del Rey presents: The Summer Blue Tour Starts November 8, 2019 - Ends June 14, 2020 Standard Ticket: $80 The 'tropic of cancer' Package: $120 (includes early entrance, exclusive tour t-shirt, exclusive lanyard, set of unique signed polaroids taken by Lana) The 'summer blue forever' Package: $200 (includes guaranteed front row, meet and greet, photos with Lana - plus set polaroids, autographed vinyl copy of summer blue forever, exclusive box set featuring physical copies of all of Lana's singles and albums, exclusive tour t-shirt) 70 Dates across North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia & Africa Setlist: act one: red 1. a thousand fires 2. Milk & Honey 3. Forever and A Day 4. rush hour 5. Kennedy

 act two: purple 6. Hollyweird 7. (put me) in the movies 8. Melancholia 9. Murmur 10. twin peaks 

act three: blue 11. Old Soul 12. Tiny Furniture 13. I Let Myself Go 14. jasmine 15. where love goes to die 

act four: green 16. War Letters 17. Roses 18. Summer We Never Had 19. the day you thought would never come 20. mar vista 

act five: yellow 21. L.A. Girls 22. Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know 23. St. Tropez 24. tropic of cancer 25. a summer place encore: white 26. Memory 27. summer blue forever
  13. CHANEL #1

    Lana Del Rey | where love goes to die | Single Reissue | Week 6