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  1. CHANEL #1


    Wait so that sweetener account posting the cover piece by piece on ig was just posting a fake cover?
  2. CHANEL #1


    Someone put me down for Sad Girl. Too lazy to copy and paste on mobile
  3. CHANEL #1


    Old Money is better so
  4. CHANEL #1


    The fact that y'all eliminated WC in favor of PWYC
  5. CHANEL #1


    This slayage of a look came outta fucking nowhere
  6. CHANEL #1

    When are we getting new music tho
  7. It's for a Britney Spears song. I don't know why you were expecting super deep lyrics And there's way worse than this. It's not that serious.
  8. Add Barbie Tingz back into your iTunes and you have a lovely 20 tracks and if that's not enough for you then you could always throw in Changed It, No Frauds and Regret In Your Tears and make it 23 tracks
  9. CHANEL #1


    01. Brooklyn Baby - Regina Phalange 02. Brooklyn Baby - Mr Gorgeous 03. Old Money - Sailor Mars  04. Old Money - Beauty Queen 05. Brooklyn Baby - CHANEL #1 06. 07. 08.  09.  10. 11.
  10. CHANEL #1


    I'm kinda surprised they didn't get Lana to do Baby Mine for Dumbo considering how Lana-esque the recording they used for the new movie sounds Makes me wonder what her meeting with those Disney guys was actually for then My mom (not a huge stan) texted me to tell me Lana was singing in the trailer and was really bummed when I informed her it isn't her (even tho the woman's voice sounds nothing like Lana)
  11. GOYK is still their best collab but this is great. Hope it's a hit for Nicki and Ari.
  12. CHANEL #1


    Not feeling this album at all Masochist, Maria and Twice are all I really enjoyed. I like her parts of Accelerate but hate the rest. Fall In Line was better before Demi. The rest is just kinda meh. Too many unnecessary interludes. None of the features do it for me and there's too many.
  13. Eh I'ma just throw Barbie Tingz in wherever it fits. Not too bothered lol.
  14. A guy on grindr just called me adorkable and said that it wasn't a typo jj4 

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    2. Chris Morlock

      im stealing that for my senior quote btw

    3. CHANEL #1

      I don't know what's worse: that adorkable is the only thing he could describe me with or that he seriously used that cringe word jj4