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  1. Blinding Lights is a masterpiece. That fucking instrumental. Ugh it's divine giveup1 

  2. CHANEL #1

    Yeah, I loved literally everything pre-Joanne, even C2C lol. Joanne just wasn't for me. Though, I do stan Perfect Illusion.
  3. CHANEL #1

    I still haven't listened to the leaks and don't really plan to. I'd rather just wait for the final when it comes. I'm oddly not excited really at all. I'm just kinda indifferent towards it. Like idk. Joanne really kinda halted my Gaga stanning and like ASIB music was cute but not my fave either. So really I haven't hardcore stanned since ARTPOP. I just thought I'd be more excited when she was finally returning to pop but we'll see.
  4. CHANEL #1


    It really is. I'm so excited for her album because of that. I've been hearing about a song called Physical she has coming out soon which has been described as a dark pop banger. It got loosely compared to Judas and I'm just so incredible amped for something like that. Halsey had me really excited after Nightmare but Manic was extremely disappointing. I was hoping she'd go all out with the 00s revival. Taylor disappointed me massively. Lover was so bland as a whole imo. Everything sounds so same-y nowadays.
  5. CHANEL #1


    Recent pop music has been making me realize just how good music was from like 2008-2012. I'm SOO done with all the trap influenced crap. And like the super airy/spacey sound. I miss all the noise, the loud crazy instrumentals. I love what Dua is doing with her 80s revival though.
  6. Watching videos of people playing MMORPGs and I don't know how they do it. There's so much shit on the screen popping up everywhere. Gives me anxiety rip4  I'ma stick with my single player, all HUD turned off games 

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    2. Entea

      Enjoy dying a lot since you haven't got a clue at how much health you have jj2

    3. Chris Morlock

      I like my Elder Scrolls games. It's all i play 💀

    4. tomás

      it's lowkey not that hard. 1 month in and you understand everything that's going on ari5 i play swtor a lot

  7. Imagine having your last name be Broccoli
  8. More like she's gonna scream the national anthem
  9. CHANEL #1


    Never heard of Morbius But I am here for the dark, twisted version of Für Elise in the background
  10. The blackmail bit is absolutely disgusting but I'm so proud of her! Her video was extremely well done too. I hope this brings her even more attention as she's so talented and drama-free and deserves more.
  11. CHANEL #1


    This album is so boring. There was two, maybe three tracks I really enjoyed and would listen to again. I really hate the whispery-ness of the album. It just doesn't work imo. Like it works better in little bits rather than for entire/majority of tracks. I found the lyrics really bland overall too. I know she has it in her to make great music cause Revival was amazing. It's just kinda frustrating going from Bad Liar an Fetish which were so fresh and had such a dope aesthetic to this era which is so extremely bland. Lose You to Love Me was a smart first single considering it's one of the only enjoyable tracks on the album.
  12. Did I just spend $100 on candles?


    1. Dr. Slay

      So like three Yankee candles? brit15

    2. CHANEL #1

      Ew no. Supporting indie candle brands is the way to go antm1


      Better scents, cleaner ingredients, better sustainability 

    3. Dr. Slay

      Tea though! 

  13. CHANEL #1


    Gaga x FarmVille outsold
  14. I recently found out Katy actually says "my head still takes me back" in Never Really Over and not "my ex could text me back" I like mine better. I makes the prechorus more sassy and funny imo.