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  1. CHANEL #1

    5 Nightmare >>>>>>
  2. CHANEL #1

    lana del rey / tropic of cancer / lead single / week one (Paul, the title is in all lowercase)
  3. What should I know before signing up for #PopIndustry The #PI: FAQ Thread has all the information you need; from what is #PopIndustry to smaller specific details about the event. How long are sign-ups open for? Sign-ups for #PI: Season 8b will be open from September 16 to September 22. When does the event start? The first challenge will be posted on or around September 23, but the other aspects of the event will start immediately. How can I sign up? Simply post in this thread with the main artist you wish to sign-up as. If you're signing up with an additional artist, post that too. Please check the FAQ Thread for more info on main and additional artists, and a list of artists who you cannot choose. What artist can I play as? You are free to play as whatever artist you'd like! Reality/movie stars are also allowed. However, there are some artists reserved for users from the previous season as well as certain artists who are "Legacies" to certain users and may not be chosen by another user. These artists may be used if the user that currently holds claim to them gives them up. The artists you may not sign-up as are in the spoiler below: Artist twitter accounts (Mastodon)? Mastodon is our own private service hosted at popindustry.org. Mastodon accounts will return this season as your artists way to tweet and gain streaming points towards the Billboard charts. You will all be given a Mastodon login for your chosen artist. Your tweets will not count until @RihannaRTT sends out a PM saying that they will now be counted. This is so everyone has a fair chance. --- LIST OF MAIN ARTISTS 1. T.O.P. ( @billie. ) 2. Björk ( @Liam ) 3. Mariah Carey ( @Sylk ) 4. Kesha ( @edwinfg ) 5. Justin Bieber ( @Ariana ) 6. Normani ( @Maraj ) 7. Banks ( @Lachlan ) 8. Kim Kardashian ( @Venus XCX ) 9. Rihanna ( @Party Monster ) 10. Tove Lo ( @Ghostface ) 11. Halsey ( @Luca ) 12. Kim Petras ( @Royalty ) 13. Charli XCX ( @The Hawaiian Queen ) 14. FKA Twigs ( @Hunty Bear ) 15. Ed Sheeran ( @mylifelies ) 16. Ellie Goulding ( @Andres ) 17. Robyn ( @Enigma ) LIST OF ADDITIONAL ARTISTS 1. Selena Gomez ( @billie. ) 2. The Weeknd ( @edwinfg ) 3. Miley Cyrus ( @Lachlan ) [???] 4. Gwen Stefani ( @Party Monster ) 5. Meghan Trainor ( @edwinfg ) 6. SOPHIE ( @Enigma )
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    Nice to see her stanning a masterpiece from Lana's magnum opus but even that's not enough to justify streaming Liberation
  5. CHANEL #1


    That gray ashy contour is not the tea
  6. All the Ari stans in the video comments telling everyone to stop complaining that Lana didn't have enough lines cause it's Ari's song and that she was generous enough to even give Lana a spot in the first place They know Lana's bridge was the best part
  7. CHANEL #1


    I honestly like this setlist a lot except for I Rise being the closer.
  8. Sorry but this doesn't touch Dope on an emotional level. Nor would this have fit on ARTPOP. Y'all need to stop doing the most on Dope's vocals. They were intentional and really aren't THAT bad ffs. You can literally say all of those things about this track too
  9. This is good and it's nice to see this administration doing something good for once and in a fairly timely fashion but like we can't get gun control??????????? This is fucking ridiculous. How many MORE people have to die than already have before this idiot will do something about it smh.
  10. CHANEL #1

    Celeb News

    Album version >>>>
  11. CHANEL #1


    Wait the fuck y'all already eliminated MAC and TG What kinda trash taste do you all have Not even a redemption round could save this mess
  12. CHANEL #1


    Lowkey a little mad that the UO vinyl are hot pink and not the the more purple based pink in the preview pic. (I never realized they updated the site later with pics of the hot pink). That shade of pink just works so much better with the cover but whatever.
  13. CHANEL #1


    1. The Greatest - Urbi 2. The Next Best American Record - Ghostface 3. Bartender - CHANEL #1 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Y'all had no right voting ha out so early over How to Disappear
  14. CHANEL #1


    Honeymoon vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Music to Watch Boys to vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Terrence Loves You vs. Venice Bitch God Knows I Tried vs. Fuck it I love you High by the Beach vs. Doin' Time Freak vs. Love song Art Deco vs. Cinnamon Girl Burnt Norton (Interlude) vs. How to disappear Religion vs. California Salvatore vs. The Next Best American Record The Blackest Day vs. The greatest 24 vs. Bartender Swan Song vs. Happiness is a butterfly Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it HM - 7 NFR - 5 TIE - 2