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  1. I love Taylor but the fact that her fans are threatening people that they're gonna get jail time for posting the tracklist is pathetic. And if TaylorNation actually does anything to someone for posting it is fucking pathetic. It's a damn tracklist for fucks sake. Like dear god it's not that big of deal. Like they're not leaking the songs. Who cares if the titles are out ffs.

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    2. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Taylor stans on Twitter are really something else. The album is coming in less than 3 days and the fact that they’re getting their panties in a bunch over a damn tracklist is just rip2 

      Leaks are inevitable anyway, and data shows they actually help album sales and obviously create hype rip4 

    3. Sylk


      @TaylorNation stop this tom foolery now!

    4. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      Like I don't think a tracklist leak has EVER had any effect on sales rip2 

      Like ha twitter stans need to chill the fuck out rip2 

      Glad the entire thing leaked now tho so they cn seethe eve1 

      Poor people who leaked it tho cause Taylor's team is extra af sometimes and will probably sue them for this which is dumb af dead2