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  1. Seeing someone you used to love with someone else who has clearly moved on is like a knife in the heart when you still haven't been able to move on and are still grieving. Just knowing you don't matter anymore. Ugh. Even tho it shouldn't matter at all cause they were horrible in the end to me. I never let myself me angry and now I just will never get that closure. 😔

    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Forget about them, they never deserved you in the first place. Always remember yourself that you deserve better <3

    2. Jon.


      I had a few fall outs in the past and it took me years to recover. So I know how difficult that can get to be honest but like what Princess Aurora said, remember that you deserve better. However, moving on doesn't mean that you have to forget the experience, you just have to forgive (yourself and the other person). Use this experience as a reminder for yourself and slowly move on, though it's going to be difficult. I've used the experiences I've had and reflect on myself and what had went wrong, so that the same situation wouldn't happen again in the future. Okay this is getting a little too long so I'm gonna stop rip4 

      I'm well aware that I don't know you that well compared to some of the members here, but if you need someone to talk to, just PM me <3