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  1. I start my new job next week antm1 It's really just a new position at my current job but I'll be working overnights, making significantly more money, and will be full-time with benefits only having to work four days each week antm1 

    1. Shego


      Four days the week, that sounds good, congrats. cry7

    2. LuranusLur


      Good job!!!!

    3. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      @Shego yeah I'm pretty psyched about the only four days a week part. I mean there's no way around since my shifts are all 10 hours, so we'd be in overtime otherwise. But it's just nice to be full-time without having to work a 9-5 everyday. I'd rather work through my nights than do a 9-5 lol.