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  1. Tell me one of you isn't seriously blaming Lana for her car getting broken into. As @Luca said above, god forbid she leave her stuff in HER car. Also, the amount of invasions of privacy this woman has to deal with constantly. It's absolutely absurd. She really needs to move somewhere else.
  2. I don't believe this, but in the event it's true – the new album better be incredible. Cause 30 was a massive disappointment.
  3. I can't at them delaying the album, and then shipping the vinyls one month ahead of the original release date This HAS to be intentional? There's no way they could fuck up this badly?
  4. Personally I hate the binge model, so I don't mind this change at all. I also don't use Netflix though so I don't care what they do
  5. Well I mean you posted it as renaissance visuals when it literally says "Tiffany's & Co." at the end?? So, like did you even watch it before posting?
  6. this is literally just an ad for Tiffany's
  7. Yes. Apparently that's the "fun" of it $25 to possibly get nothing but ketchup And even if you did get gloss, who wants gloss in a packet
  8. Apparently the brand she's collaborating with does stuff like this all the time but this is so fucking dumb
  9. I still think it's actually about Taylor and Gaga just said the fake fan thing as an excuse
  10. I actually think the look really works for her. She definitely should have kept her brows though I do think her explanation for shaving it was a tad extra though. Like girl just say it was annoying and move on
  11. Ah, I see. Nice of her to include them, but they could have been done without
  12. "I got a lake house in Canada, and I'm probably gonna harvest your organs" is certainly not a line I expected to hear when I listened to this for the first time lmao
  13. I mean the song is a bop for sure. Light years better than Western Wind. I didn't realize the song was a collab though? Like who are all the random men during the bridge?
  14. Why the hell would anyone come forward with evidence when it's just going to expose themselves and potentially lead to further discrimination
  15. This is fucking absurd. Her whole situation is utterly terrible.
  16. I read "a musical mostly set in Arkham Asylum" and my brain immediately jumped to this scene But yeah, it's gonna be interesting nonetheless. Really curious how the musical aspect is going to be worked in honestly.
  17. Didn't they say that the sequel was going to be a musical or did I imagine that?