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  1. I've only heard like four songs on this list
  2. Maybe I'll finally use my prime video
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    Petition for Lana to leak Morricone in honor of his passing
  4. I really don't get the hype over this song. Like it's a cute bop but it's literally the most overrated track on the album.
  5. Maybe have a been a flop but it still knocks (well the solo version i've had since release at least)
  6. this is so aesthetically pleasing
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    How do people actually listen to this crap
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    Maybe a mask challenge will get idiotic Americans to actually wear one
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    She's so dumb, I can't
  10. If I had a twin and they had model skin while I was stuck in breakout city I would be PISSED Luckily I don't have a twin. Unfortunately, I was stuck in acne land regardless so I sympathize with him. He's still more attractive than I'll ever be, even with acne
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    inb4 Burnt Norton wins the whole thing
  12. Super random but, have any of you (men on here) gotten perms? I'm thinking of getting a light one. My hair is super straight and refuses styling and I'd really like some volume and waves. Just curious if anyone has had it done and what their thoughts were on it.

  13. It's kinda pointless but lightening products I would understand if they removed. Which they aren't so, again, pointless. Removing "fair" from names is dumb imo. Like "Fair" shades are a category for before the light category. It's what I usually buy. Ya know, Fair, light, medium, dark, deep, etc. Shade ranges are always trash but like what are you going to call the shades lighter than light now? I've never heard anyone take issue with "Fair" itself but rather how trash the shade range is in regards to lack of inclusivity (which is usually just light and medium and one fair and deep shade. Really fair and really deep shades are always ignored, though deep still more so than fair but I digress).
  14. I've really been sleeping on Niall's album Heartbreak Weather ari7

  15. I said it once already but, what the actual fuck
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    Y'all have no taste
  17. This is what's irking me. My C2C signed copy look stunning. And yeah I paid the same price. Plus that one came with an actual signed booklet in addition to the non-signed booklet rather than just an art card.
  18. My signed copy of Chromatica came and I'm happy I got a full "L" instead of just a swoosh or a dot rip4 

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    1. Terrence Loves You - Merryem 2. Terrence Loves You - Moira O'Hara 3. Religion - Hyun. 4. Religion - CHANEL #1 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
  20. Now that all the Side B trash is out we can get excited for the hopefully good Side A. C'mon Ellie. Flux was amazing. From what we've heard Side A is more along those lines so it could still be good.
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    @Ghostface glad you noticed them all being 3 tracks apart 1. High by the Beach - Merryem 2. High by the Beach - Hyun. 3. High by the Beach - CHANEL #1 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
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    Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up: Part Two