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  1. Andres


    a complete BOP but I wish it was just a bit longer
  2. it's literally the first minute of this OT: probably the best song on Side B but that's not saying much!
  3. Andres

    Music Video

    she only knows how to serve
  4. but it's still a collapse!
  5. Andres


    a racist pedo and his enabler #1, we'll be celebrating the free fall next week
  6. @Ariana thank you for hosting this! WRONG opinions aside this was v cute and I loved the graphics
  7. After seeing Shitmatica I think I'll take my chances on Earth
  8. The fact that it's a single is what carried it to top 2 in the first place luv
  9. I hate the word homophobia, why would I be scared of a Rain on Me stan?
  10. If SHIT on Me wins over Godlice istg
  11. I ALWAYS asked for the rainfall