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  1. Include Beating Heart, The Ending and High for This imo!
  2. Great post! Please stay safe everyone, especially if you plan on protesting
  3. I've given up on catching G-max Pokes I'm convinced the catch rate is something in the negatives they aren't even that powerful and can't be used in competitive anyway
  4. I lowkey do but anyways chile I can't @ y'all thirsting over literal POKEMON when
  5. qt title, wasn't a huge fan of DSN but I like the general sound
  6. it's such a heavy album that I haven't been able to digest it fully the title track is amazing and I'm sure the rest of the album is too! just have to give it a few more listens
  7. OMG Kesha's Animal is about to be a DECADE old existential crisis incoming
  8. the fact that I paid $10 for shipping (for a $40 shirt ) from the surf shop and the order hasn't shipped and I still haven't received my digital copy of NFR
  9. did you at least hate-listen to Lover? you'll definitely like at least a few songs
  10. The Fuck It I Love You outro... she did that