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  1. F.U.C.K Amy

  2. F.U.C.K Amy

    That Brinty gif
  3. Fucks sakes what's neyde but it's cool
  4. F.U.C.K Amy

    Stay tuned for eps5 folks
  5. F.U.C.K Amy

    Can someone post Whitney's /end of thread Ariana is so good tho .gif' alt='cry3'>
  6. F.U.C.K Amy

    Beyonce tbh.. i hate that bitch but holy shit she shits on everyone with her voice like fucking i wish britney had her voice ..
  7. F.U.C.K Amy

    when will britney justin and katy
  8. F.U.C.K Amy

    Radar is her fifth most basic video and born to make you happy sometimes like I laugh and feel nostalgic when I see her old stuff
  9. F.U.C.K Amy

    Not kety perr gonna steal Britney's outfit Since when are Brinty and gaga friends looool?
  10. F.U.C.K Amy

    Its her third most basic video tbh.. Perfume is beyond basic like her basic vids imo 1) Perfume 2) Someday I Will Understand 3) Gimme More