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  1. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Achievement Make Me... turns 2!

    Mu fave lead and one of my faves Britney songs of all time ❤️
  2. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Celeb News Britney posts a bad bitch teaser for ... the perfume ?

    This comercial is gonna be awesome... but i dont understand why they write #myprerogative and not prerogative... maybe it is for the re edition of the song and another greatest hits my prerogative vol2??? Would be awesome if this is going to be a new song, the instrumental we heard on the add and can be used like a buzz single for the new album... and the comercial is a mini music video 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Mandy Moore

    Im so fucking HYPE right now.... yes Mandy.... I need her new album in my hands now.. this demo sounds so awesome
  4. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Celeb News Britney Starts Her Piece Of Me Tour!

    i hate the costumes... but i love CYM(NSC) and Clumsy so much,.... finally justice for Glory she sing 5 songs and one for interlude
  5. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Celeb News Britney Talks JT and has a special announcement on Monday!

    im completely sure it is the unisex fragrance
  6. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Better Debut Album?

    BOMT!!! for sure
  7. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Event Taylor Swift: The Singles Megarate

    sorry i really dont know TSmusic only LWYMMD and Bad Blod... maybe next one
  8. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Celeb News Accelerate - LA Pride remix preview!

    sounds amazing! i love the new vocals
  9. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Other One More Time - T-shirt for the Britney fans by me

    looking pretty good
  10. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Celeb News New Unreleased Song: "Let Me Take You There"

    Sounds so much like Candy by Mandy Moore
  11. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Discussion What was it like to experience Christina Aguilera during her earlier era's?

    I Remember the earlys 2000 i was 10 and always being fan of music as all of my family so i seeing MTV since that time, Im from Perú and ofcourse in that time there was no youtube, or spotify or even internet everywhere... but I remember seing her every time on MTV TRL and VH1 and many other music Tv channels, and was awesome! Im a fan of Xtina since 99 same with Britney and Jessica too, those years were the best in music for me. I remember to read in a news paper the dates of the music videos premieres and go to a public Internet place and opened in Winamp that was so fucking awesome. here in latin america Mi Reflejo was huge too yoo can hear Xtina singing in spanish in every party, restaurant, shopping center etc and its is very important now beacause you can heard her songs like Falsas Esperanzas and Ven Conmigo in the radio to date everytime.
  12. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Discussion Rank Britney's Albums

    1. Glory 2. Blackout 3. In The Zone 4. Femme Fatale 5. Circus 6. BOMT 7. Britney 8. OIDIA 9. BJ
  13. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Discussion Your Top 15 Britney Tracks

    1. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortez) 2. 3 3. Lace & Leather 4. Gimme More 5. Gasoline 6. Love Me Down 7. Do Somethin’ 8. I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) 9. Everyday 10. Toy Soldier 11. Someday (I Will Understand) 12. Make Me 13. My Prerogative 14. Shadow 15. Monalisa - Original Version
  14. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Other Madonna's best album covers

    1. Rebel Heart 2. Like a Virgin 3. Bedtime Stories  4. American Life 5. MDNA 6. Ray of Light 7. True Blue 8. Like a Prayer 9. Self Titled 10. Confessions on a Dance Floor 11. Erotica 12. Music 13. Hard Candy
  15. <span style='color:#'>Aleco</span>

    Game ...Baby One More Time vs Glory

    ...Baby One More Time vs Invitation (You Drive Me) Crazy vs Make Me... Sometimes vs Private Show Soda Pop vs Man On The Moon Born To Make You Happy vs Just Luv Me From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart vs Clumsy I Will Be There vs Do You Wanna Come Over? I Will Still Love You vs Slumber Party Deep In My Heart vs Just Like Me Thinkin' About You vs 🌟Love Me Down🌟 E-Mail My Heart vs Hard to Forget You The Beat Goes On vs What You Need I'll Never Stop Loving You vs Better Autumn Goodbye vs 🌟Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)🌟 I'm So Curious vs Liar BOMT: It is a great 90's album debut but is is not a fave for me: 4 Glory: It is a F masterpiece, today im not sure if it is my number 1 or it is Blackout: 12