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  1. Aleco

    Im just see this pic on Jess IG and I remember that was a rumor back in 2010 i think about Jessica doing a duet with Katy, and katy step out.... BTW both looks amazing... Jessica to much pregnant but gorgeous
  2. Aleco


    1. Gasoline 2. Up N Down 3. Don’t Keep Me Waiting 4. Drop Dead Beautiful 5. Hold It Against Me 6. Trouble For Me 7. Seal It With A Kiss 8. Till The World Ends 9. Inside Out 10. I Wanna Go 11. He About To Lose Me 12. Selfish 13. Criminal 14. Scary 15. Trip To Your Heart 16. Big Fat Bass 17. How I Roll
  3. dont know who he is... im kinda living under a rock lattely
  4. nice photography and Selena looks sooooo good
  5. she looks amazing in the red carpet and the show looks... but i really dont enjoy so much her performance...she was so static
  6. Aleco


    1. Showdown 2. Shadow 3. Everytime 4. The Answer 5. Toxic 6. Early mornin 7. The Hookup 8. Outrageous 9. Brave new girl 10. Touch of my hand 11. Don’t hang up 12. Me against the music 13. Breathe on me 14. I got that boom boom
  7. im only hear some parts... im not sure yet..
  8. Aleco

    General News

    Im kinda borred now with xmen... but im definitely going to see that movie
  9. the song it is amazing... im only sad about your body
  10. 1. Britney 2. In The Zone 3. Femme Fatale 4. Circus 5. OIDIA 6. BOMT 7. GH: My Prerogative 7. Blackout 8. Glory 9. BJ
  11. Aleco


    Vanity Desnudate I Am Woohoo Glam You Lost Me Elastic Love Bionic Prima Donna Not Myself Tonight Lift Me Up Birds of Prey Monday Morning All I Need My Girls I Hate Boys Sex for Breakfast Stronger Than Ever Bobblehead Little Dreamer
  12. Aleco

    Jordan is a mess.
  13. Aleco


    Wow i dont use itunes many years now... but i think it is 3 by britney spears i used to hear this song 9 months on repeat day and nigth
  14. Aleco

    Invitation vs Maria Make Me vs Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs Fall In Line Man on the Moon vs Right Moves Just Luv Me vs Like I Do Clumsy vs Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Twice Slumber Party vs Accelerate Just Like Me vs Pipe Love Me Down vs Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs Unless It's With You
  15. Aleco


    still hating the tapes on the nipples... but she looks good! waiting to see the tour i think this is for the backdrop visuals