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  1. Album

    wow this is so good! i would love my faves release merch like her.
  2. I love Katy, trully like her but i think she maybe is at some point hypocrite, she said that only cuz Xtina was there and Xtina was like incommode. But this is the music industry im only here for the music videos tours photos and their personal lives are theirs.
  3. She is the best, she deserved a lot more than what she already achieves
  4. I think other great debut single it was IWLYF by Jessica Simpson, a strong balad with strong vocals, instead of a pop bop, for that time and considering she was one of the "Britney Clones" the song was a complete different way to make a debut.
  5. Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake and Usher
  6. oooo yes i know that hopefully we have some reason about her new project... but that was shoot last year so maybe not.
  7. what is LSB? hope this is true and no for the end of the year
  8. well maybe this can works good for her return on music scene, if she really is going to release somethin on 2018. Cardi B is doing duets with so many artists right now, but im impress that she sings in spanish too with ozuna. Maybe for her spanish record would be better cuz she already have a pink and maybe demi for the english album right?
  9. Discussion

    she wins there.... but how it is possible that teens on USA do not know Britney Spears or Toxic, here in Latinamerica every body im sure knows who she is.
  10. can someone send me the link please 🙏
  11. Celeb News

    wow this is a pleasant surprise, I did not know that she was going to release a new album and its very nearly. Hope Xtina see how its possible to make your fans happy.
  12. this is gonna be iconic! im going to hear stripped cuz i dont hear these masterpiece in a while and send it to you... ITZ si always on my playlist
  13. Celeb News

    im starting to like her
  14. I dont understand the horse thing, but i know Kylie Minogue for lot of straigth people, older people than me, I dont now if she is a global icon but i think every body knows who she is when they hear Kylie or Can't Get You Out Of My Head, and im not from UK or Australia and here in Perú every body knows her.