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    1. Desnudate 2. Vanity 3. Glam 4. Woohoo 5. All I Need 6. Elastic Love 7. I Am 8. Monday Morning 9. Bionic 10. Prima Donna 11. Birds Of Pray 12. Lift Me Up 13. Not Myself Tonight 14. You Lost Me 15. My Girls 16. Stronger Than Ever 17. I hate Boys 18. Sex For Breakfast 19. Little Dreamer 20. Bobblehead
  2. Aleco


    i love blonde katy
  3. Accelerate Lift me Up Express Circles Oh Mother
  4. Aleco


    BOMT: Soda Pop OIDIA: None Britney: Bombastic Love ITZ: Showdown GH My: Ive just begun ( having my fun) Blackout: Toy Soldier Circus: Mannequin Femme Fatale: Gasoline Britney Jean: Alien Glory: Change Your Mind ( No Seas Cortes)
  5. Aleco


    im pretty sure she is going to release a new song for the vegas residency maybe this month and then an album maybe an EP for mid year
  6. good!!! love when artists premiere both single and MV the same day
  7. come on Xtina we want a new album!!!!! I love Ellens work... so im a little hype
  8. Aleco

    never being a fan of TS but im super excited for Brendon!!!!! PATD number 1 fan here haha
  9. this is so good news... that freebritney campaign was going too much!!! people need to start living their own lifes... hope she really back soon with good music!!!
  10. the song is good! better than medellin
  11. Aleco


    the most probably i thnik is there are going to be the same... visuals and setlist.... but i dont understand why is the difference about the names could be the X perience world tour and residency
  12. Aleco


    off course this is not the final version y see it like a draft....it really dont have any sense, but she looks soooo hot
  13. Aleco


  14. amazing video!!!!! and the song is very catchy too... she deserves a new hit, im waiting for a new album too.
  15. Aleco


    shes doing promo for Xtinas Xperience and the X tour