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  1. Celeb News

    What the F we dont care about her piercings we need the first single announcement
  2. Album

    I want a full promo era like was In the Zone, she needs to promote before the album is out in all of the talk shows like Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden (would be nice to se a singing battle) and UK, Australia and Japan, etc. Ofcourse she need to do festivals like last era, and only sing new songs for the new album, forget work bitch please!!!! For the sound Im trully love Glory theres no song that i dont like, but for this era maybe she neds to do a more pop dance songs like femme fatale, and the first single need to be a club banger. I think a powerful duet with a big star would be better, like Jlo, Usher, JT, i would say Xtina but thats never happends. and of course another duet with some of the spotligth artists. And finally a huge promo with visuals, great videos to surface the 100 millions on YT on a few weeks thats how artists wins big now, and magazine covers like a rolling stone cover would be amazing. and to finalice my era a very good and completely new art for the album cover i think she need to risk with that have some controversy and being very sexy.
  3. Looks great! Would be amazing she sing any of the song for the film
  4. I really spect the si gle premiere before carpool airs... if it is not that promo is for nothing
  5. Discussion

    i think by now we heard almost all of the original doll album... I prefer the circus tour DVD, the original Gimme More video complete and Make Me original Video
  6. Photos

    Speechless 😻i love the darkest blond photos!!!!!! And the wet ones!
  7. I dont see any photoshop on the kenzo photos... i saw her very natural, only offcourse the normal edition that a promo needs. (Im a profesional graphic designer) I love this red look sooo much! deff my fave shoot in years
  8. amazing shoot! one of my faves of all time! and the photos looks so natural and unphotoshoped not like the candys shoots .... I imagin a new era with this urban high fashion look!
  9. Discussion

    1. MTV Movie awards medley 2. Genie 2.0/KGB VMAS 3. Hurt VMAS
  10. Rumor

    i think this is gonna be huge!!!!!! I dont stan Beyonce im not completely sure why, but both in a song it is gonna be fire
  11. Celeb News

    snapchat marketing team it is so stupid.... Great Riri punch them in the face
  12. im really specting to se her touring, it is going to be a sold out tour, maybe for next year who knows
  13. Im not sure who is him, or why he is comenting about Xtina, but I really want a massive promo and a great era! i read somewhere on twitter that the first single drops this friday! hope the rumors are right...