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  1. I was specting a new photo, really? whats wrong with Xtina
  2. would be awesome to have the kesha from timber, same body same music. maybe this is not so importnt for the rest of the people but i love when kesha was sexy!
  3. Review

    I dont like remixes but i prefer the Volume 1, I really never heard volume 2 and i have the physical album.
  4. Music Video

    this is a so much great album! love the megamix
  5. Confident | Sorry Not Sorry Cool for the Summer | Tell Me You Love Me Old Ways | Sexy Dirty Love For You | You Don't Do It For Me Anymore Stone Cold | Daddy Issues Kingdom Come | Ruin the Friendship Waitin for You | Only Forever Wildfire | Lonely Lionheart | Cry Baby Yes | Games Father | Concentrate Stars | Hitchhiker Mr. Hughes | Smoke & Mirrors Body Say | Ready For Ya Tel Me You Love Me: 9 Confident: 5
  6. Other

    wow she really looks amazing there, her best look!
  7. dont know who is she but this is nice
  8. nice song, but no her best so im happy to have it with Selena voice
  9. Love to see her interviews! Pink is my first love when i was 10 or 11 !!!! love the album so much
  10. it is very unespected... I was imagine like rihanna eminem colabo.... but it is so diferente and fresh! I really like it! catchy, funny and i really never hear eminem singin before.
  11. 1. Revenge 2. What About Us 3. Secrets 4. Beautiful Trauma 5. Better Life
  12. 1. Beautiful Trauma vs. Are We All We Are 2. Revenge vs. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) 3. Whatever You Want vs. Try 4. What About Us vs. Just Give Me A Reason 5. But We Lost It vs. True Love 6. Barbies vs. How Come You're Not Here 7. Where We Go vs. Slut Like You 8. For Now vs. The Truth About Love 9. Secrets vs. Beam Me Up 10. Better Life vs. Walk of Shame 11. I Am here vs. Here Comes the Weekend 12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken vs. Where Did the Beat Go 13. You Get My Love vs. The Great Escape Total... Beautiful Trauma: 8 The Truth About Love: 5