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  1. OMG this could be true, but im not sure she wants to make music any time soon, but maybe she wants to make a new album her last one to say thanks to the Army... hopefully
  2. Sounds very experimental too like some of liberation songs or unfinished but i like it!!!!
  3. OMG she looks sooo perfect!! Xtina you need to keep this look for the spanish album
  4. This song it is so bad :( I love Gwen but shes not trying to do something good
  5. I voted for SITS the song and the production sounds sooo good and reflects glory perfectly I like matches but its to much pop for me, im not hearing this kinda of music right now,,, but its a perfect bop
  6. 1 Everytime 2 The Beat Goes On 3 Don't Cry 4 What You Need 5 My Baby 6 Criminal 7 Why Should I Be Sad 8 What It's Like to Be Me 9 Dear Diary
  7. Yesterday was one of my faves days ever! Finnaly hace new music from Mandy and the song it is just amazing !!! Im so thrilled for the album hope to se promo performances on tv
  8. wow good news! i dont know she was preparing an album,.... is for a new album right?
  9. BOMT: Soda Pop OIDIA: None Britney: Bombastic Love ITZ: Showdown GH My: Ive just begun ( having my fun) Blackout: Toy Soldier Circus: Mannequin Femme Fatale: Gasoline Britney Jean: Alien Glory: Change Your Mind ( No Seas Cortes)
  10. im waiting so much for a new album, but im not so happy for Glory im still hearing it and sounds so awesome, Glory deserves more singles
  11. Im so fucking HYPE right now.... yes Mandy.... I need her new album in my hands now.. this demo sounds so awesome
  12. Wow those are so perfect love the last one!!