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  1. those two songs sounds completely amazing!!! why she release bad songs like daisies and smile Tucked its gonna be my bop this year
  2. Aleco

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Like A Virgin / ...Baby One More Time 2015 CHART FLOP: Bitch I’m Madonna / Pretty Girls Y2K LEAD SINGLE: Music / Oops!... I Did It Again BLACK HAIR DEBUT: Like A Prayer / Gimme More LAST SOLO TOP 10 ON BILLBOARD: Hung Up / I Wanna Go 2008 LEAD SINGLE: 4 Minutes / Womanizer THIRD NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Live To Tell / 3 PEAKED AT NO. 1 IN UK BUT NOT IN US: Into The Groove / Born To Make You Happy LATE 90’s BALLAD: Power Of Goodbye / Sometimes SINGLE FEATURED ON SOUNDTRACK: Who’s That Girl / I’m Not A Girl, NYAW 2000 ALBUM’S SECOND SINGLE: Don’t Tell Me / Lucky MADONNA: 4 BRITNEY: 7
  3. Aleco

    Celeb News

    Im tottally love the pink crying one
  4. Not for her looks, i thinks she wait too much for the release of each era and thats why people forget her
  5. I like the song, but i dont think that song reflects the whole album, and the video it s not one of my faves maybe for the quality of the photography, she should release glam as the rumors said before NMT came out.
  6. genie in a bottle was the first
  7. Aleco


    Harleys In Hawaii is my fave song of katy in the last 3 years at leats i hope she have another song like this one on the album!
  8. Aleco


    Till the World Ends vs Invitation Hold It Against Me vs Make Me... Inside Out vs Private Show I Wanna Go vs Man On The Moon How I Roll vs Just Luv Me (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs Clumsy Seal It with a Kiss vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Big Fat Bass vs Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs Love Me Down Gasoline vs Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs What You Need Up N' Down vs Better He About To Lose Me vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Selfish vs Liar Don't Keep Me Waiting vs If I'm Dancing Scary vs Coupure Electriqué 7 / 10
  9. Aleco


    without willIam i think could be a great album Passenger and Alien as singles maybe work bitch but 3rd or 4th single. and body ache it is amazing but with no autotune
  10. Aleco


    Love the Ape Drums it is so amazing sound like a tottally new song
  11. Aleco


    Makes Me Wanna Pray vs. Bionic Back in the Day vs. Not Myself Tonight Ain't No Other Man vs. Woohoo Understand vs. Elastic Love Slow Down Baby vs. Desnudate Oh Mother vs. Glam On Our Way vs. Prima Donna Without You vs. Sex for Breakfast Still Dirrty vs. Lift Me Up Here to Stay vs. All I Need Thank You (Dedication to Fans...) vs. I Am Welcome vs. You Lost Me Candyman vs. I Hate Boys Nasty Naughty Boy vs. My Girls I Got Trouble vs. Vanity Hurt vs. Monday Morning Mercy on Me vs. Bobblehead Save Me from Myself vs. Birds of Prey The Right Man vs. Stronger Than Ever 8 - 12
  12. 1. Dont let her release Original Doll, pretty sure this album would be a master piece full of controversy 2. Add Radar to Circus and make the 4th single with this horrible video 3. Working With William for BJ 4. Work Bitch as first single of BJ 5. The video for Pretty Girls its terrible 6. Let Glory dies after two singles
  13. Amnesia Love me Down Everybody Chillin´ With You Outrageous
  14. Aleco


    1- Love Me Down 2- Change Your Mind 3- Invitation