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  1. need to heard the non pitched
  2. because she is lazy
  3. well i think this feud is for controversy in some way, if christina say some about those lyrics is p´romo for both
  4. that show needs new music... what the F they are thinking
  5. I think she could do justice to bionic on the tour... elastic love was an amazing surprise but no NMT and to short.... I was specting at least 3 full songs. I dont understand why the media is prasing Bionic and back in the day no one cares about it... the album is a MASTER PIECE
  6. Aleco


    special album means to me maybe a re edition of Libertation Extra special means a spanish album... and that would be soooo awesome
  7. im only heard weird noices and full autotune sooo im glad thats not a britney song
  8. i love this ´performance
  9. she deserves that number 1 !!!!!!
  10. this is the first time we are going to hear S&S live!!!! I like the choreo but domination really without new music... the same songs after 4 years
  11. Aleco


    Liberation Deluxe!!!! or new LP XTINAAAAA
  12. i really like all of the songs from XXX... i dont really stan a dead artist so much... but i waiting for that song