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  1. OMG this could be true, but im not sure she wants to make music any time soon, but maybe she wants to make a new album her last one to say thanks to the Army... hopefully
  2. BOMT: Soda Pop OIDIA: None Britney: Bombastic Love ITZ: Showdown GH My: Ive just begun ( having my fun) Blackout: Toy Soldier Circus: Mannequin Femme Fatale: Gasoline Britney Jean: Alien Glory: Change Your Mind ( No Seas Cortes)
  3. im waiting so much for a new album, but im not so happy for Glory im still hearing it and sounds so awesome, Glory deserves more singles
  4. Wow those are so perfect love the last one!!
  5. wow huge collection!! maybe some day i show my poor collection hahaha here in Perú the cds are so expensive
  6. I've Just Begun (Having My Fun) obsesed with this song so much this days
  7. we have work to do!!! POM and Slave need to reach 100 M
  8. thats why, those are for the official vma twitter: first in the spot you can se the dress originally by madonna and then you can see the snake reference to Britney and the moon walker etc, and dont think that is for Xtina and then they retweeted this: I want to se Xtina more than any other artist this year, but I lost my faith 3 years ago....
  9. this is a terrible news first for the children and family, and of course for the fans it is a very sad news, linkin park is so iconic for my generation at least. I feel sad because they came two months ago to Perú and I missed de concert.
  10. New Bio: Christina Maria Aguilera, Coach on TV programs, animated films voice, Oreo ambassador and the best troller. fuck this movie.....
  11. I do not know anything about music in technical terms, but it sounds great, maybe it would be good to hear the voice of britney more clear than in the main version, i really enjoy your past two albums and love that you doing a glory rediscover so thanks for that
  12. really hope thi is true, im gonna wait for a MTV or Xtina or RCA confirmation... but would be awesome.