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  1. Fei She got done so wrong by Korea, all because she didn't opt for a squeaky clean solo debut Still one of the best (K-)Pop songs of all time imo
  2. Omg this looks like it's gonna be a worthy follow-up to Stay Tonight and Play and not another Bland Boy (is that even gonna be on the album?), we've won Absolutely correct! (Roller Coaster > Gotta Go too and that is on capital period!)
  3. nn ngl there are some NCT tracks that I do stan. Like yes, they have their moments of aural terrorism but then there are also moments of artistic brilliance like Superhuman, Baby Don't Stop, Without You (the whole Empathy album tbh), Simon Says But nothing I've heard from this NCT 2020 project has impressed me so far. Maybe the title track will! And yes, 2020 truly has been Jessi's YEAR! Refund Expedition is gonna debut soon as well I think so there's even more stuff coming from her
  4. E'Dawn's song is kinda underwhelming but he did go off with the lyrics, love how he's rubbing his relationship with Queen HyunA into K-nets' faces, you better make them SEETHE! And this is cute but kinda ruins NCT U's flawless streak of songs up to this point
  5. I just listened to Cool, it's serving me Itzy's brand of up-tempo tracks, not really my kind of style The verses KNOCK though, love that propulsive beat. The NCT song has some elements in it that I like but overall it's too chaotic for me
  6. gzfhgj haven't listened to either one yet but I wasn't really feeling the Weki Meki track from the teasers ngl
  7. Let me introduce you to some new things:
  8. Thx 4 the link, king! I'm anticipating the worst of 2020 list already OT: There's a new SuperM video and it looks just like their previous three videos, quelle surprise.
  9. totally off-topic but could you drop the link to your blog here cause I'm afraid I've lost it and I'd really like to visit it again jghkhl OT: Just gonna leave these here for anyone who just wants to look at some beautiful men
  10. He is just... @Ronlop our dark prince is out here looking FLAWLESS, we truly won
  11. The album is out too! https://open.spotify.com/album/6YfGgOaUnhs0A9brMqjpHf
  12. I've waited so many years for this moment... now it's finally here! 

    My 22nd birthday aka 22 by Taylor Swift appreciation day ari3

    1. Kylie
    2. Snow



    3. Chris


      I'm only a couple years behind you tay3

      I've been DYING to do this. I also teased my brother about me playing it for his 22nd few years ago. 

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  13. I'm like 90% sure this is a fake rumour, but I also wouldn't put it past SM to do something like this so who knows
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who bops to some of these male versions
  15. The most recent HyuN/A comeback has suddenly hit me tonight... it's lowkey punching
  16. dfgzfgh the way this could actually be happening though... you just know SM is gonna put Miss Wendy straight back to WORK as soon as her face and pelvis have been placed into a cast
  17. Well this section will probably do, um, average on here, but hey! We love a moment of visibility Do give my SHINee thread some clicks please <3