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  1. omg his face was so creepy during the work work part towards the end but otherwise his bopping was totally flawless
  2. Please let this be true So proud of Gaga tbh...she's just doing EVERYTHING right right now and I hope that the true Artpop slayage will soon begin gaga4
  3. Thank you :katyanna: Here's another pic demonstrating the flawlessness of our Candy Queen
  4. I still don't understand why they chose an Egyptian concept for the DH video instead of a witchcraft theme similiar to her performance at the Grammys. I just can't see how the video is supposed to fit the song...that Cleopatra concept would fit Legendary Lovers way better lbr
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    Artist Rihdomosity

  6. Robert.

    Artist Rihdomosity

    Idk but I just can't picture any of the TTT tracks being recorded for a possible Loud rih-rihlease since none of them really fits the sexy, sassy and lighthearted vibe of Loud. So I think there were definitely songs specifically recorded for Louder that din't make it onto TTT like the Fading remix that was rumored to be the lead single of the re-release and possible some other new songs... :interesting:
  7. GUY sounds like a smash waiting to happen but so did DWUW...so idk really gaga10 . But if she promotes it as passionately as she did with her last singles and releases the video at the right time (mid-March) i don't see a reason why it should miss the top 10. I predict a peak of 6 on BB Hot100 and similiar global chart success to that of Selena's Cum & God It
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    Artist Rihdomosity

    I think there's definitely a version of Saxon on youtube featuring vocals by Nicki Minaj and the same beat later used in Red Lipstick. I've read somewhere that it was originally intended for inclusion on Rated R and featured the lyrics "guess who bitches, it's RiRi" but for some reason they revamped it completely for TTT. I really hope that one day all of Rih's unreleased stuff leaks (like it happens with Lana Del Rey material all the time) and we get to hear LIU, Answer and some of the material she recorded for Dark Angel and the Loud re-release that unfortunately never happened .
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    Artist Rihdomosity

    Thank you so much :hug:. I remember listening to the UNA snippets for the first time and feeling a little bit...unimpressed. I also just couldn't deal with the fact that she recorded ANOTHER duet with that violent and homophobic douche Chris Brown. But when the full thing leaked I was totally slayed by Stay, LWT/MM, Numb, Jump, WN and even Nobody's Business (I still wish she would have recorded it with Drake instead of Chris tho). I think if there were less ratchet urban sex bangerz and more moody, sappy mid-tempos like MM, Lost in Paradise and Diamonds UNA could have been her most introspecti
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    My name is Robert and I've actually been lurking on here a long time before I made an account since I'm kinda shy haha :rolleyes:! I discovered this forum while I was looking for year-end songs lists and have been visiting it regularly ever since because the discussions here are quite interesting and I desperately need some other Rih stans in my life . My fave Rih album is currently Rated R but that changes depending on my mood. It is so angry and dark but honest and vulnerable at the same time which is something that just resonates with me lately. I can't really choose a fav song but Skin, G
  11. Beyonce being a flawless human being and mother as usual, giving Blue Ivy the musical education she deserves
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    Hi navy, new member alert rih13