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  1. I just want to see his BIG DICK
  2. Boyfriend nominated, The Gift nominated
  3. Here’s a link to see the nominees https://www.reddit.com/r/popheads/comments/dz1ysj/62nd_grammy_awards_nominations_megathread/utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Wtf is this mess?
  4. Cl!t

    I just want her to release something more serious and dark. Remember she said PRISM was going to be ‘fucking dark’ and yet we get songs like TIHWD that are cringey and childish. The route she is going is more mature sounding but they’re just not what’s popular rn.
  5. Cl!t

    They were all exploited as children so it is very unfortunate to see the effects it had on their lives. Britney’s story is so sad to me I just want to give her a hug.
  6. Cl!t

    I thought she meant pop music does she mean her father?
  7. Cl!t

    I try to stream and suck as much as I can
  8. Cl!t

    How many number ones does Xtina have? Prismatic Tour was one of the highest grossing tours. When was Xtunas last one and how much did it gross? Has Hagilera been invited to headline the most watched event on American television and have the MOST WATCHED SUPERBOWL performance? Idts and I doubt she ever will. Not like she wants to get her ass off that red spinning chair. At least Katy is making BANK at American Idol.
  9. Cl!t

    And in less than 10 years she’s accomplished things Crustyna will NEVER do.
  10. Cl!t

    Is that what you’ve learned from trolling here? Speaking of shit, how is Xtina’s career?