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  1. Eating disorders consume your life. I’ve been dealing with weight issues my whole life thanks to this so I’m glad Taylor is speaking on the subject.
  2. Cl!t

    Madonna smells like diapers now that she has to wear them again. Rihanna queen of ganja. Kesha smells like dirty fridge. Gaga smells like horse cum. Katy smells like bubblegum and candy.
  3. Cl!t

    We knew her success was going to end once ASIB talk was over
  4. Cl!t

    You’re asking for her to get dragged but happy bday to her. BMTL remains more iconic than any of the main girls’ biggest hit.
  5. She practiced for three weeks yet couldn’t sing or move well? Like most of the other times she’s performed? I think that's just called being UNTALENTED.
  6. Cl!t

    The lyrics are LAUGHABLE I sat down with my bf to watch it and the visuals are cute but when she started to sing....
  7. Cl!t

    I want to see Pitbull’s cock sue me
  8. I just want to see his BIG DICK
  9. Boyfriend nominated, The Gift nominated
  10. Here’s a link to see the nominees https://www.reddit.com/r/popheads/comments/dz1ysj/62nd_grammy_awards_nominations_megathread/utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Wtf is this mess?
  11. Cl!t

    I just want her to release something more serious and dark. Remember she said PRISM was going to be ‘fucking dark’ and yet we get songs like TIHWD that are cringey and childish. The route she is going is more mature sounding but they’re just not what’s popular rn.
  12. Cl!t

    They were all exploited as children so it is very unfortunate to see the effects it had on their lives. Britney’s story is so sad to me I just want to give her a hug.