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  1. Katy Petty

    The answer is NO Her peak was short and uneventful when compared to her peers. First views of Poshitions compared to TUN are horrible, the new album is bland and boring and she has become stale and boring. Tragic that after she gave us legendary music like Bad Idea she released some of her worst work.
  2. Katy Petty

    Katy had a much more consistent career. Gaga is just getting lucky having Bradley, Blackpink and Hagriana to carry her to the top. I know she can’t be moving much now with that broken hip.
  3. Katy Petty

    Your fave track is probably Stupid Love or something horrible
  4. Katy Petty

  5. Katy Petty

    All 911 did was get attention thanks to a guy smacking his head on a pillow. A R T P O P
  6. Katy Petty

    Cockga needed her collabs to have a hit. Cumatica sounds dated af I can’t play a whole song without skipping half way through. Quite a shame.
  7. whatever I’m still gonna try just gonna try this charm two more times Didnt work
  8. Why didn’t he keep lowering the camera? Can this charm necklace show me his cockk?
  9. Katy Petty

    Also if y’all wanna compre Smile and the first songs released... NRO >>> this garbage by MILES
  10. Katy Petty

    Boyfriend suddenly got much better
  11. Katy Petty

    Go eat shit you faggot
  12. Katy Petty

    The stupid phags eating this up. She could record herself shitting while having diarrhea and her sheep fans will make it debut #1 for a week
  13. Katy Petty

    Such a bad lead
  14. Katy Petty

    Is so fucking bland and she keeps serving the same boring looks and sounds.