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  1. Now that Latin music is reaching new heights and her underperformance she decided to get herself Rosetta Stone and embrace her Hispanic side
  2. Katy Petty


    I think it will last a while but I hope it tumbles and dies
  3. Katy Petty


    Queen she’s so pretty
  4. How is this basic bitch get this? How does a non factor surpass the likes of Drake and Taylor? Especially with a song that is nothing special? Hope her career fails.
  5. Katy Petty

    “This year” january 9th She’s cute I guess
  6. You missed us exercising our rights, darling. Pass me your heel so I can throw that one too.
  7. Let me exercise my second amendment too. Taking off my heel to throw it at your head so you can think clearer.
  8. You called me out with that Cockga comment.
  9. Nicki > Cardi in terms of impact. I stand by what I said.
  10. Katy Petty

    Smellie Goldfish was getting hits from DJs notably her ex Calvin Daddyharris. Her best songs are Lights and LMLYD