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  1. I always liked you. Such a good member.
  2. Exactly. People are so offended when I say I want her to try something new. Her ballads are good but I know she has so much potential to make some bops and she’s proven it before ala Rumour Has It.
  3. I upvoted everyone that participated in the thread
  4. I think she will make even kiddier music ala Electric
  5. We are all fucked by this variant. I can’t believe we’re living through something like this.
  6. Prism by far no contest. Dark Horse Legendary Lovers and Walking On Air alone.
  7. Yes much better. I need gym bops and ratchet dance bops.
  8. I tried to have a genuine discussion. It’s just a shady name I even said she was glowing in my original post. But you can waste keep wasting your time darling.
  9. Backfired? I love getting you bitches pressed. Too easy.
  10. Wouldn’t you like to hear it? Instead of boring and overrated ballads.
  11. Oop clocked. I really wasn’t dragging her weight.
  12. I didn’t come for her weight and she did lose almost 200 lbs. All I asked is how media will treat her and if her music will stop being boring