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  1. I think she looks great better than me shirtless forsure and Im 22
  2. Katy Petty


    Her legacy is cemented in Pop/Music history
  3. This whole story is like a scooby doo episode. So many people involved and I just found out even Naomi Cambell might have something to do as well.
  4. Im broke so how much are they paying? Not like this handsome latino boy would be allowed in
  5. Get rid of white crayolas next!
  6. Katy Petty


    She didn’t go with it because of Dark Horse I heard. I prefer DH way more but this sounds so good
  7. Katy Petty


    Hello to all my kitties
  8. Katy Petty


    Can we change the title of the lounge to something new or to the Dream Lounge?
  9. Katy Petty


    I hope they remake the shit out of this song and change everything about it. I am not here for basic production. And why tf is Diddy a feature she has the weirdest features. I cant at Katheryn.
  10. Katy Petty

    Music Video

    I cant at WOA getting the recognition it deserves. Just release it as a single idc how old it is
  11. Katy Petty

    Music Video

    Katy slaying the visuals as usual
  12. Katy Petty


    Katy woke pop queen Take Dump out of this
  13. Katy Petty


    No more Daisies please just let her wilt I love this version
  14. I am here for it please