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  1. Ugh I miss the old FOTP days. I love my good sis @Gilly even though she stans that wretched witch.
  2. No she relies on others for hits and is now making bad songs for movie soundtracks.
  3. I’m glad somebody is exposing Cuntga. She is such a disgusting person yet acts pretentious. Azealia snatched her crusty hair.
  4. Whalezzo is so uninteresting I’m not giving her my streams.
  5. I can’t understand what she says in Spanish and English and Im fluent in both. But she’s the queen of Latin Pop.
  6. Who’s Poppin? Never heard of her.
  7. Honestly that makes sense idk if I’m getting older but I haven’t been keeping up with who’s popular and new artists for a while now.
  8. The lyrics I’ve seen from the songs in his album are garbage.
  9. Girl this TikTok era of music is not the tea. It’s wild that a social media app is such a big factor for the charts. I miss the digital era.