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  1. Disgusting little junky Cokega. I would need some of her drug supply to make it through one of her abhorrent shows.
  2. I love it here. I go to Mexico almost every week. Its really nice to have the option to go to MX whenever. Much cheaper and good food like tacos de adobada.
  3. She is pressed that Britney overshadowed her career and that she is an irrelevant flop now. Im surprised Britney would call her out.
  4. I used to live in Tijuana but now I live in San Diego.
  5. You’re one of the members that make your own fave look bad Don’t come for me darling I don’t want your feelings to be getting hurt again.
  6. You Cockga seem to be the laughingstock. There’s a reason her stans on the forum are the most annoying/delusional
  7. I love seeing Shitlor fans seethe. If anyone is overrated its her. The Adelecalypse is coming to end and destroy all of Toilets (undeserved) records.
  8. So many people acting high and mighty. Gross.
  9. You’re like an annoying little brother. A really annoying one.
  10. I meant that there aren’t many MJ fans on this forum. And the “opinions” people have are based on what they’ve heard from other people, so they dont have an actual opinion.