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  1. Katy Petty

    Who’s Ava? Smile. Just by seeing the other girl I don’t give a fuck about her music.
  2. Katy Petty

    Nnn just showing how pathetic your opinions are
  3. Katy Petty

    Thanks I know I’m funny. Now you can shoo off peasant.
  4. Katy Petty

    911 video felt like a parody. I wanted to laugh from how bad some parts were
  5. Katy Petty

    I cant at that thing saying 911 is better than either of those two. To the people saying it is her best since (blank) just shut up and keep your WRONG opinions to yourself.
  6. Katy Petty

    Makes sense you would like it ofc. She could take a shit and record it and you delusions little cuntsters would LIVE
  7. Katy Petty

    I can spill tea about Gaga and stream at the same time dont worry.
  8. Katy Petty

    Katy’s music and videos are among the best where Gaga once was. Now she is tarnishing all the good things she did with the new shit she releases.
  9. Katy Petty

    That’s what happens when you do too many drugs. She is a brainless vegetable that has to rely on others to make her “art”. No wonder the shit she makes only makes sense to her senile and damaged brain.
  10. Katy Petty

    Nah your opinion is dumb and no one agrees with you.
  11. Katy Petty

    Help Peasantry rearrange that sentence and teach her how to not be illiterate ty.
  12. Katy Petty

    Oh hello there. Yes I did. Did you?
  13. 911 is being praised as amazing, but relative to the vids she did when she was way younger are a lot more inventive and artistic. She lost what made her special and now she sticks to doing mediocre.
  14. Katy Petty

    No you’re wrong and your opinion is stupid
  15. Katy Petty


    YES one of the from the album. I hope they implement Chrom II
  16. Omg I would live if he recorded himself shitting on a Grammy
  17. Katy could use that you shit.
  18. Katy Petty

    Thanks I know we are superior. Now shoo away.
  19. Katy Petty

    Xtina fans are trash
  20. Katy Petty

    Crustina is a bitch and not as iconic as the other pop girls. Can you blame Mariah for forgetting the already forgettable oreo spokesperson?
  21. A joke whoever wrote made this list should quit.
  22. Katy Petty

    Cry About It Later added
  23. Katy Petty

    Not Taylor being pushed down by the pedo. I was someone tattooed 69 with angel wings on their back on twitter to tribute him. I was speechless.
  24. Katy Petty


    I have no idea when she will release music again now with Daisy. I don’t even want to think about it.