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  1. Pokémon and Katy some of my fave things together
  2. I play the shit out of the song. A workout jam. Godnus.
  3. Good shade Peasantry but Katy is a music legend darling. Post is cute too.
  4. Shits on Cunty B and Garbaj. Pity her stank attitude is in the way. SO. MANY. BOPS.
  5. Been hearing about her for ages and I still haven’t listened to one song.
  6. She looks good. Getting used to the new hair.
  7. It’s a bland album with bland visuals and nothing that sets it apart. As an era it feels uneventful compared to the past eras. She’s past her short lived prime.
  8. Congrats ROM payola does the body good.
  9. One of the worst things a fave has done. Poor her fans.
  10. Without Rih those feats wouldn’t be hits, they were hits cause of Rihallah
  11. Girl no one will think of you more as a D list celeb Not even close to Cockga and will never be compared to Moo
  12. Apparently you’re one since you can’t keep her out of your little brain
  13. Toilet Shit fans being annoying like always. Be happy your fave got a shot out.