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  1. Ew at the people in here. Imagine this was your mom/grandma. Put aside the politics and have some human decency.
  2. Rave Slave

    Why are you bringing Xtina into a Britney thread?
  3. Rave Slave

    Selena Gomez saviour of Pop
  4. Rave Slave

  5. Rave Slave

    Music Video

    The bitch is gunning for Video of the Year
  6. Rave Slave


    Her Joanne era is coming
  7. Sis I- Wouldnt even get them for 12 cents
  8. Queen of the illuminati, Satan and dead kittens
  9. This is a nightmare. Hoping for everyone’s safety
  10. Rave Slave

    Sad and pathetic
  11. Rave Slave


    Into You - 46 Touch It - 50 Thinking Bout You - 96