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  1. Omg Im gagging I cant I need more videos
  2. This is a nightmare. Hoping for everyone’s safety
  3. Rave Slave

    Sad and pathetic
  4. Rave Slave


    Into You - 46 Touch It - 50 Thinking Bout You - 96
  5. “Hottest band” idk if they’re talking about popularity or looks but sure jan to both possibilities
  6. I’m Latino so I’m not even surprised this happened Serves them right. They’ve been saying it for ages and its time for them to realize it’s not ok.
  7. Love your avatar sis! cloud1 

    1. Rave Slave

      Thanks queen they’re my two faves cloud1

    2. Bliss

      You're welcome! That's great :D

  8. YES I saw this video the other day my friend showed it to me and I was SNATCHED. A legend.
  9. I dont know any of my neighbors’ names let alone their social media Expose ha
  10. Rave Slave

    Yes I watch the Smurfs daily