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  1. It's a bop, but it has potential to become a Happy 2.0 and get on my nerves. I can totally see it being overplayed in the next few months.
  2. she looks like a cute baby ostrich .gif' alt='cry3'> so adorable
  3. That is why many people are starting to think feminism is a negative thing. He wasn't wearing it for the specific purpose of objectifying women, this is as always blown out of proportion. It's a bad shirt, but many people totally read into things too much.
  4. tommyoncé

    I never really got why Nicole is such a flop. She sings better than most pop girls out there, she can dance, she's sexy.. She seemingly has it all, but I don't get what's missing for her to slay as hard as she could.
  5. I really didn't expect this
  6. tommyoncé

    Gimme a Chance 40- Desperado 25 JFK 20 Wallace 30 Heavy Metal and Reflective 25 Ice Princess 30 Yung Rapunxel 30 Soda 25 Chasing Time 30 Luxury 20 Nude Beach a Go-Go 10 Miss Amor 35 Miss Camaraderie 10+
  7. someone's going to have to explain this, maybe even tonight at the VMAs. It's not silly enough to pull of this nazi imagery as a joke. It's too serious and the backlash is going to hit her hard this time.
  8. tommyoncé

    he's hot as fuck, why does he have to go with this sad mowgli of the jungle meets 90s Hugh Grant look.
  9. tommyoncé


    the first one
  10. tommyoncé

    It's cute. In some ways she's trying to replicate Hideaway's dance theme, but I like the "clothes turning into dancers" thing, even if it's a bit awkward and you can tell she's not 100% comfortable. I loved the part when the phone rings tho
  11. tommyoncé

    I can't at you two showing ARTPOP some mercy
  12. tommyoncé


    Court cases, Viola Davis slaying like the queen she is and countless gay sex scenes. If that's not the best new show in at least 5 years I don't know what is..
  13. tommyoncé

    Her acting was flawless all along, but that last scene this episode gave me CHILLS. wanted to snatch my own weave off as a sing of respect to her majesty queen Viola Davis
  14. tommyoncé


    I love her so so so much. Amazon is taking AGES to deliver Goddess to me, I've been searching for it for weeks and it's nowhere to be found in Italy. I don't even know if she's coming here with her tour, if she does I'll surely be in the front row dying from her perfection