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  1. probably my status, which means it's originally from tumblr anyway
  2. this sounds amazing I always thought she should have focused more on ballads, she's exceptional at them, she knows how to really make them emotional.
  3. I'm so so so excited for this If Ryan Murphy plays his cards right he can really give this, let's be honest, sinking show a new life. Gaga is not an actress but I hope, she'll prepare for this as she should! A Jessica Lange comparison would be absolutely pointless, there's no way she could outdo an Oscar winning actress in her whole lifetime, hopefully people will realise that!
  4. She's not going to alienate her fanbase completely in favor of the GP, let's be real. It just means she's going to tone it down a bit, focusing less on the shock factor, which always overshadowed her talent and is the reason why everyone didn't notice she could sing until last night. I honestly have no idea which sound she could go for tho I'm pretty certain EDM is done for her, she's going to keep the electronic sound but in a more "intimate" way. Jazz is awesome but not for a full original solo album, let's be real. And I hope she won't go for the indie/folk stuff which seems to be the n
  5. Yes, she could totally add "clairvoyant" to her resumé now She probably thought she could recover from the mess her last era was, but I don't think she could have ever imagine this kind of slayage happening
  6. This was so unexpected, she's rising from the ashes of the ARTPOP Era and everyone is so here for her That was truly THE performance of a lifetime
  7. Living For Love - 8 Devil Pray - 9 Ghosttown - 9 Unapologetic Bitch - 6 Illuminati - 7 Bitch I'm Madonna - 7 Hold Tight - 7 Joan of Arc - 10 Iconic - 8 Heartbreak City - 9 Body Shop - 6 Holy Water - 7 Inside Out - 7* Wash All Over Me - 6* Best Night - 7 Vedi Vidi Vici - 8 S.E.X. - 6 Messiah - 10 Rebel Heart - 7* Beautiful Scars - 7 Queen - 7 Borrowed Time - 8 Graffiti Heart - 6 Autotune Baby - 4 Addicted - 7 *would have been higher, but I loved the demos too much.
  8. she called it first single, but the first tweet said "first glimpse".. I don't mind the song, it's just that after her first big hiatus we were all expecting another kind of slayage. This song is not lead single material anyway seeing how she released 45s, we can expect her to drop R8 + another single unexpectedly in a few weeks.
  9. it's so great I'm speechless, if this is in the same direction of Honeymoon I'm all for it
  10. It's a bop, but it has potential to become a Happy 2.0 and get on my nerves. I can totally see it being overplayed in the next few months.
  11. Never Let You Go gives me strong Kylie's Fever teas, so good
  12. Body shop Graffiti Heart Tragic Girl Back That Up (Do It) Holy Water Nothing Lasts Forever still missing those six, nowhere to be found. If anyone finds a link can you pm me? thanks. Really curious to hear Holy Water, I want to hear for myself if it's that bad