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    Lets all enjoy "December Will Be Magic Again"! A little late for Christmas, but I hope you all had a great day. In terms of bonus tracks and b-sides, I love "Under The Ivy", "Be Kind To My Mistakes" and "You Want Alchemy"
  2. coolandonfire


    I love "Swimming Pools" from the Target edition, I think, such a great song. The whole album's brilliant.
  3. coolandonfire


    I love Kate Bush. Hello.
  4. coolandonfire


    The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It was brilliant!
  5. coolandonfire


    Her albums were excellent. I loved Because We Want To as a kid.
  6. coolandonfire


    I love the video more than the song. Move You is my favourite of the two new tracks.
  7. I saw that BBC programme, and completely agreed with it. When I worked in children's services I tried my best to act that way, too, as much as I could. Some parents are dead-set in their ways and you can't change that, but if a boy wanted to play in the kitchen or a girl wanted to play with the cars, who cares?
  8. I love this album! Thanks for sharing the videos.
  9. coolandonfire

    I don't collect vinyl, but I love seeing other people's collections! I have one record, which was my Dads, Fleetwood Mac - Rumours.
  10. coolandonfire

    I think it depends on how you express that preference, but I voted yes because whenever I see preferences come into play it's always a lot of "no Asians/no blacks" rubbish, and that to me is racist because it dismisses a whole group of people outright, regardless of how you might feel when you speak to or meet someone. You might have only dated people who aren't Asian or black before but that doesn't meant you can't or won't in the future. I hope that makes sense.
  11. It makes sense for them to create their own platform for their content, but it's so annoying having to go between services to watch what you want haha.
  12. coolandonfire

    Music Video

    My favourite video from the three they've released this year! It's great to have them back.
  13. coolandonfire

    Celeb News

    Truly deserved. I always think despite her success, she's always overlooked.