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    It wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time. If she had better hair and make-up, and a more flattering stage outfit, it wouldn't have had as much criticism as it did. Years ago someone did a photoshop of what they imagine it she could have looked like.
  2. coolandonfire


    Lets all enjoy "December Will Be Magic Again"! A little late for Christmas, but I hope you all had a great day. In terms of bonus tracks and b-sides, I love "Under The Ivy", "Be Kind To My Mistakes" and "You Want Alchemy"
  3. I've only heard his cover of Sunday Morning with Petite Meller, which I love, if this does get released with Lana I'll definitely check it out.
  4. coolandonfire


    I love "Swimming Pools" from the Target edition, I think, such a great song. The whole album's brilliant.
  5. coolandonfire


    God bless America and all the beautiful people in it
  6. coolandonfire


    Gorgeous song. It's almost like a culmination of everything she'd said in song up to that point.
  7. coolandonfire


    I love Kate Bush. Hello.
  8. coolandonfire


    Fantastic move! She looks so good.
  9. That's really good of her, makes me pleased to be a fan.
  10. coolandonfire

    Music Video

    Looking forward to it.
  11. coolandonfire


    The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It was brilliant!
  12. coolandonfire


    Her albums were excellent. I loved Because We Want To as a kid.
  13. coolandonfire


    I love the video more than the song. Move You is my favourite of the two new tracks.
  14. They aren't wrong. Absolutely one of the best, if not THE best.