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  1. Event

    I really like it, and I hope she'll post the full version of Peep Show some time too.
  2. Discussion

    I love it! And I think it was a great, unexpected, choice to cover this song.
  3. Discussion

    In The Zone, Blackout and Glory.
  4. Game

    Born to Die's cover is fantastic.
  5. Celeb News

    I love the return of the old logo! I like the cover, but there are things I'd improve. I think the border is too thick, and the photo of Lana could be framed better (there's too much space above her head). I think "Lust For Life" could be written across one line, with the embellished L's so it's not similar to the way Lana Del Rey is laid out at the top.
  6. I like the set up but they're very unflattering pics.
  7. I love Flatline so much, and it's sad how poorly it performed in the UK. A lot of their tracks leaked recently, and they're all very, very good. The album was shaping up to be something very special. I hope they can sort things out and get something released soon.
  8. Discussion

    I use #1.
  9. Other

    She looks amazing! People are speculating it was taken the same day as this because of the hair and necklace.
  10. Music Video

    Gorgeous video and one of her best.
  11. Discussion

    I like Video Games and West Coast best.
  12. Discussion

    I buy CDs from artists I'm a huge fan of, or albums that I really like. Everything else I get digitally.
  13. Rumor

    I'm excited.
  14. Rumor

    Here for it! I love that she's using billboards to signal the start of an era again.