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  1. To everyone else undefinedMerry Christmas & Happy New Year <3

  2. Don't vote on the polls! I got banned just because I didn't win! How this that fair though! Yes, I am pissed! If the person who made the post see this, up yours! kesha7

    1. sonowgoodbye

      What are you on about eve1

    2. Chris Morlock

      Is this about the Until Dawn game?

  3. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    She has an amazing voice. Here some of her songs...
  4. ChristinaAguileraismyidol


    I love Joss Stone I heard a little bit of her Fell in Love with a Boy & had to find out who was singing it. Glad I did, she is amazing & needs more fans!
  5. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Thanks, I been on here for awhile but I forgot about this website.
  6. ChristinaAguileraismyidol


    1. Deserve 2. Unless It's With You 3. I Don't Need It Anymore, I know it's just an interlude, but I love the belt. 4. Masochist 5. Maria 6. Twice 7. Pipe 8. Sick Of Sittin' 9. Fall In Line 10. Like I Do 11. Right Moves 12. Dreamers 13. Searching For Maria 14. Accelerate, love the song, not the video. 15. Liberation, needed more lyrics, sorry, Christina you know you my girl, but still Man that was hard!
  7. ChristinaAguileraismyidol


    I don't skip any. I love the whole album But to all who say they skip Dreamers, you all do know Summer Rain is on that track, right? Not sure where through.
  8. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Yes, to an extent. I am sick & tried of things being held over womens head for months or years. But if a man does or say something stupid it's forgotten almost immediately. But on the flip side some "feminist" & I used that word loosely think all men are guilty because they're men
  9. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

  10. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Mae West I'm No Angel. I love olden days voices & actors.
  11. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Selena 's Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti R.I.P Selena twenty years today
  12. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    What kinda Xtina stan is you!? My Results: Xtina Warrior!!! u slay any n every bitch whu tawk shit about gawdtina even if its ya mama, daddy or handicap grandmama. you sat hoes down left n rite havin them incrusted in tha ground frum a good stompin!
  13. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Emilie Autumn's One Foot In Front Of The Other.
  14. ChristinaAguileraismyidol

    Christina Aguilera :I'm Ok Oh Mother You Lost Me Stronger Than Ever Blank Page Demi Lovato: For The Love Of A Daughter Warrior Celine Dion: Think Twice Because You Loved Me Mindy McCready: I'm Still Here Walk In Glory Ten Thousand Angels Maybe He'll Notice Her Now Breakin it I'm Not So Tough Martina McBride: Concrete Angel A Broken Wing I'm Gonna Love You Through It Independence Day