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  1. To everyone else undefinedMerry Christmas & Happy New Year <3

  2. Don't vote on the polls! I got banned just because I didn't win! How this that fair though! Yes, I am pissed! If the person who made the post see this, up yours! kesha7

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    I love Joss Stone I heard a little bit of her Fell in Love with a Boy & had to find out who was singing it. Glad I did, she is amazing & needs more fans!
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    Mae West I'm No Angel. I love olden days voices & actors.
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    Selena 's Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti R.I.P Selena twenty years today
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    What kinda Xtina stan is you!? My Results: Xtina Warrior!!! u slay any n every bitch whu tawk shit about gawdtina even if its ya mama, daddy or handicap grandmama. you sat hoes down left n rite havin them incrusted in tha ground frum a good stompin!
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    Emilie Autumn's One Foot In Front Of The Other.
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    Christina Aguilera :I'm Ok Oh Mother You Lost Me Stronger Than Ever Blank Page Demi Lovato: For The Love Of A Daughter Warrior Celine Dion: Think Twice Because You Loved Me Mindy McCready: I'm Still Here Walk In Glory Ten Thousand Angels Maybe He'll Notice Her Now Breakin it I'm Not So Tough Martina McBride: Concrete Angel A Broken Wing I'm Gonna Love You Through It Independence Day
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    Just A Fool <3
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    The Backyardigans: The Backyardigans Grove To The Music. Celine Dion: Unison Celine Dion The Colour Of My Love Falling Into You Lets Talk About Love These Are The Special Times A New Day Has Come One Heart Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert All the Way... A Decade of Song The Collector's Series, Volume One Celtic Woman: Celtic Woman A Christmas Celebration Lullaby The Greatest Journey Songs From The Heart Home For Christmas Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera Mi Reflejo My Kind Of Christmas Stripped Back To Basics Bionic Lotus Just Be Free Keeps Gettin Better A Decade Of Hits Burlesque I Turn To You single Just Be Free single Britney Spears: In The Zone ...Baby One More Time Britney Circus Demi Lovato : Camp Rock Don't Forget Here We Go Again Unbroken Emilie Autumn : Opheliac Opheliac The Deluxe Edition Within Temptation : Mother Earth The Silent Force The Heart Of Everything Epica : The Divine Conspiracy Mindy McCready: Ten Thousand Angels Many more I just don't feel like listing.
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    Lady Marmalade from the voice.
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    Geine In A Bottle
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    Shattered Glass
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    Sleazy<- my favorite from Ke$ha <3
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    I love both.But Warrior seems more personal to me.
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    A lot of these I just picked. As I've said before she has no bad songs. THE DEBUT Favorite: Blessed Least favorite:When You Put Your Hands On Me STRIPPED Favorite:Fighter Least favorite: I'm Ok <- only because I been through an abusive relationship,plus it makes me cry. BACK TO BASICS Favorite: Save Me From Myself Least favorite: Enter The Circus <- only because her voice isn't on it. Still my favorite album. BIONIC Favorite: Bionic Least favorite: Woohoo <- I don't like sex songs that much. LOTUS Favorite: Just A Fool Least favorite: Cease Fire MI REFLEJO Favorite: Si No Te Hubiera Conocido Least favorite: Cuando No Es Contigo Just Be Free Favorite: Just Be Free {Spanish version} Least favorite: Believe Me {Dance Mix}
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    Thanks <3
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    Couldn't agree more!
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    Couldn't agree more This was my favortie performance next to The Reggae version of What A Girl Wants & I hate Reggae music.
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    As much as I love my idol! Man that was hard. THE DEBUT Overrated: Genie In A Bottle Underrated: Love Will Find A Way The Best: Reflection STRIPPED Overrated: Dirrty Underrated: Infatution The Best:Fighter BACK TO BASICS Overrated: Ain't No Other Man Underrated: Here To Stay The Best: Save Me From Myself BIONIC Overrated: Not Myself Tonight Underrated: Birds Of Prey The Best: You Lost Me/Stronger Than Ever <- my two personal favorites LOTUS Overrated: Your Body Underrated: Just A Fool The Best: all of them
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    A Proud Fighter & always will be <3
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    Ain't No Other Man