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  1. here

    Salt and vinegar is the best chip flavor. Why?

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    2. Hylia

      Sour cream and onion or overrated sisters

    3. Dr. Slay

      What you said is considered a sin btw

  2. Except literally everyone DID talk about it. She got flack from the moment she announced she worked with R. Kelly. It was one of the major defining moments that made ARTPOP's era decline before the video had even been filmed.
  3. No one in Migos is a convicted rapist and pedophile though. That's what made the music video for DWUW messy.
  4. I doubt it'll touch the messiness of DWUW's video alone. The backlash when details and snippets of the videos leaked was MASSIVE. I'm just glad she never released it. And on the topic of backlash alone, I don't think any era will ever come close to Erotica.
  5. Most people are mad mainly because of their homophobic comment. She's worked with people who have said and done worse before though, so people really should just get over it regardless.
  6. Exactly. Are the stans gonna lynch Katy for collabing with Snoop Dogg, who has made transphobic Instagram posts, or B.o.B., who has released a song with anti-Semitic lyrics? Pop girls work with shitty people all the time. It's not reflective of their own beliefs.
  7. Excited in spite of the mess this has caused!
  8. Sure, a homophobic statement is tragic, but does that really compare to her first 3 albums literally being produced by an actual rapist? Or the fact that she released a song on her first album called Ur So Gay? One measly Migos verse is not gonna hurt anything.
  9. here

    I don't really get the hate over Migos being on BA? She's had tragic artists feature on some of her best singles before.

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    2. Kuba

      I'm sure I'll still enjoy it, trash rap features haven't really interrupted my Kety experience in the past!


      My main issue is that featuring them calls her "wokeness" into question sia3 I also wanted a female collab, is that too much to ask?? 

    3. Hermione

      32 minutes ago, Kuba said:

      My main issue is that featuring them calls her "wokeness" into question sia3

      As if everything else Katy has ever said or done didn't already do this! wendy1 

    4. Kuba

      Drag her a bit! gaycat1

      Migos actually apologized for their homophobic comments, so I guess that kinda makes me feel better about it. Can't wait for a BOP! 

  10. bitch better have my money

    1. Hylia

      Sending the carrier pigeon!

  11. Yes we owe a lot to our janitorial crew members!
  12. "she thought the singer's music was shit" Jazzi hunty
  13. I'll head to Walmart tomorrow to ask Jazzy if she's up for it