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  1. here

    b*#$h 😤😡


  2. Literally any other Robyn song could’ve for the OP except this one
  3. Wasn’t Feels a slight hit?
  4. You are so fucking disgusting
  5. here

    Sometimes... I think you want to me to touch you... but how can I... WHEN YOU BUILD THE GREAT WALL AROUND YOU


    1. Body Language


      Is what I sip my tea frommmmm


  6. Gays will NOT be ringing that doorbell #Twinks4God
  7. General News

    Mess, Chapter One was really good. Hope she finds another label.
  8. I can do Tori, @Taylor can do Taylor, @Sylk can do JLo, @Dookie Quill. @Dr. Slay, and @TattooedHeart can do Ariana, and so on!
  9. Omg your voice How was Light Years her first #1 album in Australia? More stans need to do videos like them though, this series is great. Us and @Skyline are coming for that Tori YouTube channel!
  10. Where do you first come in?
  11. “You’re light years away from some kind of bliss, and many say I’m so high” *deletes internet*