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  1. Hylia

    Yes #NotMyGayIcon
  2. Hylia

    Miss Butera is bigger than Jesus!
  3. a-baby-was-born-in-hospital-laughing-ins


    ”The more the nurses beat him” is sending me 

  4. Hylia

    Whenever I’d see someone mention Blackpink and YG, I always assumed they meant the rapper YG and always wondered what he had to do with them. I just did a quick google search, and discovered the truth. Just thought I’d share this little anecdote.
  5. Hylia


    I’m so used to giving and now I get to receive
  6. Hylia


    2019 is truly giving the gays what we want
  7. Hylia

    I personally never saw their appeal in general. Destiny’s Child and TLC out-girl grouped.
  8. Sylk here

    willow when someone plays jlo on guitar


  9. People don’t hate Xtina because she’s a flop, they hate Xtina cause you’re a flop