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  1. Hylia

    Celeb News

    All this tea is incredible my wig is ready to FLY
  2. Hylia

    Celeb News

    I love those so I’m ready
  3. Hylia

    Celeb News

    A cultural reset A cultural reset [2]
  4. Flux is still the best song from the album so far Power is also a huge bop, we love to hear it! I’m glad the era is finally starting up
  5. Hylia


    Fry ha! Grill ha! Order a #6 with a large coke ha!
  6. Hylia


    Not Sine From Above shade when it’s about to be a masterpiece
  7. I hate that Gwen and Blake having sex is now a thought that’s been introduced to my mind
  8. Hylia here


    1. Urbi

      Iconic scene from Radio Rebel

  9. Release that face mask as merch immediately queen
  10. Traveling to Chromatica for the ceremonial planting of Daisies, their official flower!
  11. Hylia


    The title makes me think of Aura, so I’m expecting bad bitch energy
  12. Hylia


    I was hoping you wouldn’t catch me before the edit I’ll take Enigma!
  13. Hylia


  14. Hylia here


    1. Princess Aurora

      That's what I call promo ny1 

  15. Hylia


    Short songs don’t bother me as long as they pop off. Now just put the titles on there queen