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  1. Her Hamburglar era is here
  2. here


    1. Daenerys

      @Sylk's profile?

    2. Sylk

      @Daenerys I'm a power bottom, ain't nothing weak here but my self-esteem

  3. He doesn't have a Shakira award though?
  4. @Ryan's legacy has to be continued some how
  5. Tea, and it's even better than other confessional dance albums released during the last decade, yet people don't wanna acknowledge her
  6. On her maternal side there was a Dr. Tetrahydrocannabinol Pure Isomer Dronabinol!


    1. Sylk


      Dr. Tetrahydrocannabinol Pure Isomer Dronabinol!



      Mom I want to forna... I mean formulate


  7. here

    queen of acting like she didn't know she was being filmed


    1. Hylia

      I'm straight suddenly

  8. So possible iTunes pre-order next Thursday?
  9. Britney had a good thing going until Glory. I'm just gonna pretend the Japan Tour Edition cover is the real one.
  10. Super late quote but Burns also produced Britney's Make Me
  11. Mary J. Blige is so underrated these days, he better stan.