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  1. Hylia

    All that I can say at this point is that she actually is the worst.
  2. Well release it then
  3. But who cares, when Ariana is getting red updates and Taylor is scanning people’s faces? /sarcasm
  4. Oh no, now how will Ariana put food on the table.
  5. Hylia


    I’ve been saying and preaching that it’s her best album but no one listened to me!
  6. Imagine being mad over this, but supporting an artist that actively supports rapists, murderers, and pedophiles.
  7. Hylia


    Happy birthday legend!
  8. Hylia


    She’s coming for you now that you leaked the album cover
  9. But if we could choose between Whonitta and Pedophicki Criminaj, I’d defeinitely take an Anita collab
  10. Perhaps a single in January or February? Watch this be for a new line of MDNA deodorant