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  1. The modern Coco Chanel
  2. Fair enough
  3. My apologies, the official audio isn't on her channel so I copied the first one that I found
  4. Music Video

    How could I forget the QUEEN of the side ponytail? It saddens me that she disappeared, she was such a fun mess
  5. Music Video

    Omg she's the Lady Sovereign of the 2010s
  6. Then lead them astray, perhaps to a remote village without wifi please
  7. @Sylk come collect these new lambs, they're almost as bad as the fossils
  8. I don't care if you remember her, I'm just sick of seeing the shade thrown at the existence her section. People can either educate themselves, or they can keep quiet and move along, it's that simple.
  9. It's out now on iTunes and streaming services for those of you across the globe.
  10. @Entea since I STILL see you throwing shade, maybe you'd like to educate yourself?
  11. Performance

    I like what I've seen, I need to look at more videos.
  12. Considering you're the first person I've seen enjoy the Rebel Heart Tour, I'd say that you're wrong.
  13. Rihanna is keeping a certain stan base shook and insecure I see.