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  1. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

    The fumes at him he’s a harmless and super nice guy, there’s plenty of other actually shitty online celebrities to waste your time dragging.
  2. Bizarre Shane Dawson tries selling his underwear for $100k

    He does this kind of stuff all the time it’s more alarming if someone actually buys it than him simply putting it up for sale.
  3. More legendary: I Will Always Love You vs My Heart Will Go On

    This is as bad as someone asking who Whitney is
  4. Reverse racism is real

    Dolly’s remains superior as well!
  5. What about all the other girls that performed?

    Dating Justin Bieber would steal away anyone’s optimism.
  6. Why is Memoirs that album?

    What I never turned
  7. The Utopia Lounge

    I haven’t listened to the leak because of time constraints + I’m an official release kind of gal, but I don’t doubt it’ll be my AOTY. Definitely doing the megarate as well!
  8. FOTP Big Brother 7

    If you ever decide to start the game back up, I’m always open for doing the after show again!
  9. When a relative comes through your line and buys lube orangu1 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NicoleRichiePurpleHair.jpg

      I’m so sorry, Sylvester’s toe got stuck in the drain again. You know how he is.

    3. Hylia

      His wife was with him so I know exactly who it was for! orangu1 

    4. Kenny Mccormick

      You know what they’re gonna be doing tonight cheryl1


      Using the lube on their slide in the garden so their kid(s) can slide down on it easily since it hasn’t been working properly for the past 3 months 


  10. EP Qveen Herby | EP 2 | December 1, 2017

    EP of the year incoming
  11. Achievement Fenty Beauty is one of the Best Inventions 2017 by TIME

    She thought the song was about toxic shock syndrome for some reason, honestly though your guess is as good as mine
  12. Achievement Fenty Beauty is one of the Best Inventions 2017 by TIME

  13. Still only getting it if it has EVERYTHING. I need my critically panned Disney princess sequels to watch 24/7