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  1. Shake it up!


    Throw your hands up and get loose!


    Cut a rug!


  2. I can't wait for Lana to join Fleetwood Mac!
  3. God bless us and our beautiful taste!
  4. Where my Summer Bummer stans @?
  5. It gets better with each listen
  6. Came across this yesterday and it's pretty cute
  7. Rumor

    I've seen speculation that due to the potential of Praying becoming a hit, they're stopping the promo singles to focus on it solely
  8. Omg Yes as Just Dance app superstar Akiko Glitter!
  9. I think you mean Unrepentant Geraldines!
  10. Little Earthquakes listening thread is coming ladies
  11. At least we'll forget the LFL singles ranking
  12. Is it bad I kinda wanna see that movie just for the kiis
  13. Can we host Tori ones