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  1. Hylia


    So I’ll mark that down as an 11!
  2. Mariah wishes she released the Cherrytree Sessions
  3. Hylia


    I promise this is the only time I’ll use the snake taglist! Just letting everyone know that this is here.
  4. Hylia


    The rumors that we were getting a 9 minute lead single too. Our girls have been snorting some snake scales
  5. Serving Ruto waiting to be picked up by Link inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly teas
  6. Hylia


    Off to a controversial start!
  7. Haven’t had one of these in a while. Rules are that I’ll post one song per day, and anyone that wants to can come in and give the song a rating from 1 to 10. The only decimal allowed is .5, so don’t come in here with that 7.4 or 9.89 bullshit. Let me know if you’d like to be on the taglist! First song is: All Too Well Taglist:
  8. Hylia here


    1. Joel

      She’s regretting not taking the coat 

    2. Brinty Tips For Gays

      ugh @2007 Britney i miss you legendgaga1 make another dupe please

  9. Hylia

    Joanne is not worth these fumes sweetie The divorce is finalized!
  10. Sylk here

    Hylia i write this to you LIVE: the creme brown and white cat is back and cleaning herself while laying down and there's another cat shorter; perhaps a kitten, white and black striped, she appears to be sleeping directly onto the window slide railing. The larger cat does not appear to be threatened by the younger one or vice vers- oh oh wait a minute WAIT A MIN the younger cat is awake and is licking herself I CONFIRM SHE IS LICKING HERSELF 

    1. Hylia

      Where is my wig?

  11. Hylia

    Can’t wait for the same Tori Amos shade