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  1. Hylia


    This all sounds so incredible
  2. Better than just linking the source and not putting any of the article in the op I guess.
  3. Hylia


    About Dark Ballet "No, the intro is similar to Future Lovers and a hint of spoken Rescue Me. (That might be very subjective). She sings Dark Ballet in a very haunting voice. The arrangement is pretty much the same as the Met Gala performance, but much more dramatic and orchestral with sound effects. Very advant-garde. You disbelievers will stop complaining. This song will shut your mouth for sure. Very interesting production with chopped sinister strings that "stops" abruptly. Very Mirwais. Reminiscent to another fan favourite song he also produced for a movie. "Dark Ballet" is one of the more multi-dimensional, sonically innovative produced tracks. Lots of piano, violin and dramatic effects.  I've heard she's been using some innovative new studio teqniques creating new sound effects for a more sonically unorthodox mix of effects. A landscape of sound effects to the right and left fields of your speakers."
  4. Hylia

    Let me prepare my coins for a James Charles Morphe palette. #SisterSupport
  5. Hylia here

    Girl on the stairs is me every time I see @Madame X‘s signature



    1. Madame X

      I'm not gonna lie. I have a clown fetish after this movie.


    2. Hylia

      Maybe he can get it without the makeup


  6. Hylia

    Idk why I’m just seeing this I haven’t seen it yet, but I plan to soon!
  7. Hylia


    I can’t believe you’re saying that too