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  1. Hylia


    This is incredible
  2. Hylia

    Celeb News

    The way The Haylor Song chanteuse SNAPPED
  3. Hylia


    Sign me up
  4. Delayed until next Friday because the Pablo collab is still being mixed anyway here’s the cover
  5. Hylia

    Cyndi Lauper wins via talent, quality, not being a pedo, etc!
  6. I was one of those Tbh they got me when I found out the underrated Disney Princess sequels like The Little Mermaid II and Cinderella III would be on it.
  7. Hylia here

    My attention span leaving the room during Lola until Alice’s hook starts again


  8. @Freaky Prince’s stan card has been launched even farther into deep space
  9. That’s an insult to Trouble in Paradise
  10. Hylia

    Thank you Camila for the many cackles your career gives us
  11. I think most people here agree that both are shitty people
  12. Hylia


    She’s actually coming
  13. Hylia

    If we can just leave Camila behind I’ll be happy