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  1. The 2010s have had a ton of shitty, unlistenable hits whose popularity and chart topping make no sense, but Dance Monkey is by FAR the worst of them all. I can’t even stomach the whole iTunes preview. Chile give the girl a glass of water and a lozenge.

    1. Jake


      God, preach it jj4 It is literally Cheerleader but 3x as worse. The grating vocals, the absolute basicness behind it all... Please STOP listening to this @ GP

    2. Venom


      Pls Cheerleader may have been generic as hell but it doesn't deserve this comparison

    3. fab


      It's pretty bad.. but there have been FAR worse, e.g.

      Watch Me (Nae Nae)

      The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

      Written In The Stars

      Black Widow

      Summer and My Way (Calvin Harris) 

      Don't Wanna Know (Maroon 5) 

      Lucid Dreams 

      No Brainer and Be The One (DJ Khaled) 


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