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  1. Hylia


    The first song of her’s I’ve loved since Con Altura
  2. Hylia

    Video Game

    About half and half. If I have the light on then on TV, but if my light is off then I play it handheld. I also take it in the car a lot for long trips so it probably is about 50/50.
  3. Hylia

    Video Game

    I have a Switch, Wii U, a few DS’s, a few 3DS’s, and a PS2. I wouldn’t be surprised if my Switch has one of my highest play times ever, due to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Pokemon Shield alone.
  4. Demi will debut the song live at the Grammys this Sunday, after which the song will be officially released.
  5. Hylia


    This era is MPG tingz
  6. Ariana should press charges
  7. Shout out to the Zedd remix of BTW. I don’t like it more than the original, but it’s neat that they later on worked together on ARTPOP
  8. I’ve always liked the remix of Come Clean on Most Wanted more than the original
  9. She wants love in one song and doesn’t want it in the next. Indecisive legend
  10. Hylia

    Keep it civil please.
  11. Hylia

    Ma’am, the song is a BOP