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  1. Hylia


    I’m feeling like a butterfly trapped inside a plane Maybe there’s something going on I’m not insane
  2. I’ve always loved the deluxe one. Warrior and ARTPOP’s covers have always reminded me of each other because of how flashy and loud they are, but in a way that makes them fun to look at.
  3. Hylia


    @Freaky Prince to his stan card if she becomes bedridden, giving her more time to tweet
  4. Hylia


    Album of the year and tahts on periodt luv!
  5. Hylia

    Are her singles leading up to a sophomore release?
  6. Hylia

    Uffie’s debut album pops OFF
  7. Hylia


    Hopefully this leads to an actual album this time
  8. Hylia

    Clarity and Shinin’
  9. An act of homophobia that she can only stamp out by releasing it tonight!