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    1. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      That's what I call promo ny1 

  2. Wait there’s a Twitter for the Department of Justice and Defense Force too
  3. The Chromatica Records Office and Chromatica Supreme Court ones good

    1. Entea


      I've seen it all now omg rip4

  5. 2 months of quarantine have seemingly reversed all of my social skills I’ve learned in life. I’m literally shook because I just ordered a pizza in person and I had to ask the guy to repeat a question orangu1 

    1. ajp


      You got confused by 8” or 12” question brit16

  6. @Daenerys @Hyun. did you guys finish season 3 of Westworld?
  7. +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +gagaboppingtostupidlove+ forums that still use the :emotename: format need to catch up
  8. Omg the ancientry… babylon!
  9. Omg now THAT was a classic! I still remember when they unveiled it piece by piece.zip and they held that photoshop contest where people used that image
  10. I found one on YouTube yesterday but UMG battled for their life and now it’s gone
  11. One of her best albums musically and visually is coming I fear
  12. Loving the positivity btw! Some may complain about this era but it’s been a serve for me ma’am
  13. The way I’m screaming (spoiler: it does actually contain the previously leaked snippet)
  14. Hey mama

    1. Holiest Dreams

      Holiest Dreams

      Put your paws up Little Modlias


  15. Doot DOOT doot doot doot doot DOOT doot

    You want a hot body?

    You want a bugatti?

    You want a maserati?

    You better work BITCH!