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    "Smirk" Jill

    "Bitches Got Me Fucked Up" Jill

    "Secret Smirk" Jill

    "Reported, Blocked, & Shaded in NHB" Jill

    "Suck My Ass" Jill

    "Shy" Jill

    "Coy" Jill

    "Cock.mp3" Jill

    "An Aurora Teagarden Mystery" Jill

    "When's our anniversary, Tim?" Jill

    "Tell Me" Jill

    "Sylk Quoted Me In a Topic and Now I'm Uncomfortable" Jill

  2. Hylia
    I'm strictly doing her studio albums only, soundtracks and what not aren't included. I'm keeping the descriptions brief for the time being, but I may get more into my thoughts if I do more of these blogs.
    1. Ray of Light

    Ray of Light, like Kylie's Impossible Princess and Janet's The Velvet Rope, was both an artistic and musical breakthrough. I would've liked to have witnessed that whole era of music first hand.  Ray of Light just sounds so beachy, and at times icy to me and it really relaxes me. Great album for road trips, night time, or basically whenever you wanna listen to talent!
    2. Music

    Music is kinda like Ray of Light's sister that moved to the Wild West and proceeded to beat up every misogynistic man she encountered in the local saloon. When I first got into Madonna about 6 years ago I didn't really like Music, but the more I listened to it the more I fell in love with it. Music was truly ahead of its time, and in my opinion, would still sound fresh if released today.
    3. Bedtime Stories

    I grew up listening to a lot of R&B artists/groups from the 90s, like Aaliyah, Brandy, Monica, TLC, Destiny's Child etc so this album hit the spot for me right from the first listen. When I listen to Bedrime Stories I feel like I'm in a super luxurious hotel watching Madonna play in a large ballroom. This album truly has no fillers, in my opinion.
    4. Erotica

    Erotica is surprisingly tame when you look at the title and compare it with her SEX book. She perfectly juggled being both provocative and classy with the lyrics on Erotica and even threw in some fun samples like Vogue in Deeper and Deeper, Justify My Love in Waiting, etc. Fot a long time, Erotica was my favorite by her, but it presently being lower than before doesn't mean I like it any less.
    5. American Life

    As a lover of both folk and electronic music, I absolutely adore this album. Musically and lyrically, this album is a major triumph, especially after having to live up to Ray of Light and Music. The political lyrics mesh well with the more personal lyrics to create what is, in my opinion, one of her rawest albums to date.
    6. Confessions on a Dancefloor

    Like Music, this album took a long time to grow on me, except Confessions took MUCH longer. When listened to all the way through, Confessions is a fun and adventurous musical experience but I sometimes have a hard time listening to some of the tracks individually. Like Music, I truly believe this album would sound fresh if released today.
    7. Rebel Heart

    I've given Rebel Heart a lot of flack, but over time I've come to really like it. At times, it has some of her rawest lyrics since American Life, but also some pretty cringey lyrics, which I can overlook in cases like Bitch I'm Madonna and Holy Water, since I shamelessly bop to both of those. It does unfortunately have two of my least favorite Madonna songs, which are S.E.X. and Best Night (the latter of which is the definition of filler) but the S.E.X. demo at least bops so oh well!
    8. MDNA

    I know I'm gonna get flack for putting MDNA anywhere that isn't last place, but like Turn Up the Radio on the Hot 100, my fucks to give simply aren't there! MDNA was released close to a vacation my family took that year and it was also the first album she released after I became a fan, so it holds a lot of great memories for me. MDNA has several bops and while it's not boundary pushing like her previous releases, I still find it to be a fun listen.
    9. Hard Candy

    Hard Candy, like MDNA, gets a lot of hate. Also like MDNA, anyone wanting to challenge me over the position of this album can have a seat in the waiting room! My intern @Sylk will take care of you. Hard Candy was the end of a streak of marvelous albums for Madonna but I still enjoy it nonetheless.
    10. True Blue

    True Blue is a wonderful 80s pop album, with some of her biggest moments in her career like Open Your Heart and Papa Don't Preach. True Blue contains one of my all time favorite Madonna ballads by her, which is Live to Tell, and also has many songs rife with that gay 80s pop sound that ruled basically the entire decade.
    11. Madonna

    I don't really have much to say here. Madonna is a good debut album, albeit a bit fillerish.
    12. Like a Prayer

    Like a Prayer has spectacular lyrics, but I just can't get into it that much musically. I really want this one to grow on me.
    13. Like a Virgin

  3. Hylia
    Gonna reverse things this time and do it least fave to fave this time!
    12. Enjoy Yourself

    I feel like I do too much on this album. It has some cute bops, but nothing really stands out here (except My Secret Heart, which stands out as TRAGIC).
    11. Kylie

    While Kylie is far more enjoyable than Enjoy Yourself, it's still a bit fillerish.
    10. Rhythm of Love

    This is her first album that I truly feel is great. It's just an overall fun and enjoyable album.
    9. Let's Get to It

    Let's Get to It is vastly underrated among other Kylie stans. This was her first true step towards a more mature sound, and it serves as a great transition between Rhythm of Love and Kylie Minogue.
    8. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite is good and all, but it's TOO camp for me. Light Years is campier than Aphrodite, but Aphrodite does it in a way that's not as enjoyable for me. I still love it though.
    7. Light Years

    This album has a few duds that drag it down for me, like Spinning Around, Please Stay, and Butterfly, but it's still amazing.
    6. Fever

    Fever is iconic to me in that Love At First Sight was everywhere here when I was 5, and was therefore my first Kylie song. Fever just has such sleek production, and in my opinion it would sound fresh if released today.
    5. X

    This album is filled to the brim with severe pussy popping bops! Like Aphrodite, it even features work by Calvin Harris that's not shitty, which is extremely rare.
    4. Kiss Me Once

    I would like to invite anyone that has a problem with Kiss Me Once being this high to take a Jupiter sized seat! I don't get the hate for this album at all. The only songs I'm not fond of are Les Sex and Beautiful.
    3. Body Language

    This album has absolutely no fillers. Kylie sounds AMAZING when tackling urban music. Everything about this album and its era is top notch.
    2. Kylie Minogue

    This is where Kylie got a bit more experimental with her sound. She sounds absolutely fantastic while mixing genres like new jack swing, house, and jazz. Once again, this album is just top notch.
    1. Impossible Princess
    Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show stopping. Never the same. Totally unique. Completely not ever been done before. Unafraid to reference or not reference. Put it in a blender. Shit on it. Vomit on it. Eat it. Give birth to it.
  4. Hylia
    Like most people, coming out has been a timely process, and I'm just talking about preparing for it. I made a promise to myself two years ago that I would come out to my parents by the time I was 20. Here's the fun part. I turn 20 NEXT MONTH.  It's not even about the goal anymore, but rather I feel that the time is coming. Today at an appointment with my psychiatrist, we got to talking about politics and particularly Donald Trump and his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. My psychiatrist was talking about Rosie's strained relationship with her daughter and wondered if her daughter might have homophobic tendencies, and I kinda blurted out "that's something I wanna talk to my parents about. Coming out". It was that moment that for the first time ever, I've told someone in real life that I'm gay. We talked a lot about coming out and she told me that from the times she's talked to my mom (my mom also sees her for other reasons) that my mom always seems proud of me and that she doesn't think that my parents will have a problem with it. She reassured me that no matter what my parents' initial reaction is, that things will will work out in the end. She was so supportive and I really feel like I've took a major step for myself and that I'm finally starting this journey I've wanted to start for a very long time now. 
    I also must must thank all of you on FOTP. Being able to talk to all of you on here, I haven't felt alone with my sexuality considering I live in the Bible Belt. I hope that soon I'm able to post part 2 with my parents' reaction, and I hope that part 2 is filled with good news.
  5. Hylia
    I know I've shaded Gaga numerous times on here, but I was actually a major stan at one point. I wouldn't say that I had unstanned, but I definitely stopped listening to her nearly as much as I used to. However, last week, I went back through Gaga's albums and found myself slain again, so here we are!
    1. Born This Way

    Born This Way was one of my first experiences in the "stan world", and it also came out when I was in 9th grade and figuring out my sexuality. This albums has just always been really special to me for those reasons, but also because I feel like it truly has no fillers, as I legitimately enjoy every song on this record. My favorite song has switched multiple times, from Judas to Americano, then to Fashion of His Love, and now it's Black Jesus + Amen Fashion.
    2. The Fame Monster

    I used to say that the song Monster sounded super dated, but after listening to it the other day I found myself enjoying it. Like Born This Way, I don't see any song on The Fame Monster as being a filler.
    3. ARTPOP

    After my listen through of ARTPOP last week, I came to the conclusion that this album is indeed messy, but in a fun sort of way. ARTPOP is much better when you ignore the all the seriousness and "reverse warholism" that ruled Gaga's statements about this album. The only songs I don't like are Fashion! and Dope.
    4. The Fame

    The Fame is a good debut album and I like most of it, but I still don't like the way her voice sounds on it at times.
  6. Hylia
    Her debut album OnlySee will not be included here due to its rarity, as I have not listened to it myself.
    1. Colour the Small One

    This album is, for the most part, pretty acoustic. I don't wanna be one of those people that complains about an artist getting poppier with their recent releases, but I'd love if she did another album in a similar vein to this one. It's just a beautiful and relaxing album.
    2. Some People Have Real Problems

    This album is a pretty quirky pop album with a lot of acoustic undertones, and I love it for that. This is one of those albums that I could picture being played in a cute cafe. Just an overall wonderful album.
    3. We Are Born

    Like Some People Have Real Problems, this album has a fun, quirky nature to it. Shying away from her previous folk ventures and more into an alt pop and at times, alt rock sound, We Are Born was the album that began her shift into a more mainstream area of music.
    4. Healing Is Difficult

    This album is vastly different than anything else she's released (not counting OnlySee). Sia's lyricism on Healing Is Difficult tends to be darker and set to a more trip hop/electronic sound at times. This record does a pretty good job at capturing that signature underground 90s sound.
    5. This Is Acting

    This Is Acting is good proof that she's capable of writing outside of her own artistic vision. Not much else to say here.
    6. 1,000 Forms of Fear

    It's not very good, is it?
  7. Hylia
    Like with Madonna, I'm merely doing her studio albums. I know many people here aren't familiar with Tori, but oh well!
    1. Scarlet's Walk

    Scarlet's Walk is a concept album where Tori sings from the point of view of Scarlet, a fictional character loosely based upon herself. Scarlet's story leads her through the United States, and while learning more about herself tales of US history and society are woven into her life. Religion, politics, tragedy, homophobia among other topics are prominent themes in Scarlet's journey, set against Tori's signature baroque pop and piano rock sound, this time accompanied by a guitar, adding in some folky layers.
    2. From the Choir Girl Hotel

    This album isn't live in a technical sense. This is another one of Tori's concept albums, this time taking place within the titular Choir Girl Hotel. Each song is a character of sorts that is staying at the hotel, with their stories flourishing and coming to life during their stay. This is one of Tori's more expire mental albums, blending electronica with harder elements of rock. Lyrically, I'd say this one is at least in the top 3 with her rawest and most personal lyrics.
    3. Boys for Pele

    Boys for Pele is, without a doubt, her rawest album to date. Even Tori still thinks of it as her rawest work. The title is a reference to the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele, with the album itself being very aware and open about the mystique of the feminine persona. Although her two albums preceding this one are fantastic, I feel like this album is where she truly found herself musically. The harpsichord also appears a lot on this album, which is a large contributor to my love for it. 
    4. The Beekeeper

    The Beekeeper is hated among Tori's fanbase for some reason I have yet to discover. This album came after Scarlet's Walk and the sound almost feels like a continuation of its sound, albeit with some new instruments she picked up along the way as well as some soul influences. The title is a reference to the ancient art of beekeeping, particularly drawing from Celtic influences. The album deals with topics such as illness, as her mother was going through a health crisis, adultery, particularly on the track Hoochie Woman, along with romance.
    5. American Doll Posse

    American Doll Posse is a concept album with Tori playing the roles of various "dolls" based on American stereotypes. American Doll Posse marked a musical shift from Tori, as she brought her earlier rock sound back more than ever on this record. Lyrically, the albums deals with topics such as her criticism of George Bush, the modern age of technology, war, and religion.
    6. Little Earthquakes

    Little Earthquakes is her debut album, and by far my favorite debut album I've ever heard. Crucify, Girl, and Silent all These Years already ring as if Tori's been in the business for years, with the rest of the record brilliantly penned to introduce herself to the industry. Winter is a particular favorite of mine, shining with a message of self love. A great album to start with for anyone wanting to check out Tori's music.
    7. To Venus and Back

    To Venus and Back is a double record, with the first half of the album being new songs and the second half being live recordings of older songs. This album came after From the Choir Hirl Hotel, and like it, she opted for a different direction. This is easily Tori's most experimental album, with elements of trip hop, electronica, and rock coming into play. The lyrics touch on topics such as the high number of femicides,p in Ciudad Juarez, the hallucinogenic Datura flower, homophobia, and lust.
    8. Abnormally Attracted to Sin

    Abnormally Attracted to Sin is behind only Biys for Pele and From the Choir Girl Hotel in terms of raw lyrics. This album was a return from the more rock tinged sound of American Doll Posse, but rather than being a return to her original baroque pop sound, the songs here are awash in electronica and trip hop. I like to describe this album as mysterious. It sounds like it could be the soundtrack for a dark fantasy film to me, if that makes any sense.
    9. Unrepentant Geraldines

    Unrepentant Geraldines is Tori's most recent album, having been released in 2014. Many of the songs reference real life art pieces as Tori gives them each a story. Musically, this album is a stark return to her roots, mainly staying within the boundaries of piano rock and baroque pop.
    10. Under the Pink

    Under the Pink is Tori's second album, and musically it's pretty similar to her debut Little Earthquakes. I'd say Little Earthquakes is lyrically better, but that doesn't at all diminish how good Under the Pink is.
    11. Night of Hunters

    Night of Hunters is an album where Tori took classical arrangements composed by legendary composers and added lyrics to them. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who is whisked away into the past, where war and chaos rage as she witnesses a previous incarnation of a romantic relationship she just ended. Her daughter also appears frequently on this album, playing the role of the girl that has transported Tori's character into the past.
    12. Gold Dust

    After Night of Hunters, Tori was inspired to do an album with songs from her past albums redone in classical and orchestral form. Don't let its low place in my ranking fool you, it's a beautiful album and it's amazing to see these songs in a new light.
    13. Strange Little Girls

    Strange Little Girls is a conceptual cover album where she covered songs by male artists, and gave each song a character portrayed by her. Some of the covered artists include Eminem, Depeche Mode, The Beatles, and Slayer. The album has a pleasant alt rock sound, but I miss her lyricism on this album, which is why it's so low here
    14. Midwinter Graces

    Midwinter Graces is, as the title implies, a Christmas and winter themed album. I don't particularly care for Christmas music, but I will say this is one of the better Christmas album I've listened to.
  8. Hylia
    I woke up at about 5 AM today because my dad was having surgery today, and so my parents and I got everything packed for the hospital and headed up there, and before long they took him back to begin the pre-op process. My grandpa arrived at the hospital right afterward, followed by my grandma (they're divorced), so it was my mom and I sitting with the how of them in the waiting area and things were going pretty great, and everyone was getting along. I got up to use the bathroom, but when I came back my mom had tears in her eyes, which I assumed were just related to her being worried about my dad. I asked her what was wrong, and she replied "I'm just pissed off at how people are judging other people like this", with my grandma firing back "well some people just have opinions that everyone doesn't agree with". Clearly, something happened during my trip to the bathroom.
    I asked my mom if she wanted to get up and walk with me for a minute so I could find out what happened, so we walked off into a hallway, and she began telling me what happened, which took me for a complete spin. A cousin of mine, who happens to be a lesbian, hot brought up in a conversation and my grandpa said "it's not related to my religion, but I just don't believe in the gay lifestyle" followed by my grandma actually saying how she doesn't "understand" the gay lifestyle either. My mom had gotten mad over them talking like that due to her support of the LGBT community, and that's about when I had come out of the bathroom. I started crying because, well, both of my grandparents had just blatantly made homophobic remarks, something I never thought would never happen. These are the same grandparents I've known and loved my whole life. My mom and I sat back down, and my grandpa came up to me and said "I didn't know you felt so strongly about this, but I just don't approve of the lifestyle and I hope you can forgive me for that" (he doesn't, or didn't know I was gay at that moment). After he walked away, my mom went over to where my grandparents were sitting and basically dragged my grandpa over his hypocrisy, claiming to be a good Christian but casting judgement himself, then she came and sat back with me when she was finished.
    After we talked for a bit, my mom straight up asked me if I was gay. Naturally, I came out with it and said yes, and she told me she's had a feeling I was for years now and that it's not a problem with either her or my dad, and that they both love me no matter what. Shortly afterward, my dad came out of recovery and they had him in a room so we all went to find it, with my grandpa speaking like 5 words to my dad before leaving, afraid my mom would probably drag him again. My mom explained the whole thing to my dad, and as my mom and I were leaving the hospital for the night, he told me he was proud of me. That, and the moment with my mom, are moments I'll never forget. Unfortunately, my grandpa talking to me the way he did will also be a moment I never forget.
    tl;dr: In the midst of my dad having surgery, my grandpa told me to my face he didn't approve of the "gay lifestyle" and my grandma said she "didn't understand it", leaving me an emotional wreck pretty much. My dad's surgery was successful, and what matters now is that he's recovering and my parents 100% support me.
  9. Hylia
    So basically I started having pain earlier this week and the doctors kept telling me it was either a pulled muscle or an inflamed nerve. The pain kept getting worse, until yesterday when I started feeling better. Then all of a sudden last night at around 10:30 something happened (don't wanna go into detail) and my parents rushed me to the ER, and it turned out it was actually a cyst causing my pain and that it had abscessed. They had to make an incision right there and drain it, and they had to fill it so tomorrow I have to go back so they can change the filling. They told me there's s chance it could come back, and that if it does they're gonna recommend surgery. Everyone has assured me that things will be fine because it might not come back and that if it does it'll be easy to fix, but the whole thing still has me scared.
    Just wanted to post about this somewhere.
  10. Hylia
    You never really think you might lose someone when you're still so young. When I graduated high school in 2014, I didn't talk with my friends much because I wanted a new start. Just a couple of months ago, my mom snowed me a name on her computer screen and asked if I knew her because it listed her as going to my high school and being in my graduating class. I said yes, and my mom told me that the girl had passed away a month ago, and that she was reading her obituary. The girl had been one of my best friends in high school. I thought I had processed things and went through the motions of coming to terms with it, but recently I've been having multiple dreams where she's still alive and I'll talk to her like it's just an ordinary thing and nothing has happened. The more I have these dreams, the more regret I feel about my not keeping connections with my high school friends. I guess I'm still processing things in my head. I saw her back in January at the mall and said hi to her, but she barely spoke to me and walked off. When I found out that she had passed away, I found out it was due to a brain tumor, and in the process of getting rid of it last year she had a stroke and lost her motor skills and had to relearn everything. When she barely spoke to me at the mall, my first thought was that she was being obnoxious, I never thought that she might have forgotten who I was or that she had been through so much. You can't take back the bad thoughts you once had about someone's actions, no matter how much you want to. I have a lot of regret surrounding this, but I want to remember her for who she was and how good of a friend she always was to me.
    Always tell the people close to you how much they mean to you, and don't let go of them before they're took from your life permanently,
  11. Hylia
    Why do their other stans hate this album? It's not their best (that would be Tales of Us!) but it's the best 80s throwback album I've ever heard
  12. Hylia
    1. ANTI

    I absolutely love this album from start to finish, aside from Higher which deserved to never see the light of day. This album is,partly what I expected, and it also partly surprised me. As of now, it's still my favorite record of 2016.
    2. Talk That Talk

    I love the whole urban mixed with Caribbean feel this album has. It marked a much needed shift from the full out pop that her previous album "Noise" contained, and I couldn't have been happier. Just an overall solid album.
    3. Unapologetic

    Unapologetic was a continuation of her more urban flavored direction, which is much appreciated by me. Aside from a few duds like Right Now, Stay, and Lost in Paradise, this album is just fantastic from start to finish.
    4. Rated R

    I can already see people complaining about me not putting this at #1. I can already see myself telling them to fuck off because this is MY ranking. The lyricism, vocals, production, everything on this album is great. I'm eternally snatched!
    5. Good Girl Gone Bad(: Reloaded)

    Disturbia was the first Rihanna song I stanned, and I still love it to this day. This album was a major triumph for her, as she was able to leave behind that teen star image she had on her first two records and venture into a more mature sound. This album is definitely a highlight of the 2000s, musically.
    6. Loud

    This album is overrated to the highest of high heavens. I don't think it's bad, but rather it's just pretty boring compared to what came before and after it.
    7. A Girl Like Me

    Not really sure why the Navy hates this album and attempts to insist that Music of the Sun is better. It's pretty cute and miles better than her debut, in my opinion.
    8. Music of the Sun