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  1. f315db43d0f699ed17478e4bb845ebf0a8fdb350

    1. Urbi

      Iconic scene from Radio Rebel


    1. Princess Aurora

      That's what I call promo ny1 


    1. Entea

      I've seen it all now omg rip4

  4. 2 months of quarantine have seemingly reversed all of my social skills I’ve learned in life. I’m literally shook because I just ordered a pizza in person and I had to ask the guy to repeat a question orangu1 

    1. ajp

      You got confused by 8” or 12” question brit16

  5. Hey mama

    1. Taylor

      Put your paws up Little Modlias


  6. Doot DOOT doot doot doot doot DOOT doot

    You want a hot body?

    You want a bugatti?

    You want a maserati?

    You better work BITCH!


  7. Took those sticks and stones showed them I could build a house!


  8. Florence Pugh while filming Midsommar


  9. image0.gif

    1. ajp

      It’s @SWINΞ gag1

    2. Billie Frank

      This new Gaga video looks better than Stupid Luv or whatever it's called. 

  10. Happy Mother’s Day

    1. Winnie

      The way I literally almost logged on yesterday and was gonna post this to you. I got distracted tho rip4

      Our minds are connected I just know it clap3 

    2. Hylia

      When I go to sleep, do I just wake up and become you? See you on Chromatica clap3 

  11. Already stanning oprah15 


    1. Royalty

      I wanna see this movie so bad that scene was so cute shock1 

    2. Royalty

      Oh wait it’s a show rip4 


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    2. CHANEL #1

      i screamed lmfao2 

    3. Royalty

      @CHANEL #1 you scream 3 times? shock1 

    4. CHANEL #1

      @Royaltymess rip4 no idea why it posted three times rip2 

  13. The way I shrieked


    1. Winnie

      Don’t know where I found it, but it made me yell 53F2D50E-9B0C-42F9-952D-758BC11A59B4.png

  14. I have to STAN this scalping. Aside from my Fiona and Tori stanning, I’ve never been able to stand this musty rat and I will always love to see someone clock him for filth


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    2. Hylia

       Chile the notifications…

    3. Urbi

      Now you can see how I felt when he gave DAMN. a 7 cry9 

  15. Your trinity thread trinity?

  16. EQSrRsZXsAEiqtl?format=jpg&name=900x900

    1. Princess Aurora

      Me waiting for the new Lady Gaga's era

  17. Hi my name is Hylia I have a basketball game tomorrow I’m a point guard