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  1. 27 minutes ago, Hyun. said:
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    insanity of a season! i'm in love with the first half oh yes juicy1

    tbh i was kinda underwhelmed with the second half? i think the show set some crazy standards so this was kinda doomed from the start, but idk, the way Caleb's plot resolved was actually quite predictable and not as shocking as they were setting it up to be, when it happened it was like "oh alright, what's next" instead of me being super shocked like some past twists on the show juicy1

    my main takeaway from the season overall is that i would've loved more world building, they cut two episodes and i don't think it was necessary? those two eps could be really about exploring this world controlled by an AI, how are people controlled? how do they choose who gets to do what? i wish we saw more of that bc that way the riots at the end would've felt like they actually made sense juicy1

    it's not a bad season at all and i'm only nitpicking bc the show is THAT good, it's still one of my favorites ever juicy1 there were also really fantastic action sequences and i'm never mad at those! seeing Dolores and Maeve be complete boss bitches was super pleasing to me juicy1

    very interested in Hale's plot now that the Dolores in her kinda evolved and she's in charge of Delos? also the man in black plot looks pretty interesting, i never personally cared about the character but them replacing him with a host is a power move juicy1 also wonder how much time passed while Bernard was in the other world bc that shit was DUSTY juicy1

    cody don't open this rambling juicy1


    ALL TEA YES! juicy1 I was initially disappointed with the final episode cause I was devestated by Dolores Prime’s “death” and I assumed that meant no more EVR, but apparently she will still be in the show after all? So it grew on me! juicy1 

    Episode 6 is an all time fave cause Halores went into bad bitch mode and we HAD to stan on that one. Basically any scene with her, Dolores, and/or Maeve was an instant classic, juicy1 

    I do wish they would have done 10 episodes instead of 8 because even just Caleb trying to reach Incite for example could have been a whole episode where we see the extent of the riots. That length of the season is probably my biggest complaint cause like you said, more world building would have been a plus. juicy1 
    The way we clowned (or at least I was) into thinking Halores would go IN on Serac after he killed Hale’s family, but she ended up turning on Dolores took my wig by STORM. The bits of dialogue between them in episode 8 left me shook and even though I love Dolores, I stanned! I’m so excited to see her as what I assume will be season 4’s villain. Caleb and Maeve should bring the OG back somehow cause Dolores vs Halores would be THAT snap. Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, and Thandie Newton really BROUGHT it. juicy1 


  2. Just now, Hyun. said:

    the effort of typing emotes +like this+ omg


    i'll blame gaga as per usual


    +laughcry+ +laughcry+ +gagaboppingtostupidlove+ forums that still use the :emotename: format need to catch up


  3. 3 minutes ago, Hyun. said:


    thinking about this lowkey serve


    Omg now THAT was a classic! I still remember when they unveiled it piece by piece.zip and they held that photoshop contest where people used that image


  4. Just now, Daenerys said:

    these videos making me try to find the snippet on twitter which have all been taken down... i'm mega fucking fuming


    I found one on YouTube yesterday but UMG battled for their life and now it’s gone


  5. 6 minutes ago, Hyun. said:

    Chromatica III MV looks fantastic!


    this tea! i'm so glad everything's back on track this week omg i'm really hyped for everything


    One of her best albums musically and visually is coming I fear


  6. 3 minutes ago, Harry Styles said:

    Elton John about to become our EDM king. Also I thought that was a joke did people REALLY believe the song was anything other than an Alice in Wonderland reference? 💀

    Elton is here for his MDNA era. 🧚‍♂️ People seemed serious about it, but I never believed it because Alice in Wonderland makes so much more sense. 💀

  7. 2 hours ago, Harry Styles said:

    Also Axwell produced Alice, Free Woman and SFA so the Elton collab mustn’t be a piano ballad after all since he makes EDM music

    I feel like this also disproves the theory that Alice is about her dog that passed away. Alice in Chromaticaland confirmed! jj2