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  1. I only looked at the starter evolutions since we already had details of them from way earlier this year, and I stan. Not looking at anything else though.
  2. I didn’t think of that I can’t do a YouTube embargo so I’ll just have to find some way around it
  3. I’ve not seen any leaks at all, and refuse to look at any. I won’t be getting on Twitter or anything like that to further avoid them
  4. New overview trailer! The ending gives us our first look at Zacian and Zamazenta in battle and what looks to be their signature moves
  5. Screaming cause I used to despise Chesnaught, but the episode that gif is from made me appreciate it more


    1. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      Waiting for the HD remaster.... Universal better not disappoint.

  7. This is the first generation since 4 where I’ve truly loved all the starters nearly the same, but the moment I saw Sobble my heart was stolen. I don’t expect Scorbunny to end up as part fighting, but if it does, I can’t say I’d be bothered. I love Blaziken and Infernape’s designs so both of them being fighting wasn’t a problem for me (not that I picked either of them, but I digress). For Emboar, my problem was the design, because it’s easily my least favorite final starter evolution of all time.
  8. I love not knowing the final starter evolutions, and in general the fact that we still don’t know too much about the Pokémon in these games in general. My pick is 100% Sobble
  9. I’m so excited for Luigi’s Mansion too I never played Dark Moon but part 1 is a moment most pleasing to my career. I love Duraludon kinda being a “Mecha Godzilla” to Tyranitar, and I’m wondering what its pre-evolutions will look like, assuming it has any. Imagine a Dynamax Tyranitar and Duraludon battle, whew chile!
  10. That Black Christmas movie looks exactly like that Wizards of Waverly Place episode where Alex was trapped inside a sorority horror movie orangu1 

    1. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      There's two other Black Christmas movies already, all about a killer in a sorority house, so they were probably referencing the 70s movie in that show.

    2. Hylia


      Oh okay, that makes sense cause this just seemed so random yet blatant orangu1 

    3. Shego


      A classic movie! clap3 

  11. Thank god the amount of Luvdisc I had to go battle for heart scales, whew chile
  12. So I wonder if the starter final evolutions and/or Zacian and Zamazenta will gigantamax? I bought the GameInformer magazine yesterday featuring the games and i can’t describe how incredible everything sounds. I haven’t been this excited for any games since Breath of the Wild.


    1. Urbi


      oomf an Uffie stan???? oprah4 

    2. Hylia
    3. Urbi


      Don’t worry if I write rhymes I write checks btw bey6 

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    1. Jake


      is it possible to delete someone else's post from here

    2. Hylia


      14 minutes ago, Jake said:

      is it possible to delete someone else's post from here

      Well technically… yes now! jj2 

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  15. Are her singles leading up to a sophomore release?
  16. I watched A Walk to Remember when I was little and I stan Cry to this day
  17. 1-855-keshasavs