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  1. Waiting at a restaurant for my food when I suddenly hear the people back in the kitchen throwing shade at each other


    1. Aidan.


      One time my whole family got their meal except me and my mom threw some big shade

  2. tumblr_ljcg77uBOj1qb85zro1_500.jpg

    1. Quill


      Well she be performing at the self check out aisle in Wal-Mart as well?

  3. Heard the most savage drag of all time at work today

    Me: “Have a great day!”

    Elderly man: “My neighbor is the one in the obituary instead of me, so I will have a great day”


    1. Hylia


      Walmart is in a perpetual state of sitcom

    2. Bionic Monster

      Bionic Monster

      Damn he didn't need to go in like thatbrit14

    3. Chapman


      5 hours ago, Dennis Reynolds said:

      Do you live in a sitcom

      do WE live in a sitcom

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  4. Me: “Would you like your milk bagged?”

    Customer: “Yes because I live in a split-level…” *continues telling me their life story*


  5. When you use so much Kleenex that right below your nose gets raw jj4 

    1. Hylia


      Normal, though the box says extra soft

    2. Dennis Reynolds

      Dennis Reynolds

      You should get the lotion stuff. I also recommend boiling a pot of water, and then once you get it off the stove, get a towel and put it over your head above the pot and inhale all the steam that you can, then you'll blow your nose like crazy for a few minutes but you'll have to do so substantially less for a while afterwards.

    3. Hylia


      My nose is mostly better now, the blowing all happened yesterday. I got some Aquaphor for below my nose and it’s not hurting anymore, now if only this cursed cold would eject reject from my body

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  6. W9K275q.jpgEwJv2R4.jpg

    1. Ariana


      I thought it's Sydney too dead1

  7. Me: “Picasso did abstract art”

    @Sylk: “Abstract? Sis why was he doing math when he was an artist”


    1. Sylk


      there are some words

    2. Urbi


      I read it as "why was he doing meth" rip3

    3. Chris
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  8. She did what she had to do


    1. Quill


      She snapped. scream1


  9. Maybe she should pay for her own tuition


    1. rose


      we already know she doesn't give a fuck about anything, not sure why she needed to say it. 

  10. During his fotp ban, @Sylk kept messaging me on Snapchat about why JLo is a thief. Thank you for allowing him to come back so he has a whole site to vent to.

    1. Sylk


      yes @LittleDudeNT5 i won a 3 day ban for a xmas game otherwise i'm a good boy :)


    2. Hylia


      I don’t even care about JLo and the sis is just on me like, I don’t care who she stole from or what she does stop harassing me oprah4 

    3. Sylk
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  11. Finally home from work! Christmas Eve customers may have tried to wage battle, but Hylia WON the war!


    1. Saiga


      Proud of you!

  12. Return the slab or suffer my curse

    1. Kyoteki


      RrrRrrrrRrrrRrrRRRAAAAAAAMSEEEES!! (The man of gauze!)

    2. Aidan.


      Return the saab

  13. Reverse searched an atrl avi and google pulled this shit


    1. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      the most offensive thing I see here is Golden! oprah14 

  14. Listening to a song that features Nicki, then hitting skip right as her verse starts


    1. Hylia


      But the original solo exists sister you-

    2. Confess


      Sadly there is no solo version of the Ariana songs cry5

    3. Memorial Address

      Memorial Address

      I do that with No Candle No Light as well.

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  15. I was a lonely teenage broncin buck with a pink carnation and a pickup truck