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  2. Trying to imagine how some of these could represent Pokémon I see queen Navi and I love that for her! The Clefairy/Gengar one I wonder if the dragon head is a reference to the Pokémon the dragon castle is based around? The sheep and the ram ones make me wonder if they’re both related to Wooloo or not. The Wizard penguin and top hat magic 8 ball ones are sending me. If this leak is real, there’s so many interesting possibilities within these images.
  3. I already don’t use twitter that much so I’ll probably be good just checking Serebii. I checked twitter for one thing and I saw where someone had tweeted the CoroCoro cover and I was like cause I was looking forward to watching the trailer once I woke up
  4. Really hoping this is one of, if not the last big info drop. I’d love to go into these games with the knowledge we have now and let everything else be a surprise, including the starter evolutions.
  5. Butterfree getting that love after Beedrill got a mega evolution and I LOVE that for her
  6. M1gobXC.gif

    1. Ariana


      the way the camera pans as he gets closer lmfao2

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      Is that Laurieann Gibson

  7. I’m so obsessed with her. I’ve seen speculation that Rapidash could be based on Pegasus. Either way, I just know it’ll be gorgeous
  8. So looking at the Galar map, I assume Glimwood Tangle is the forest up around the “fairytale” looking area in the northwest with the big mushrooms and what seems to be a fairy gym. The coloration and unicorn theme of this new Pokémon makes me think it’s a fairy type, so maybe it (or its potential evolution) is the signature Pokémon of the fairy gym leader?
  9. Yeah I also expected more activity from older Pokemon, but since it’s a 24 hour stream they probably just wanted to space thin out. If that actually is a Galatian Ponyta/Rapidash or a new horse Pokemon, I’ll have no choice but to stan!
  10. Glimwood Tangle is so beautiful! What are we thinking the one on the right is? I’ve seen people say Galarian Rapidash but it just doesn’t look like that to me.
  11. I had already somewhat assumed all 18 wouldn’t have been playable anyway, so I’m not upset. Still a mess of them to do that though
  12. They’ve been iconic to me since they were revealed Shiny hunting starters reminds me of when my friend who also stans Pokémon came over the day that Sun and Moon came out. He wanted a female starter, so he kept resetting his game until he got one, meanwhile I think I had already reached Ilima’s trial by the time he actually got a female and started.
  13. I hadn’t thought of that I’d love that concept if they did it that way
  14. I’m already so excited with how the gyms are that I wouldn’t be mad if they don’t do that, so I’m hyped either way
  15. i wonder if this also means they can be challenged in different orders? Cause that’s something I’ve always wanted to do
  16. WHAT so I wonder what the difference between the major and minor leagues are?