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  1. Hylia


    It’s “Ex Ash A 12,” with the A standing for Archangel
  2. Hylia


    New Super Smash Bros. Rain On Me DLC confirmed!
  3. Hylia here


    1. Entea

      I've seen it all now omg rip4

  4. Hylia

    Kacey Musgraves sweetie I’m so sorry
  5. No, it’s a bop to the gods and already a career highlight!
  6. Hylia

    Damn ma it’s really not that serious
  7. Rain On Me by miles. Me Against the Music is kinda lame for both Britney and Madonna’s standards
  8. My relationship with their music is weird because from what I’ve heard, I like the instrumentals but can’t stand the girls’ voices. Just give the songs to Cher so she can put out the Dancing Queen follow up
  9. Hylia here

    2 months of quarantine have seemingly reversed all of my social skills I’ve learned in life. I’m literally shook because I just ordered a pizza in person and I had to ask the guy to repeat a question orangu1 

    1. ajp

      You got confused by 8” or 12” question brit16

  10. I Think This Is Filler as a single? I know I didn’t just read that
  11. Yet I Forgot You Existed and I Think He Knows made the album?
  12. I saw this a few weeks ago and was really disturbed and hoping she would clear this up
  13. That’s exactly what I love about the song, the way the chorus pops off even more as the song gets further. She really delivered
  14. Hylia


    Mariah’s X Æ A-12 era?
  15. Hylia

    Music Video

  16. Hylia


    @Sylk it’s your girl!
  17. Hylia


    This… is not it
  18. Omg thoughts? Prepare your wig
  19. @Daenerys @Hyun. did you guys finish season 3 of Westworld?
  20. One of her best songs PERIOD
  21. Maybe she’ll put it on streaming services people actually use next