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  1. Doot DOOT doot doot doot doot DOOT doot

    You want a hot body?

    You want a bugatti?

    You want a maserati?

    You better work BITCH!


  2. Took those sticks and stones showed them I could build a house!


  3. Florence Pugh while filming Midsommar


  4. Chromatica is for the queens and the queers only!
  5. image0.gif

    1. ajp


      It’s @SWINΞ gag1

    2. jrdn


      This new Gaga video looks better than Stupid Luv or whatever it's called. 

    3. SWINΞ
  6. Elton is here for his MDNA era. 🧚‍♂️ People seemed serious about it, but I never believed it because Alice in Wonderland makes so much more sense. 💀
  7. I feel like this also disproves the theory that Alice is about her dog that passed away. Alice in Chromaticaland confirmed!
  8. Happy Mother’s Day

    1. WinnieIsFree


      The way I literally almost logged on yesterday and was gonna post this to you. I got distracted tho rip4

      Our minds are connected I just know it clap3 

    2. Hylia


      When I go to sleep, do I just wake up and become you? See you on Chromatica clap3 

  9. What will the re-release be called? Place your bets ladies
  10. Ma’s I’m so excited for this. I was worried with the singles in the past few years that she had lost her touch, but she’s clearly got her ducks back in a row. She’s coming to sweep my follicles off the floor.
  11. So you admit it? Lights is her magnum opus?
  12. Where’s the (Bright) Lights appreciation gals?
  13. Hi I just want to say thank you for your generosity with all that you’ve shared. You brought light into the darkness that was pre-Chromatica and anything you share with us will continue to be greatly appreciated
  14. Already stanning oprah15 


    1. Kylie


      I wanna see this movie so bad that scene was so cute shock1 

    2. Kylie


      Oh wait it’s a show rip4 

  15. Is the instant grat coming tomorrow (Friday)?

    1. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      i screamed lmfao2 

    2. Kylie


      @CHANEL #1 you scream 3 times? shock1 

    3. CHANEL #1

      CHANEL #1

      @Royaltymess rip4 no idea why it posted three times rip2 

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  17. thank u, next Sweetener Dangerous Woman My Everything Yours Truly I literally enjoy each album she releases more than the last
  18. It’s coming this week? Her mind… it shocks me.
  19. @Harry Styles do you have any tea? We’re thirsty
  20. I used to have her, Taylor, and Grimes all on notification a few years ago, but I got fed up. I’m not dealing with this haus labs fuckery, you’re brave for doing so